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WSC Megathread IV ~ Challenges #5 and #6 underway!

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Oh bother I was about to finish that fusion
but it seems the computer decided to fry itself
it seems I won't be able to enter this week
I hope It will be fixed soon so I can enter next time.
I won't be able to finish my sprite PROBABLY. So don't wait for me or something, if I'll manage to I'll post it, but don't count on it. ah well, there's always next week!

You heard of Exeggcute? Well, this is Exeggugly, its(their?) cousin. They don't talk about him much.

Solrock is used in the eyes and the... mouth... thingy.


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ok week 11

i like my sprites like i like my women - make a sprite that is identifiable as a female

I tried to make a Male pokemon female, thus the Tyrogue.

I'm hoping to win most disturbing humorus this week :P

Good luck to the other sprites!
Well, I know the point of the subject is to get something sexy or some such, at least i derived that from the name of it, but oh well. I've never posted an entry here before, but I figured I should. So if something's amiss, that's why. Here's my entry:

She's a five year old girl named Vanessa, but she's possessed by a demon named Pandora. She's a villain in a book im going to write. I drew her last night, and one of the DPPt child twin sprite was so close, that I just went with this.

Hope I do well, and good luck to everyone else!


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week 13: i dont care about anything

retype a dragon pokemon to the normal type
Sorry about the poll not going I've been busy with stuff most of the week. Hopefully the homework lessens off our esteemed spriters and the WSC can revitalize a bit!
Well, I dont really know why my last entry for the female one didnt go through, but I hope I do it right this time :/

Amorphous Egg Group: Rotom
Human-Like Egg Group: Medicham
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