World Cup Flag Request Thread


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So, most of the teams flags need doing. If you would like to do a flag / if you're a captain who needs a flag, please post in this!

I need one for US Central. Will pay handsomely. Something with a Miltank would be excellent. Cows = Plains = Central.


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Team italy needs a flag too, so if someone have time to do one for us it would be cool! something based on abomasnow would be perfect.


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Hello, beartic is pretty passe so if anyone is down for doing a new canadian flag with something like bibarel or winter-sawsbuck that would be grand
I was requested by Masterclass to make a flag for Team Africa + Middle East, so I think it goes here. It was too rushed though because my laptop broke down a while ago :( at least I gave it barely on time during the 14th. Whew!

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