Wonkymons -- Updates

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Wonkymons on Pokemon Showdown!

A HUGE thanks to Joim for hosting and bringing this mod to life and The Immortal for updating the mod with changes!
Wonkymons Doubles on Oiawesome's OM server

What if

Every Pokemon was given 2 new abilities instead of its old ones?

The abilities were generated randomly and without prejudice?

The entire tier system changed as we know it?

Well that would be quite wonky, wouldn't it?

Welcome to: Wonkymons!

I came up with this idea after diving into the Balanced Hackmons meta, which of course is an offshoot of original Hackmons. In those tiers, you can assign any ability (with some exceptions in BH) and any move to any Pokemon. That completely changes the game altogether! While fun, sometimes the unpredictability can be frustrating. Needless to say it is a challenge to master when you have to expect just about everything.

I wanted to try an approach that would shake up the Ubers, OU, UU, RU, NU and LC tiers without going too far down the rabbit hole. I used the random number generator function in Excel to assign every Pokemon a number with each number assigned to an ability. Well why are some abilities absent? I'm glad you asked. I did away with useless abilities in 1-on-1 competitive battling like Illuminate, condensed duplicates (Mold Breaker is used while Teravolt and Turboblaze are axed), and tossed Slow Start, Truant, and Defeatist.

The following abilities were cut:
Air Lock (Cloud Nine used instead)
Filter (Solid Rock used instead)
Flower Gift (Only works on Cherrim)
Friend Guard
Forecast (Only works on Castform)
Honey Gather
Huge Power (Pure Power used instead)
Multitype (Only works on Arceus and the idea of the game is to give a new ability)
Rough Skin (Iron Barbs used instead)
Run Away
Shell Armor (Battle Armor used instead)
Slow Start
Teravolt (Mold Breaker used instead)
Turboblaze (Mold Breaker used instead)
Vital Spirit (Insomnia used instead)
White Smoke (Clear Body instead)
Zen Mode (Only works on Darmanitan, see Multitype)

If an ability was assigned to a Pokemon that already had it (Rotom-Fan was given Levitate) or an ability assigned that the Pokemon could not use (Bronzor was given Iron Fist) new abilities were randomly generated.

