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Welcome to the commencement thread for the ZU BreadWinners Tour! With an unanticipated level of signups, we consulted a tour director and made the decision to close signups early at 512 players to preserve the single-elimination format. The first round will go up soon. In the meantime, you can start using this thread for memes, discussion, predictions, or anything else you want to talk about.

Thanks again to BW Council members DnB, JonAmon 25, Mirbro, and SSJRobbieRotten; my cohost Itchy; our generous donors, 16bit, 6271: Imperial Flagship aka SBPC!, Adaam,
Brambane, Chokepic, Kalalokki, Mirbro, Procrastinasian, and Toto; and the countless Smogon community members who have helped make this tournament happen!
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First of all thanks for all the efforts and donations!! When thebtboy and me started to organize the tour like 2 months ago didnt expect these results (neither this amount of money nor sign up). But I can assure you this has been a great success over any expectations. Next video is my resume of how I felt watching each sign up as a water drop:

I hope you will have a great tour and BW ZU council members are willing to help all of you to have a great time in ZU :).

Happy New Year everybody!!!
Alright, fuck it. We just got another (anonymous) donation and are now a little less than $300 away from breaking the Smogon record for biggest prize pool in the history of the site, which currently stands at $1500.


1st place - $601 + custom PS! avatar + forum banner
2nd place - $301
3rd-4th place - $151
5th-8th place - $76

Please contact me on Smogon or on Discord (btboy#5024) for details. Smogon owner chaos is in control of the existing prize pool and will be receiving all future donations, but I’ll be the point of contact.
Let’s make Smogon history. :mad:
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Important announcement regarding prize pool!

Thanks to the generosity of Brambane, we just eclipsed the record for largest prize pool in Smogon history.

The prize structure is now as follows:
1st - $601 + custom PS! avatar + forum banner
2nd - $301
3rd-4th place - $151 each
5th-8th place - $76 each

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Man, I picked probably the worst time to take a hiatus LMAO

I know most people are going to be posting memes, so this post is going to stick out like a sore thumb, but I genuinely am so proud of the ZU community. While I probably am not going to participate in this tour, I'm so incredibly thankful for thebtboy , Toto , Procrastinasian, Mirbro , and all the other amazing people that helped make this tour happen.

This is not just one of the biggest tournaments we've ever seen from an "unofficial" tier ever, but the literal biggest prize pool in Smogon history. Those facts are hard to process, because being a part of the ZU community has always been an uphill battle. In the 10-12 months I've been part of ZU, I've especially noticed that certain parts of the Smogon community view the tier with an amount of skepticism. I'm sure this was even more the case back before. Ultimately, most people do this for the fun of it, and are kinda neutral about the tier's place in Smogon as a whole, and that's completely fair.

Nevertheless, I think this tournament goes to show just how passionate the ZU community is, and that there's very legitimate interest in the tier. We're far, far from the biggest community Smogon has to offer. With that being said, so many people here have clearly put in so much love into the tier, and that's manifesting right now into one of Smogon's most notable tournaments of the year. Because of the hard work and dedication put together by ZU's tightly-knit community paying massive dividends, I strongly believe this tournament is a sign that ZU deserves to become an official Smogon tier.

Regardless of that, though, my point is that this tournament is unfathomably massive. It makes me so, so happy to see this community thrive. And on a more personal level, ZU's community really helped 2021 get better for me, and I'm sure the same will be the case for 2022. I'm more than proud to be a part of the ZU communiy. I love you all so, so much. <3
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