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yea i noticed that, admins should get it fixed unless it requires significant amount of time...


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This seems trivial and will get locked for the reason of "it's not hard to type a /" but it really is an annoying inconvenience. It's a simple fix, really.
True it's rather trivial, but then there're other forums I visit that require ...com/forum while others accept all the variations, so remembering the right web address for different forums gets annoying.

It's not important, but if it's not hard to do I hope it can be done, too.

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I haven't really had problems with this, as I never actually bother to type in the entire thing; if I just type in "s" in my URL, it automatically has an auto-fill option for the Smogon forums. I know, I have no life.


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It's something about the core design of Smogon which requires the trailing slash, so we won't be getting rid of the forums being at that address. I do think that a redirect should be implemented though, as I've had this problem a fair amount of times.
If you type in /forums, there is a link to the forums at the top of the page anyways...
I never use that and hardly notice it. It's weird to make new users have to search around for that or whatever, and it doesn't seem like a big deal to just make it redirect altogether. I mean if we're going to be total apologists about it, we can just tell users to continue going to "/forums/" until it's automatically what shows up in their "suggested sites" like Engineer Pikachu said. It's like "great, okay, but there's still a problem here." Several people in this thread have already encountered this issue, and there are like thousands and thousands of members in total. Surely it's useful to accommodate them, regardless of how "big a deal" the problem is.

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