Bulbasaur - Aftermath / Adaptability
Ivysaur - Regenerator / Sturdy
Venusaur - Heatproof / Flare Boost
Charmander - Infiltrator / Cute Charm
Charmeleon - Technician / Sand Force
Charizard - Sand Stream / Regenerator
Squirtle - Clear Body / Lightningrod
Wartortle - No Guard / Poison Point
Blastoise - Early Bird / Overcoat
Caterpie - Iron Barbs / Swift Swim
Metapod - Tinted Lens / Shadow Tag
Butterfree - Sap Sipper / Water Absorb
Weedle - Damp / Sheer Force
Kakuna - Early Bird / Light Metal
Beedrill - Effect Spore / Harvest
Pidgey - Bad Dreams / Marvel Scale
Pidgeotto - Soundproof / Oblivious
Pidgeot - Cute Charm / Magma Armor
Rattata - Mummy / Toxic Boost
Raticate - Compoundeyes / Illusion
Spearow - Moxie / Flame Body
Fearow - Clear Body / Trace
Ekans - Defiant / Shield Dust
Arbok - Thick Fat / Quick Feet
Pikachu - Infiltrator / Sturdy
Raichu - Magic Bounce / Battle Armor
Sandshrew - Magma Armor / Magic Guard
Sandslash - Infiltrator / Sheer Force
Nidoran♀ - Poison Touch / Bad Dreams
Nidorina - Rock Head / Chlorophyll
Nidoqueen - Pressure / Clear Body
Nidoran♂ - Limber / Big Pecks
Nidorino - Marvel Scale / Drought
Nidoking - Shield Dust / Hyper Cutter
Clefairy - Pickpocket / Prankster
Clefable - Infiltrator / Suction Cups
Vulpix - Toxic Boost / Soundproof
Ninetales - Sand Veil / Hyper Cutter
Jigglypuff - Gluttony / Color Change
Wigglytuff - Tinted Lens / Multiscale
Zubat - Prankster / Snow Cloak
Golbat - Simple / Rock Head
Oddish - Tinted Lens / Cute Charm
Gloom - Drought / Volt Absorb
Vileplume - Thick Fat / Steadfast
Paras - Stall / Lightningrod
Parasect - Motor Drive / Quick Feet
Venonat - Heatproof / Quick Feet
Venomoth - Thick Fat / Imposter
Diglett - Marvel Scale / Stall
Dugtrio - Poison Heal / Color Change
Meowth - Poison Point / Serene Grace
Persian - Poison Point / Snow Cloak
Psyduck - Trace / Suction Cups
Golduck - Drizzle / Immunity
Mankey - Sand Veil / Arena Trap
Primeape - Poison Heal / Soundproof
Growlithe - Hustle / Shed Skin
Arcanine - Cute Charm / Illusion
Poliwag - Oblivious / Thick Fat
Poliwhirl - Solid Rock / Magic Guard
Poliwrath - Poison Heal / Magma Armor
Abra - Sand Stream / Anticipation
Kadabra - Leaf Guard / Hustle
Alakazam - Multiscale / Snow Cloak
Machop - Frisk / Unburden
Machoke - Rain Dish / Infiltrator
Machamp - Iron Barbs / Tangled Feet
Bellsprout - Sand Rush / Unnerve
Weepinbell - Rattled / Snow Warning
Victreebel - Magic Bounce / Storm Drain
Tentacool - Leaf Guard / Storm Drain
Tentacruel - Ice Body / No Guard
Geodude - Pure Power / Leaf Guard
Graveler - Steadfast / Water Veil
Golem - Unburden / Magic Bounce
Ponyta - Moxie / Synchronize
Rapidash - Intimidate / Hyper Cutter
Slowpoke - Prankster / Pickpocket
Slowbro - Water Veil / Unnerve
Magnemite - Liquid Ooze / Insomnia
Magneton - Solid Rock / Sand Force
Farfetch'd - Marvel Scale / Snow Cloak
Doduo - Flash Fire / Arena Trap
Dodrio - Magma Armor / Sticky Hold
Seel - Insomnia / Flame Body
Dewgong - Frisk / Sand Veil
Grimer - Drizzle / Magic Bounce
Muk - Infiltrator / Levitate
Shellder - Iron Barbs / Drizzle
Cloyster - Inner Focus / Wonder Skin
Gastly - Sand Veil / Chlorophyll
Haunter - Technician / Aftermath
Gengar - Swift Swim / Heavy Metal
Onix - Sand Veil / Cute Charm
Drowzee - Tangled Feet / Sniper
Hypno - Solar Power / Technician
Krabby - Iron Barbs / Tangled Feet
Kingler - Sturdy / Color Change
Voltorb - Big Pecks / Early Bird
Electrode - Shadow Tag / Levitate
Exeggcute - Cute Charm / Forewarn
Exeggutor - Rain Dish / Mold Breaker
Cubone - Marvel Scale / Blaze
Marowak - Scrappy / Magic Bounce
Hitmonlee - Clear Body / Rain Dish
Hitmonchan - Weak Armor / Download
Lickitung - Sticky Hold / Victory Star
Koffing - Rivalry / Dry Skin
Weezing - Bad Dreams / Super Luck
Rhyhorn - Cloud Nine / Magnet Pull
Rhydon - Pickpocket / Poison Point
Chansey - Liquid Ooze / Static
Tangela - Insomnia / Battle Armor
Kangaskhan - Light Metal / Bad Dreams
Horsea - Big Pecks / Sand Stream
Seadra - Snow Warning / Rivalry
Goldeen - Magic Bounce / Overcoat
Seaking - Analytic / Natural Cure
Staryu - Limber / Battle Armor
Starmie - Overcoat / Stench
Mr. Mime - Reckless / Pressure
Scyther - Synchronize / Unburden
Jynx - Reckless / Harvest
Electabuzz - Adaptability / Poison Heal
Magmar - Marvel Scale / Cloud Nine
Pinsir - Super Luck / Flame Body
Tauros - Keen Eye / Cloud Nine
Magikarp - Big Pecks / Weak Armor
Gyarados - Iron Barbs / Solid Rock
Lapras - Tangled Feet / Drought
Ditto - Hydration / Forewarn
