Challenge XY Giveaway Contest - Round 2


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I had a feeling I would be busy this week, but not this busy... Might have no more than two shots at this thing. g2g :)
Maybe I should stop trying and submit...first I had mom keeping money, then I watched how to catch pokemon, then I killed a red-health pokemon instead of catching :/


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I also won't be posting a score for this round. The complexity of this one just got to the point where I realized it'd take intense planning and playing for most of the week to really stand a chance... and that I just wasn't willing to commit that much of my time to a competition I honestly have little chance of winning against long time speedrunners. It'd be different if speedrunning wasn't so frequently frustrating with bullshit luck elements threatening to render your whole run worthless at any time. Some people can deal with that. Me, not so much.
I would recommend that everyone submit a score, even if you didn't plan intensely. There will not be twenty four submissions this round, so you have a good chance of sneaking into the next round.
Pfft. It's really been a while since I took part in a competitive event of any variety. The more wrath there is, the better the challenge, don'cha think?
I'm scared I might not make it to the next round....especially with there being like 6-7 more people who still haven't submitted.

Btw, has the winner of the eshop card raffle been decided yet?
Because I'm dumb and didn't think about 3DS eShop codes being region-locked like games, it seems that only the American contestants are eligible to win the prize. I apologize to everyone this disqualifies. That being said... I used to generate the winner from the remaining pool of contestants.

Congratulations to sb879! I will be PMing the eShop code to you.

I can assure you that everyone is eligible for the actual XY prizes for the contest.
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This round is over and scores are up, but this thread will be left open for you to discuss the challenges/triumphs you encountered will trying to get a score for this round. I know a lot of people planned their runs in detail, so go ahead and post your plans if you have them!
Looking at the results, I think most people ahead of me went with the same basic plan as I did.
However, I originally planned to fish for several Pokemon, but those were all 15% rate, so I decided against it. In addition, I gave a little bit too little time to reach Ilex Forest, got two moderately rare Night encounters there but not the two common ones before it changed to Morning.
Lastly, I screwed around in the Bug-Catching contest. I spent a bit trying to catch a Beedrill, then realized I'm almost out of time, left the contest, realized I had time, caught a few extra Pokemon and biked around till the hatching.

I think I would've gotten a 32 at least with the proper Ilex and not failing at the end. On the other hand, I sticked with the score since I had nice luck with encounters, including several rare-ish pokemon.

One thing I also screwed up was Game Corner shenanigans. I intended to buy Abra and Sandshrew there, but after spending the cash, I didn't have enough. So, I traded the Abra for the Machop, and was left with very few balls.
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Er well I guess I'll post my plan...

I started at 3:15am with Cyndaquil. This gave me 45 minutes of night and morning each. I use Cyndaquil for the earlier evolution and good performance in Sprout Tower and Violet Gym.

During the night phase, my ultimate aim was to reach Ilex Forest before morning started for the nocturnal Pokemon there (Oddish, Psyduck, and Venonat). On the way, I caught Hoothoot, Rattata, Poliwag, Spinarak, Gastly, and Wooper. I also made sure to pick up every item I find (many of which I just sold), and I visited the Sprout Tower and Violet Gym for experience and money (I found that as long as I didn't get really unlucky, this would be enough to evolve Cyndaquil and buy Pokeballs for the whole run without wasting too much time). I grabbed the Togepi egg too. Note that after I leave Violet City, I don't intentionally battle any more trainers, because it costs time and I don't need to money.

After I caught all the night Pokemon, I still had some time left before morning, so I took a visit to the Slowpoke well and caught Zubat, Goldeen, Magikarp, and Slowpoke. After that, morning had started, so I went back to Ilex Forest for Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, and Pidgey. After I caught those, I simply backtracked and cleaned out all the routes the best I could. All the walking I did also got me my Togepi with 9 minutes to go.

The run I submitted was hit-and miss-luck wise. The night phase was pretty good because I had good battles and didn't lose too many Pokeballs. The morning phase was less helpful, especially in Ilex Forest (there was one instance where I had a Kakuna at about 25% health AND sleeping that managed to escape 3 Pokeballs). I also managed to encounter a trainer in Union Cave be mistake which cost me a minute. Overall it was a good run though.

My 31st Pokemon was Unown. I had 5 minutes to spare so I tried for a Growlithe, but I only found 1 and of course it used Roar the first turn. I also missed Tentacool, Phanpy, Teddiursa, Paras, and Krabby (I think Krabby's fishable in Cherrygrove City?).

EDIT: and Dunsparce lol
Gosh I didn't expect to pass this round...but now I really want to know the strategy of the first placed!

