Zracknel's logo thread

We can't let Bummer have all the fun with these hub artwork projects!

This is a logo for the past gens hub

astute observers might see (from curves and some details) that this is not a pixellated logo at all, but rather a vector image

I am a nerd


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And this is why you remain as the champ. Excellent choice of color theme, and the animated text below is just icing on the cake. You even managed to fit 4 mons in there!
oohhhh myyyyy This is awesome!!! Can't imagine how much time and effort you spent for it!! Thanks!! :DD

and that Gengar is cute!! lol! :) Press Start is a nice touch too! This is really unique and different from what you normally do!


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mang why do you need to give a shitty team name such a kick-ass team logo? Now Smog Frogs is the "real deal" ;-;



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The stylized graffiti text is hard to read. It looks cool and definitely fits the theme, but it's kind of tough to make out "Smog Frogs" at first glance.

Outside of that I think it's great.
New SPL logo: the Cryonicles

Hard to believe it has been close to three years since I did the first cryogonals logo

If you are curious why the team's mascot is not cryogonal, please direct inquiries to the cryonicles' management



A few extra signatures/avatars for this team (and others) as soon as I can finish them!!!
damn zracknel that's absolutely beautiful, can cong get one of those?
Thank you!

I feel like I owe it to you guys... the classiest are definitely on my short list for a revamp, haha...

Novaray said:
beautiful work zracknel, really like the font as well ~.~
thanks man :)

just in case anyone was curious, the base typeface is Outage from the Lost Type co-op. I made three changes to the type-- elongated the letterforms, added the bevel, and squared off some of the rounded diagonal edges

I am glad you like it!
Zracknel, awesome logo as usual. My personal favorite may still be the Raiders. We would absolutely love an upgrade, as we have probably the oldest standing logo, but I understand how busy you can be. Thanks for your hard work.
New secondary logomark of old wolfpack identity:

Other wolfpack stuff as per Furai's request...


Signature images:

sorry for the semi-rehashy nature of this post :(

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