Eevee - Pure Power / Poison Heal
Vaporeon - Stench / Leaf Guard
Jolteon - Magnet Pull / Synchronize
Flareon - Ice Body / Imposter
Porygon - Thick Fat / Aftermath
Omanyte - Blaze / Aftermath
Omastar - Light Metal / Klutz
Kabuto - Own Tempo / Frisk
Kabutops - Justified / Aftermath
Aerodactyl - Magma Armor / Early Bird
Snorlax - Snow Warning / Overcoat
Articuno - Chlorophyll / Stall
Zapdos - Sniper / Regenerator
Moltres - Cursed Body / Hyper Cutter
Dratini - Snow Cloak / Big Pecks
Dragonair - Serene Grace / Blaze
Dragonite - Sand Stream / Drizzle
Mewtwo - Drizzle / Prankster
Mew - Liquid Ooze / Victory Star
Chikorita - Heatproof / Levitate
Bayleef - Rattled / Immunity
Meganium - Poison Heal / Overcoat
Cyndaquil - Levitate / Serene Grace
Quilava - Natural Cure / Weak Armor
Typhlosion - Swift Swim / Poison Heal
Totodile - Technician / Compoundeyes
Croconaw - Dry Skin / Regenerator
Feraligatr - Gluttony / Stench
Sentret - Sand Rush / Cute Charm
Furret - Soundproof / Sturdy
Hoothoot - Soundproof / Gluttony
Noctowl - Sap Sipper / Anger Point
Ledyba - Toxic Boost / Cursed Body
Ledian - Static / Clear Body
Spinarak - Mold Breaker / Reckless
Ariados - Snow Warning / Super Luck
Crobat - Solid Rock / Trace
Chinchou - Technician / Sand Veil
Lanturn - Trace / Clear Body
Pichu - Soundproof / Analytic
Cleffa - Gluttony / Sticky Hold
Igglybuff - Gluttony / Overgrow
Togepi - Insomnia / Anger Point
Togetic - Damp / Mummy
Natu - Water Absorb / Mummy
Xatu - Shed Skin / Sand Veil
Mareep - Steadfast / Compoundeyes
Flaaffy - Sand Veil / Volt Absorb
Ampharos - Rivalry / Snow Cloak
Bellossom - Oblivious / Clear Body
Marill - Adaptability / Chlorophyll
Azumarill - Pickpocket / Technician
Sudowoodo - Victory Star / Own Tempo
Politoed - Klutz / Magic Bounce
Hoppip - Suction Cups / Drought
Skiploom - Steadfast / Prankster
Jumpluff - Magic Bounce / Imposter
Aipom - Forewarn / Light Metal
Sunkern - Damp / Serene Grace
Sunflora - Simple / Drizzle
Yanma - Flash Fire / Effect Spore
Wooper - Rain Dish / Weak Armor
Quagsire - Anticipation / Arena Trap
Espeon - Technician / Sand Veil
Umbreon - Immunity / Sniper
Murkrow - Cute Charm / Quick Feet
Slowking - Harvest / Torrent
Misdreavus - Shed Skin / Inner Focus
Unown - Solid Rock / Rain Dish
Wobbuffet - Own Tempo / Suction Cups
Girafarig - Color Change / Big Pecks
Pineco - Damp / Iron Barbs
Forretress - Imposter / Gluttony
Dunsparce - Tangled Feet / Speed Boost
Gligar - Flare Boost / Suction Cups
Steelix - Multiscale / Anticipation
Snubbull - Compoundeyes / Hydration
Granbull - Poison Heal / Static
Qwilfish - Storm Drain / Simple
Scizor - Iron Barbs / Magma Armor
Shuckle - Drought / Compoundeyes
Heracross - Heavy Metal / Contrary
Sneasel - Sap Sipper / Compoundeyes
Teddiursa - Analytic / Color Change
Ursaring - Soundproof / Synchronize
Slugma - Shield Dust / Intimidate
Magcargo - Clear Body / Tinted Lens
Swinub - Cursed Body / Technician
Piloswine - Simple / Rivalry
Corsola - Color Change / Tinted Lens
Remoraid - Effect Spore / Water Absorb
Octillery - Tangled Feet / Cloud Nine
Delibird - Reckless / Keen Eye
Mantine - Chlorophyll / Flare Boost
Skarmory - Rivalry / Rock Head
Houndour - Victory Star / Unburden
Houndoom - Shed Skin / Sand Force
Kingdra - Cloud Nine / Pickpocket
Phanpy - Flash Fire / Levitate
Donphan - Hyper Cutter / Damp
Porygon2 - Battle Armor / Drought
Stantler - Swarm / Lightningrod
Smeargle - Gluttony / Super Luck
Tyrogue - Flare Boost / Imposter
Hitmontop - Klutz / Aftermath
Smoochum - Rock Head / Water Absorb
Elekid - Toxic Boost / Unaware
Magby - Static / Adaptability
Miltank - Defiant / Normalize
Blissey - Shed Skin / Early Bird
Raikou - Lightningrod / Iron Barbs
Entei - Thick Fat / Dry Skin
Suicune - Forewarn / Poison Heal
Larvitar - Synchronize / Rock Head
Pupitar - Mummy / Sheer Force
Tyranitar - Anticipation / Rain Dish
Lugia - Sap Sipper / Limber
Ho-oh - Poison Heal / Magnet Pull
Celebi - Soundproof / Simple
Treecko - Overcoat / Thick Fat
Grovyle - Rock Head / Clear Body
Sceptile - Tinted Lens / Justified
Torchic - Victory Star / Infiltrator
Combusken - Limber / Super Luck
Blaziken - Justified / Light Metal
Mudkip - Contrary / Cursed Body
Marshtomp - Frisk / Magma Armor
Swampert - Sturdy / Chlorophyll
Poochyena - Adaptability / Early Bird
Mightyena - Unaware / Hydration
Zigzagoon - Volt Absorb / Static
Linoone - Reckless / Water Veil
Wurmple - Poison Touch / Shadow Tag
Silcoon - Contrary / Unaware
Beautifly - Stall / Illusion
Cascoon - Dry Skin / Prankster