It's interesting the fact that I used basically the same strategy of atsync but he caught 7 more pokemon >.>
Well I figure I should explain what I did, though really it was more luck than anything, especially after I entered Ilex as I caught all the 5%ers there and on route 34. I call my strat "GOTTA GO FAST!".

Basically I started at 3:00am, because my aim was to get to Ilex/route 34 to catch the night mons there, heading up to route 35/36/npark to headbutt things/catch common morning mons like the nidorans, then using abra to teleport back to Azalea, catching morning mons in Ilex, porting again and then going to route 33/union cave to catch spearow, hoppip and sandshrew. Headbutt was basically key here, as I caught a hell of a lot of otherwise uncatchable mons through it, along with morning mons from earlier routes (ledyba etc). I only hit about 1-2 unnecessary hoothoots. I didn't bother leveling simple mons like caterpie because I figured fighting trainers on purpose was largely a waste of time, especially given how many different mons are catchable via headbutt. I also didn't even bother going in dark cave/route 46, and only hit up sprout tower for a gastly. I did, however, stop in union cave/route 32 to catch a goldeen/magikarp/tentacool. I was sitting on 34 at 1:28, decided to just run around route 33 and hope togepi would hatch before the 1:30 mark... which it did. Got lucky with that, really. I think had it been like 10 seconds longer it would've gone to 1:31.


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After my first two runs I quickly decided I wasn't going to be able to get past that annoying Rival Match in Azalea. So I decided instead to focus on getting everything I could before then. I started at 5:10 in the evening, working to beating Falkner before 6 and then moving onto the route south to grab Ekans. I was lucky in that I hit most of the common mons on that route AND Weedle/Hoppip. My plan was after grabbing Ekans/Growlithe (Which I caught with the first ball I threw), to go back at Night time to Route 31 to catch all the mons there (Poliwag, Zubat, Spinarak, Hoothoot [who remained resolutely hidden]) I popped into Dark Cave to try and get lucky with Dunsparce (like I had on two previous runs) and got Geodude/Zubat there. Switched boxes on the way back through Violet (I traded for the Onix and used that in combination with Cynda to beat Falkner) because it was more than half full and I was worried about getting caught with no space.

After that it was a simple case of heading south catching everything left, avoiding trainers and then getting ti ilex to catch a bunch of mons there. My strat relied on having to evolve Weedle and Caterpie, which surprisingly didn't take long. I missed out on the Togepi though cause I was battling more than walking. I carried on after I took my screenie, it took me another 4 mins or so to hatch Togepi. It was never going to happen without the bike etc....
Darn. I lost this just cause I didn't submit in time >_< Kept postponing thinking I'd do it later. Oh well, good luck those who made it : )
I was really looking forward to the HGSS round, I love the Pokeathlon :3 (Assuming that it did include the Pokeathlon)
Stellar's making me post this, I'll spare you guys the indepth.

I started my run at 3:35 with Totodile aiming for it to be morning after the defeat of Falkner. In hindsight it would've been better to try and run for nighttime Ilex like some of the other folks here. I would grab Poliwag/Spinarak/Gastly then once day hit would pop into Dark Cave to grab Zubat/Geodude and hope for a Teddiursa (I never found one...). I'd do standard speedrun up to Goldenrod then hang around that area for the last 10 or so minutes.

I only used Toto as the main damage dealer in the run, with very occasional use of Gastly for Hypnosis and other 'mons for bringing down hp for catching.

My catch list: Totodile, Croconaw, Spinarak, Poliwag, Gastly, Togepi, Bellsprout, Onix(trade), Spearow(gift), Sandshrew, Magikarp, Goldeen, Ekans, Rattata, Hoppip, Caterpie, Pidgey, Zubat, Geodude, Krabby, Snubbull, Exeggcute, Hoothoot, NidoranM, NidoranF, Jigglypuff, Metapod, Noctowl, Pineco, Paras, Weedle, Ledyba.
I started at 2:50, aiming to get to goldenrod at night, then do whatever.

I skipped the sprout tower, dark cave, and route 46. I completely forgot about the old rod until I was in azalea. After the gym I realised I fucked up the timer and the game turned to day before I got to ilex. I had to forgo a whole lot of night pokemon I expected to get, but I had a few lucky finds which made up for it. I had 4 jigglypuffs in a row, 3 growlithes in a row (2 roared me away), found beedrill and caterpie at 5%. I grabbed the coin case for abra and the gift spearow at 1:28, which ended up salvaging an otherwise pretty poor run.

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