Challenge XY Giveaway Contest - Round 2


This round will end at 11:59:59 PM (GMT -5) on 8/31.

In December 2000, Japan released Pokémon Crystal, the companion entry to Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version. The second generation of Pokémon took the franchise's motto, "Gotta catch 'em all" to the next level, introducing one hundred new Pokémon (including many evolutions of old Pokémon) to the series. This week's challenge asks you to return to the series' roots.

Pokémon Crystal: Complete as many Pokédex entries (owned) as possible within the time limit (1 hour and 30 minutes)

This challenge mixes the speed run genre with the challenge that drew so many of us to the Pokémon franchise. In order to be successful in this challenge, you must weigh your options carefully. Do you choose to progress the story, opening yourself up to additional opportunities to find Pokémon? Do you attempt to catch every single Pokémon on a route? Do you search for rare Pokémon like Dunsparce, or try to catch as many common Pokémon as possible? Do you start during the day or during the night?

A list of general rules can be found here.

  1. Do not abuse save states/resets. This should be a continuous run of the game.
  2. Do not abuse any challenge-breaking glitches such as the box glitch.
  3. Do not trade with another game cartridge. In-game trades are allowed.
  4. You may not exceed the time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Submissions with a time above this limit will not be accepted.
Start a conversation with @Stellar titled "Round 1 Submission"

  • Your Pokédex count and game time should be clearly visible in the screenshot or photo.
  • You may not exceed the 1 hour 30 minute time limit.
  • You may only submit one screenshot or photo. Select your best time.
  • You should not post your results publicly.
amnz ✓
atsync ✓
billymills ✓
breh ✓
DHR-107 ✓
elcheeso ✓
Eo Ut Mortus ✓
extra. ✓
Focus ✓
LegendaryElitist ✓
Level 51 ✓
lucariojr ✓
makiri ✓
Manitary ✓
Mekkah ✓
Nexus ✓
Roadagain ✓
sb879 ✓
Shiny Dratini ✓
Wyverii ✓
zdrup15 ✓

  1. elcheeso - 35
  2. Wyverii - 32
  3. zdrup15 - 32
  4. atsync - 31
  5. DHR-107 - 31
  6. sb879 - 30
  7. Nexus - 29
  8. Mekkah - 29
  9. Eo Ut Mortus - 29
  10. Roadagain - 28
  11. makiri - 28
  12. Focus - 26
  13. Level 51 - 26
  14. extra. - 26
  15. billymills - 25
  16. LegendaryElitist - 24
  17. Manitary - 24
  18. lucariojr - 24
  19. amnz - 22
  20. breh - 17
  21. Shiny Dratini - 12
  22. Alterevolution - N/A
  23. Jimera0 - N/A
  24. totodile - N/A

The top 18 contestants from this round will move on to Round 3. Sign-ups are no longer open.
Title for this round is thanks to user: @extra.

Also, please note that like the previous round, your run for this round must be continuous. You may not save the game at one hour and wait for nightfall. Choosing the most beneficial time and date is part of the challenge. Be sure to include the time and day you chose at the beginning of the game in your submission conversation to me.

I would also suggest using an external timer to prevent yourself from exceeding the 1 hour and 30 minute time limit.


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[21:52:04] <&Mekkah> fuck route 29
[21:52:05] <&Mekkah> in the ass
[21:52:09] <&Mekkah> i found rattata
[21:52:12] <&Mekkah> i found like 6 pidgeys
[21:52:13] <&Mekkah> i found 0 sentret
[21:52:19] <&Mekkah> and ive been walking back and forth
[21:52:33] <&Mekkah> 7
[21:52:49] <&Mekkah> 8
[21:53:10] <&Mekkah> 9
[21:53:12] <+Nexus> lol
[21:53:47] <&Mekkah> 10
[21:54:06] <&Mekkah> 11
[21:54:23] <&Mekkah> 12
[21:54:41] <&Mekkah> 13
[21:54:57] <&Mekkah> 14
[21:55:17] <&Mekkah> 154
[21:55:36] <&Mekkah> 16
[21:55:36] <&Mekkah> fucking
[21:55:37] <&Mekkah> pidgeys
[21:55:40] <&Mekkah> before i found a sentret
[21:56:18] <&Mekkah> sentrets are 40%
[21:56:20] <&Mekkah> pidgeys are 50%
[21:56:47] <+Nexus> hahaha
[21:58:36] * &Solace has quit IRC (Quit: l8r)
[22:00:01] <+Celever> lmao
[22:00:42] <%DHR> xD
[22:02:00] <&Mekkah> next route
[22:02:04] <&Mekkah> i just want to catch 1 thing i dont have yet
[22:02:06] <&Mekkah> first encounter: pidgey
Is it possible to make the Togepi egg hatch? I already made 3 runs and it never hatched, after the last one I walked for 5 extra minutes to get Togepi


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I managed to get Togepi to hatch in the run I did last night, although it was within the last 10 minutes. So it's possible, but you need to keep moving through the run to make sure walk enough steps.


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Orange Islands
I managed to get Togepi to hatch in the run I did last night, although it was within the last 10 minutes. So it's possible, but you need to keep moving through the run to make sure walk enough steps.
Yeah I got the egg to hatch with literally minutes to spare... It's close depending how dedicated you are to get that 1 thing to hatch over battling/finding other mons :|
I'm happy we get to play Crystal for this challenge. It is by far my favourite gen of Pokémon, I've been playing it my entire life, over and over hahaha but don't worry I never tried to catch them all so I really don't know the locations of most of the wild pokémon :P

Level 51

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Wyverii topping the leaderboard AS USUAL...... Don't worry, I'll beat him by using Mekkah ProStrats (TM)
I think I'm going to have to drop out of this contest. You guys are hardcore (basically the winning times from last round were on pace with the WR) and I'll be busy with school. Maybe you could let coolking49 back in.

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