Dustox - Justified / Victory Star
Lotad - Technician / Magma Armor
Lombre - Magic Bounce / Effect Spore
Ludicolo - Forewarn / Damp
Seedot - Sturdy / Forewarn
Nuzleaf - Flash Fire / Flame Body
Shiftry - Moxie / Sand Veil
Taillow - Sturdy / Serene Grace
Swellow - Klutz / Poison Touch
Wingull - Defiant / Synchronize
Pelipper - Own Tempo / Heatproof
Ralts - Sand Force / Heatproof
Kirlia - Static / Hustle
Gardevoir - Battle Armor / Tinted Lens
Surskit - Thick Fat / Soundproof
Masquerain - Frisk / Magic Bounce
Shroomish - Heatproof / Oblivious
Breloom - Simple / Damp
Slakoth - Compoundeyes / Tinted Lens
Vigoroth - Rock Head / Weak Armor
Slaking - Skill Link / Levitate
Nincada - Overcoat / Magic Bounce
Ninjask - Frisk / Magic Guard
Shedinja - Skill Link / Leaf Guard
Whismur - Color Change / Contrary
Loudred - Heatproof / Sand Veil
Exploud - Clear Body / Infiltrator
Makuhita - Poison Heal / Poison Point
Hariyama - Harvest / Battle Armor
Azurill - Flame Body / Early Bird
Nosepass - Motor Drive / Big Pecks
Skitty - Synchronize / Weak Armor
Delcatty - Magnet Pull / Poison Heal
Sableye - Soundproof / Magic Bounce
Mawile - Solar Power / Guts
Aron - Harvest / Aftermath
Lairon - Iron Barbs / Storm Drain
Aggron - Bad Dreams / Simple
Meditite - Download / Damp
Medicham - Pickpocket / Battle Armor
Electrike - Shield Dust / Battle Armor
Manectric - Suction Cups / Poison Touch
Plusle - Anger Point / Cursed Body
Minun - Unnerve / Battle Armor
Volbeat - Rain Dish / Cursed Body
Illumise - Victory Star / Leaf Guard
Roselia - Adaptability / Stall
Gulpin - Imposter / Flash Fire
Swalot - Iron Barbs / Unnerve
Carvanha - Magma Armor / Quick Feet
Sharpedo - Immunity / Anticipation
Wailmer - Trace / Tangled Feet
Wailord - Quick Feet / Contrary
Numel - Cloud Nine / Toxic Boost
Camerupt - Aftermath / Big Pecks
Torkoal - Illusion / Sand Force
Spoink - Cute Charm / Magma Armor
Grumpig - Justified / Cursed Body
Spinda - Sand Veil / Guts
Trapinch - Battle Armor / Serene Grace
Vibrava - Damp / Light Metal
Flygon - Color Change / Solar Power
Cacnea - Analytic / Cute Charm
Cacturne - Dry Skin / Adaptability
Swablu - Suction Cups / Simple
Altaria - Leaf Guard / Color Change
Zangoose - Infiltrator / Shed Skin (Seviper's old abilities... lol)
Seviper - Serene Grace / Sand Rush
Lunatone - Illusion / Analytic
Solrock - Pressure / Moxie
Barboach - Intimidate / Rain Dish
Whiscash - Damp / Battle Armor
Corphish - Anger Point / Anticipation
Crawdaunt - Speed Boost / Oblivious
Baltoy - Clear Body / Early Bird
Claydol - Rattled / Klutz
Lileep - Skill Link / Rain Dish
Cradily - Analytic / Serene Grace
Anorith - Suction Cups / Reckless
Armaldo - Magma Armor / Stall
Feebas - Clear Body / Iron Barbs
Milotic - Big Pecks / Snow Warning
Castform - Normalize / Sap Sipper
Kecleon - Inner Focus / Dry Skin
Shuppet - Chlorophyll / Defiant
Banette - Clear Body / Volt Absorb
Duskull - Natural Cure / Swift Swim
Dusclops - Oblivious / Wonder Skin
Tropius - Cursed Body / Immunity
Chimecho - Swift Swim / Rock Head
Absol - Volt Absorb / Sticky Hold
Wynaut - Mold Breaker / Mummy
Snorunt - No Guard / Insomnia
Glalie - Overcoat / Clear Body
Spheal - Multiscale / Static
Sealeo - Pressure / Drought
Walrein - Sap Sipper / Mold Breaker
Clamperl - Heavy Metal / Sand Rush
Huntail - Anger Point / Marvel Scale
Gorebyss - Cloud Nine / Rivalry
Relicanth - Flare Boost / Anticipation
Luvdisc - Unaware / Adaptability
Bagon - Simple / Blaze
Shelgon - Pressure / Magic Guard
Salamence - Forewarn / Poison Point
Beldum - Snow Warning / Justified
Metang - Flare Boost / Steadfast
Metagross - Tangled Feet / Battle Armor
Regirock - Water Absorb / Dry Skin
Regice - Poison Heal / Drought
Registeel - Harvest / Pickpocket
Latias - Pickpocket / Limber
Latios - Harvest / Heavy Metal
Kyogre - Pickpocket / Sand Veil
Groudon - Simple / Rain Dish
Rayquaza - Rain Dish / Dry Skin
Jirachi - Snow Cloak / Solar Power
Deoxys-Attack - Cloud Nine / Unaware
Deoxys-Normal - Early Bird / Flare Boost
Deoxys-Speed - Unburden / Reckless
Deoxys-Defense - Sand Force / Quick Feet
Turtwig - Swift Swim / Marvel Scale
Grotle - Pressure / Stall
Torterra - Pickpocket / Sand Rush
Chimchar - Drought / Solid Rock
Monferno - Stall / Unnerve
Infernape - Super Luck / Intimidate
Piplup - Quick Feet / Heatproof
Prinplup - Technician / Overgrow
Empoleon - Rain Dish / Skill Link
Starly - Liquid Ooze / Defiant
Staravia - Iron Barbs / Multiscale
Staraptor - Flare Boost / Flash Fire
Bidoof - Pure Power / Ice Body
Bibarel - Super Luck / Snow Warning
Kricketot - Sturdy / Quick Feet
Kricketune - Steadfast / Clear Body
Shinx - Pickpocket / Sheer Force
Luxio - Motor Drive / Solar Power
Luxray - Weak Armor / Insomnia
Budew - Sheer Force / Victory Star
Roserade - Victory Star / Gluttony
Cranidos - Quick Feet / Color Change
Rampardos - Victory Star / Sniper
Shieldon - Normalize / Sap Sipper
Bastiodon - Battle Armor / Damp
Burmy - Light Metal / Inner Focus
Wormadam-Plant - Sand Veil / Sniper
Wormadam-Trash - Limber / Motor Drive
Wormadam-Sandy - Hustle / Sand Force
Mothim - Defiant / Unburden
Combee - Lightningrod / Normalize
Vespiquen - Simple / Tangled Feet
Pachirisu - Super Luck / Heavy Metal
Buizel - Storm Drain / Pressure
Floatzel - Imposter / Mold Breaker
Cherubi - Flash Fire / Guts
Cherrim - Leaf Guard / Battle Armor
Shellos - Own Tempo / Swift Swim
Gastrodon - Hustle / Rivalry
Ambipom - Unaware / Drizzle
Drifloon - Drought / Adaptability
Drifblim - Bad Dreams / Cute Charm
Buneary - Rattled / Early Bird
Lopunny - Snow Warning / Justified
Mismagius - Sticky Hold / Defiant
Honchkrow - Poison Heal / Harvest
Glameow - Toxic Boost / Light Metal
Purugly - Shadow Tag / Sturdy
Chingling - Magnet Pull / Flare Boost
Stunky - Super Luck / Download
Skuntank - Wonder Skin / Leaf Guard
Bronzor - Mummy / Hustle
Bronzong - Defiant / No Guard
Bonsly - Tangled Feet / Soundproof
Mime Jr. - Flame Body / Victory Star
Happiny - Stench / Unnerve
Chatot - Wonder Skin / Sap Sipper
Spiritomb - Effect Spore / Cute Charm
Gible - Drizzle / Magma Armor
Gabite - Flame Body / Bad Dreams
Garchomp - Sticky Hold / Normalize
Munchlax - Marvel Scale / Drought
Riolu - Analytic / Tangled Feet
Lucario - Magnet Pull / Poison Touch
Hippopotas - Klutz / Clear Body
Hippowdon - Swift Swim / Gluttony
Skorupi - Cursed Body / Pickpocket
Drapion - Sheer Force / Suction Cups
Croagunk - Oblivious / Sap Sipper
Toxicroak - Iron Fist / Anger Point
Carnivine - Bad Dreams / Defiant
Finneon - Leaf Guard / Mummy
Lumineon - Pickpocket / Big Pecks
Mantyke - Arena Trap / Battle Armor
Snover - Storm Drain / Inner Focus
Abomasnow - Clear Body / Own Tempo
Weavile - Solid Rock / Chlorophyll
Magnezone - Reckless / Swift Swim
Lickilicky - Download / Arena Trap
Rhyperior - Scrappy / Mummy
Tangrowth - Defiant / Simple
Electivire - Adaptability / Toxic Boost
Magmortar - Immunity / Cloud Nine
Togekiss - Intimidate / Pickpocket
Yanmega - Prankster / Clear Body
Leafeon - Water Absorb / Cursed Body
Glaceon - Color Change / Trace
Gliscor - Drought / Clear Body
Mamoswine - Liquid Ooze / Tangled Feet
Porygon-Z - Soundproof / Compoundeyes
Gallade - Ice Body / Chlorophyll
Probopass - No Guard / Heatproof
Dusknoir - Natural Cure / Sand Force
Froslass - Overcoat / Heatproof
Rotom - Steadfast / Gluttony
Rotom-Heat - Rain Dish / Clear Body
Rotom-Wash - Torrent / Overcoat
Rotom-Frost - Pressure / Cloud Nine
Rotom-Fan - Sticky Hold / Klutz
Rotom-Mow - Oblivious / Synchronize
Uxie - Limber / Heatproof
Mesprit - Clear Body / Shadow Tag
Azelf - Dry Skin / Defiant
Dialga - Rain Dish / Pickpocket
Palkia - No Guard / Contrary
Heatran - Technician / Keen Eye
Regigigas - Wonder Skin / Contrary
Giratina-Origin - Quick Feet / Frisk
Giratina-Altered - Rattled / Motor Drive
Cresselia - Toxic Boost / Scrappy
Phione - Unburden / Moxie
Manaphy - Gluttony / Synchronize
Darkrai - Rattled / Thick Fat
Shaymin-Sky - Quick Feet / Rattled
Shaymin-Land - Magic Guard / Compoundeyes
Arceus - Tangled Feet / Hyper Cutter
Victini - Compoundeyes / Aftermath
Snivy - Gluttony / Storm Drain
Servine - Sap Sipper / Solar Power
Serperior - Anger Point / Forewarn
Tepig - Damp / Tinted Lens
Pignite - Natural Cure / Rattled
Emboar - Poison Heal / Magnet Pull
Oshawott - Marvel Scale / Lightningrod
Dewott - Storm Drain / Aftermath
Samurott - Weak Armor / Klutz
Patrat - Mummy / Synchronize
Watchog - Cloud Nine / Swarm
Lillipup - Storm Drain / Magic Bounce
Herdier - Big Pecks / Reckless
Stoutland - Poison Touch / Forewarn
Purrloin - Imposter / Rain Dish
Liepard - Ice Body / Tangled Feet
Pansage - Steadfast / Own Tempo
Simisage - Static / Own Tempo
Pansear - Technician / Drizzle
Simisear - Tinted Lens / Sniper
Panpour - Swift Swim / Poison Touch
Simipour - Analytic / Storm Drain
Munna - Pure Power / Volt Absorb
Musharna - Water Absorb / Solar Power
Pidove - Solid Rock / Clear Body
Tranquill - Flame Body / Hustle
Unfezant - Moxie / Sand Veil
Blitzle - Cursed Body / Speed Boost
Zebstrika - Contrary / Adaptability
Roggenrola - Chlorophyll / Natural Cure
Boldore - Keen Eye / Flare Boost
Gigalith - Compoundeyes / Iron Barbs
Woobat - Compoundeyes / Poison Point
Swoobat - Rain Dish / Sand Rush
Drilbur - Pickpocket / Natural Cure
Excadrill - Rain Dish / Tinted Lens
Audino - Magic Bounce / Sand Veil
Timburr - Levitate / Immunity
Gurdurr - Pressure / Storm Drain
Conkeldurr - Poison Heal / Mold Breaker
Tympole - Liquid Ooze / Sheer Force
Palpitoad - Super Luck / Tinted Lens
Seismitoad - Anger Point / Liquid Ooze
Throh - Sap Sipper / Analytic
Sawk - Stench / Flash Fire
Sewaddle - Sticky Hold / Unaware
Swadloon - Magnet Pull / Magma Armor
Leavanny - Wonder Skin / Unburden
Venipede - Battle Armor / Sticky Hold
Whirlipede - Trace / Rain Dish
Scolipede - Trace / Technician
Cottonee - Liquid Ooze / Hyper Cutter
Whimsicott - Mummy / Snow Cloak
Petilil - Sturdy / Weak Armor
Lilligant - Lightningrod / Overgrow
Basculin - Contrary / Volt Absorb
Sandile - Suction Cups / Weak Armor
Krokorok - Water Absorb / Infiltrator
Krookodile - Tangled Feet / Magic Guard
Darumaka - Hyper Cutter / Big Pecks
Darmanitan - Synchronize / Poison Point
Maractus - Solid Rock / Hyper Cutter
Dwebble - Water Absorb / Ice Body
Crustle - Magic Bounce / Super Luck
Scraggy - Solar Power / Solid Rock
Scrafty - Sturdy / Sand Rush
Sigilyph - Swarm / Tangled Feet
Yamask - Suction Cups / Poison Heal
Cofagrigus - Light Metal / Cute Charm
Tirtouga - Immunity / Magic Guard
Carracosta - Toxic Boost / Harvest
Archen - Multiscale / Sniper
Archeops - Natural Cure / Blaze
Trubbish - Rattled / Snow Warning
Garbodor - Clear Body / Volt Absorb
Zorua - Toxic Boost / Light Metal
Zoroark - Early Bird / Sand Veil
Minccino - Aftermath / Klutz
Cinccino - Hyper Cutter / Lightningrod
Gothita - Unaware / Effect Spore
Gothorita - Cloud Nine / Mold Breaker
Gothitelle - Overcoat / Magic Bounce
Solosis - Imposter / Synchronize
Duosion - Analytic / Magnet Pull
Reuniclus - Natural Cure / Analytic
Ducklett - Magma Armor / Victory Star
Swanna - Shield Dust / Early Bird
Vanillite - Arena Trap / Magma Armor
Vanillish - Insomnia / No Guard
Vanilluxe - Marvel Scale / Hyper Cutter
Deerling - Drizzle / Water Veil
Sawsbuck - Stench / Speed Boost
Emolga - Stall / Sticky Hold
Karrablast - Solid Rock / Own Tempo
Escavalier - Unnerve / Compoundeyes
Foongus - Clear Body / Imposter
Amoonguss - Overcoat / Gluttony
Frillish - Levitate / Poison Heal
Jellicent - Thick Fat / Intimidate
Alomomola - Cloud Nine / Serene Grace
Joltik - Super Luck / Flash Fire
Galvantula - Pure Power / Light Metal
Ferroseed - Shield Dust / Overcoat
Ferrothorn - Illusion / No Guard
Klink - Stench / Unaware
Klang - Blaze / Sniper
Klinklang - Flame Body / Scrappy
Tynamo - Color Change / Prankster
Eelektrik - Moxie / Anticipation
Eelektross - Liquid Ooze / Rattled
Elgyem - Inner Focus / Illusion
Beheeyem - Dry Skin / Damp
Litwick - Victory Star / Snow Cloak
Lampent - Snow Cloak / Drought
Chandelure - Keen Eye / Magic Guard
Axew - Sap Sipper / Guts
Fraxure - Early Bird / Light Metal
Haxorus - Motor Drive / Sand Veil
Cubchoo - Unaware / Sticky Hold
Beartic - Gluttony / Storm Drain
Cryogonal - Sturdy / Defiant
Shelmet - Light Metal / Technician
Accelgor - Gluttony / Snow Cloak
Stunfisk - Pickpocket / Battle Armor
Mienfoo - Rattled / Multiscale
Mienshao - Harvest / Cute Charm
Druddigon - Sturdy / Prankster
Golett - Snow Warning / Magic Guard
Golurk - Aftermath / Frisk
Pawniard - Water Veil / Liquid Ooze
Bisharp - Snow Cloak / Forewarn
Bouffalant - Static / Dry Skin
Rufflet - Pure Power / Forewarn
Braviary - Volt Absorb / Sand Veil
Vullaby - Rock Head / Sniper
Mandibuzz - Mummy / Iron Barbs
Heatmor - Solid Rock / Overcoat
Durant - Unnerve / Sand Rush
Deino - Weak Armor / Tinted Lens
Zweilous - Justified / Drizzle
Hydreigon - Drought / Hustle
Larvesta - Intimidate / Sniper
Volcarona - Guts / Solar Power
Cobalion - Poison Point / Magma Armor
Terrakion - Wonder Skin / Shadow Tag
Virizion - Moxie / Analytic
Tornadus - Magma Armor / Battle Armor
Tornadus-Therian - Iron Barbs / Blaze
Thundurus - Clear Body / Hustle
Thundurus-Therian - Anger Point / Insomnia
Reshiram - Infiltrator / Tangled Feet
Zekrom - Weak Armor / Limber
Landorus - Soundproof / Mummy
Landorus-Therian - Scrappy / Bad Dreams
Kyurem - Hydration / Anger Point
Kyurem-White - No Guard / Gluttony
Kyurem-Black - Weak Armor / Shadow Tag
Keldeo - Shed Skin / Speed Boost
Meloetta-A/-P - Multiscale / Moxie
Genesect - Effect Spore / Magma Armor

Wonder Guard
Contrary Palkia
Shadow Tag Terrakion
Shadow Tag Kyurem-Black

Possible Game Changers?:
Magnet Pull Lucario
Prankster Mewtwo
Drizzle Dragonite
Drought Hydreigon
Motor Drive Haxorus
Pure Power Galvantula
Simple Groudon
Natural Cure Archeops
No Guard Palkia
Speed Boost Keldeo
Magic Guard Chandelure
Magnet Pull Emboar

Will Slaking and Regigigas shoot up in usage now that they aren't saddled with terrible abilities? Will certain Ubers fall now that they don't have their coveted prowess? I'm looking at you, Kyogre.

Tell me what you all think. Is this just too crazy not to work? Or am I on to something?

Things to consider:
-'Ubers' allowed.
-Regular clauses apply. (Sleep, OHKO, evasion, species)
-Normal abilities are not included. Each Pokemon can only choose from the 2 abilities randomly generated.
-(1) If an ability is banned, a new one will be randomly generated to replace it. (2) If a particular Pokemon with an ability is banned, it may use its other ability (as long as that's not banned too). [Example: (1) Moody was banned, so anything with Moody got a new ability. (2) Contrary Palkia was banned, but No Guard Palkia can still be used.]

Some reference:

Weather Inducers:
Drizzle: Golduck

Drought: Nidorino

Sand Stream (does not block Sand damage if user is not Rock/Steel/Ground): Charizard

Snow Warning (does not block Hail damage if user is not Ice): Weepinbell

Arena Trap: Mankey

Shadow Tag: Metapod

Magnet Pull: Rhyhorn

Magic Bounce:



Speed Boost:



Imposter analysis:
Imposter, like in Hackmons/BH, acts as a great check to Contrary and other boosters. In the case of Wonkymons, we have quite a few Pokemon to choose from with Imposter. In Hackmons and especially Balanced Hackmons, Blissey and Chansey are the exclusive Imposters. Blissey abuses the ability by copying every aspect of its foe (typing, ability, boosts, stats) except the HP stat. Since Blissey has the highest HP stat in the game, it’s no wonder it runs Imposter. Plus, when Blissey can’t copy a foe with Imposter due to Substitute or Illusion, she has her immense special bulk to fall back on.

Chansey runs very similar to Blissey with a few exceptions. Since she is NFE, she can hold an eviolite, pumping up her defenses while retaining a huge HP stat (just 5 base points shy of Blissey.) The downside is she can no longer hold a Choice Scarf, leftovers, or lum berry, the three most common items held by Blissey.

Wonkymons is a different ballgame. Contrarymons like Palkia (Draco Meteor), Heracross (Close Combat) and Regigigas (Superpower) and Speed Boost Keldeo pose huge threats if not properly checked. I have identified a few notable Imposters capable of turning the tides in your favor.

In the same vein as Blissey, the Imposter with the biggest HP stat in Wonkymons is… Floatzel! While 85 HP doesn’t seem like much, it is far better than the paltry 48 belonging to the original Imposter, Ditto. The ideal Buizel Imposter holds a Choice Scarf to serve as a revenge check to ensure it outspeeds its target. When it can’t copy something it can hit with Waterfall, Crunch or Ice Punch, steal moves with Me First or use Torment to try and prevent further Contrary abuse.

The second Imposter worth considering is the NFE with the highest HP stat… Gulpin! 70 HP isn’t too far behind Floatzel’s 85, but the idea here is Gulpin equips an eviolite to spruce up its defenses. Imagine copying Regigigas: 70/110/110 with +1/+1 Def/SpD is nothing to scoff at. If it’s unable to copy something it is a little unequipped to function on its own. It can use Pain Split, Destiny Bond, and Counter to some effect though.

If using one of the other Imposters, you have to weigh other factors besides the HP stat that can make them viable. Forretress is probably the most usable other Imposter since it can still fill the solid support role it’s known for in Standard play and is a good check for Heracross behind a sub (since Close Combat only boosts Defense and Special Defense and Heracross can’t Swords Dance.)

Magic Guard:

Poison Heal:

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Right off the bat, I see Elekid's getting an Air balloon.

Other observations:

* Ho-oh will run Facade with Poison Heal.
* Slaking's ability will not be relevant any further than "It's not Truant", considering it's only got one move that benefits.
* Galvantula's physical moveset leaves a lot to be desired, although it's sheer strangth may allow it to use a neutral STAB to take a few threats out. (Can't do the calculations right now.) Rufflet may be a bigger threat ...
* Shaymin-Land is the only Magic-Guard user. This may change things a bit.


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Here are some of my favorites from the list:
- Contrary Zebstrika (overheat spam)
- Prankster Yanmega
- Shadow Tag Electrode / Purugly
- Chlorophyll Articuno
- Moxie Virizion
- Lightningrod Raikou (one of the few abilities that fit :O)
- Multiscale Steelix / Meloetta

cant say

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Did Scrafty seriously get moxie? That's gotta go.
Suppose Palkia gets Blizzard, Thunder, Fireblast, Focus Blast and Stone Edge with No Guard. Could be a good choice user..
Did Scrafty seriously get moxie? That's gotta go.
Suppose Palkia gets Blizzard, Thunder, Fireblast, Focus Blast and Stone Edge with No Guard. Could be a good choice user..
Good catch on Scrafty! I will change that when I get home.

And I was thinking of doing a random move generator to spice up everyone's movepool. More on that later.


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Any chance of putting secondary abilities on, or are these in addition to their normal ones?


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OP: Air Ballon Elekid with Wonder Guard.

use it with a spinner and magic bounce audino

Have fun!

(you're missing the therian formes)


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I think Sand Stream Dragonite and Illusion Torkoal are my favorites, lol.

Ace Emerald

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I like the concept, but somethings are a little sketch. Honestly, you may want to consider removing Wonder Guard and Pure Power because they are way to good. The only abuser of Pure Power seems to be Galvantula, but that is scary as hell. Jolly Galvantula clears 500 attack with no item. It might have barely any physical moves, but it has STABs (Wild Charge and X-Scissor), Sucker Punch, and reliable Return. Not to mention Agility, which will put Adamant in front of everything with a LO 556 attack stat. Or you can just CB spam, with a starting attack of 759. As for Wonder Guard, so many Pokemon are set up bait for what is already a fantastic set up sweeper, Volcarona. I don't think Elekid with a Balloon can be beaten without Mold Breakers, of which we have Wynaut and Spinarak, and it can beat both 1 v 1. It can Curse it's way to 988 Attack and destroy you. While the idea of pure random if great, I don't think your current metagame is balanced at all, and a balanced metagame is what promotes creativity.

As a small note, you also have Forecast in there, which I'm pretty sure only works for Castform. I also think you should give each Pokemon two abilities, but all this is your call.


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Maybe you could run the list one, maybe two more times so pokemon have more than ability to chose from?

Mr. Uncompetitive

CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap!
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Not sure if people are joking

Or are legitimately interested

Anyways, I agree with Ace Emerald in that it's a decent concept but the execution is rather iffy and really seems messed up Air Balloon Elekid breaks the meta. I also agree with Relados that their original abilities should be available


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im really liking the thought of sheer force drapion, even if it still wasnt viable in OU it would still be cool in the UU metagame with the elemental fangs, crunch, poison jab: etc to abuse it with. Multiscale steelix and tinted lens sceptile also caught my eye. (im an RU player so yeah, lol).

I personally agree that abilities like wonder guard and pure power should be removed and randomly replaced. It just doesnt seem balanced when one of the top threats in OU (volcarona) is immune to many forms of direct damage. Theres also lol elekid, who would be pretty much unbeatable if its holding an air balloon :/.

Overall i think this is pretty cool =).

EDIT: magic guard land shaymin :o
I don't think you need to change the movepools, but another ability or two would be good. Ban Wonder Guard. Keep Pure Power for a while, I think it might not be that OP.
No Guard Zap Cannon Probopass guys. Tinted Lens Specs Leaf Storm from Sceptile.
Snow Warning Snorlax.


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Ferrothorn - Illusion
Oh dear. I could have a lot of nightmares about this thing.

Frillish - Levitate
Interestingly, Frillish' species in Japanese uses the same text as Levitate.

Kyurem-White - No Guard
...and of course gamefreak made it so that Kyurem is the only Unova Icemon to not get Sheer Cold...Oh well it can still spam Blizzards.
Forretress - Imposter

Bidoof - Pure Power


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If ubers are allowed, I'm up for a battle (no air balloon elekid <_>) if you are, hit me up on the OM IRC server

EDIT : Did my first match (possibly the first match ever) and Volcarona is considerably unflappably broken


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Posting to say that this is the best other metagame since six move battling. Had some good laughs over some of this stuff; gonna be building a team over the weekend to rock the house.

However, I have a few suggestions. First, you said that Pokemon don't get the same abilities that they originally had, but Scrafty has Moxie... Did you check for Dream World abilities? And what about move illegalities, specifically with moves Pokemon receive in the Dream World? And what about Pokemon that are currently ranked in Ubers; are they allowed? Also, I think we'd all like to see more. I think if Pokemon had two (or maybe even three) abilities, that would be awesome and give us some much needed diversity. What are your thoughts?
*Simple Breloom sounds scary with either a Bulk Up set or a Swords Dance priority abuse set
*Wonder Skin Regigigas is sure to see some use but probably not as much as a few other things
*Snow Warning Seadra could be a contender
*Eviolite Drought Gloom could be fun
*Drizzle Golduck sounds like a good time too
Thanks everyone for the feedback! I'm going to address some questions and comments.

Any chance of putting secondary abilities on, or are these in addition to their normal ones?
Also, I think we'd all like to see more. I think if Pokemon had two (or maybe even three) abilities, that would be awesome and give us some much needed diversity. What are your thoughts?
Ace Emerald:
I also think you should give each Pokemon two abilities, but all this is your call.
Maybe you could run the list one, maybe two more times so pokemon have more than ability to chose from?
another ability or two would be good
Due to the multiple requests/suggestions to add more abilities, I'm giving everyone a second ability!

(you're missing the therian formes)
Fixed. Thanks!

Ace Emerald:
Honestly, you may want to consider removing Wonder Guard and Pure Power because they are way to good.
I personally agree that abilities like wonder guard and pure power should be removed and randomly replaced. It just doesnt seem balanced when one of the top threats in OU (volcarona) is immune to many forms of direct damage. Theres also lol elekid, who would be pretty much unbeatable if its holding an air balloon :/.
Ban Wonder Guard. Keep Pure Power for a while, I think it might not be that OP.
I'm going to exclude Pure Power and Wonder Guard from the second abilities column and see how more people in the community feel about their ban. Also, considering banning Moody since it was swiftly banned in the regular meta. Thoughts?

Ace Emerald:
As a small note, you also have Forecast in there, which I'm pretty sure only works for Castform.
Fixed. New abilities will be given to those with Forecast. Thanks!

Also, ubers banned or not?
And what about Pokemon that are currently ranked in Ubers; are they allowed?
I was thinking this meta might shift into a few different tiers, similar to the regular one. Maybe a Wonkymons Ubers, OU, UU/NU, and LC? Or is that asking too much? Obviously some things are going to be too powerful for regular play. Kinda mulling this one over. Will definitely consider feedback!


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Asking too much to split up Wonkymons into Ubers, OU, and everything else. How about we just start fresh (no ubers) and if we need to ban stuff we can.

Also voting Ban Moody, Wonder Guard, and Pure Power.
Asking too much to split up Wonkymons into Ubers, OU, and everything else. How about we just start fresh (no ubers) and if we need to ban stuff we can.

Also voting Ban Moody, Wonder Guard, and Pure Power.
I agree on not splitting it up ATM. I also think Moody should be banned. I kind of want to see how Wonder Guard and Pure Power could play out since Ubers are allowed.

Also, generating new 2nd abilities rite now. Adding to list soon.
Shadow Tag Electrode is actually interesting - it's just what Electrode needs in order to be a relevant threat in OU. I can see this going well.

Something like this set, used in the rain, would be a hell of a revenge killer.

Electrode@Choice Specs
4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe

-Volt Switch
-Hidden Power [Ice]
-Signal Beam

Basically, play it like it was running Thunder/--/--/--. Spam Specs Thunders on things that don't have a favorable type matchup.

Barring fast Pokémon with boosts, you're not going to be outrun.
New secondary abilities are up! Some big threats have developed...

Volcarona gets Solar Power.
Shadow Tag Terrakion.
Speed Boost Keldeo.
Contrary Palkia.


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Deoxys-Speed - Unburden

This is probably the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. Also there are a couple of really, really cool things that have appeared. Motor Drive Haxorus? Sand Rush scrafty? It's just cool. It would be impossible to memorize all of this, but I think with some kind of challenge-cup style battling it would be very fun.
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