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XY Little Cup

Here you will find some of the most innovative, successful Little Cup teams in the XY LC metagame.

Fish and Stuff

by zeriloa

zeriloa's team features a powerful win condition in Carvanha, an incredibly fast and powerful physical attacker in LC. This team, created near the end of the XY era, is solid. While it runs a couple of unorthodox things, such as Stealth Rock Pawniard, it proved to be successful, carrying its creator to the semi-finals of LC Open III.

A Novam Aetatem

by apt-get

Late XY saw a lot of VoltTurn, and this team was the pinnacle of the strategy. Featuring intimidating threats such as Chinchou, Archen, and Mienfoo, apt-get assembled all the components necessary for a devastating VoltTurn team that wreaked havoc on the metagame.


by GlassGlaceon

GlassGlaceon brings forth yet another wildly popular team that proved successful in the late XY metagame. This team, heavy on offense and hazard stacking, helped chimpact win a dire match in the LC Open finals and even conferred its creator victory in the LC event Lost Cave.

Torchpass is an Art

by Max Carvalho

Speed Boost Torchic comes out to play in Max Carvalho's take on a classic CursePass team. This Hyper Offense team was built mid-late in the XY metagame and still brandishes its merit as an incredibly effective team with powerful threats such as Shell Smash Tirtouga.

Smang It Guuurrrlll

by Mambo

good team. uses magnets. bill nye the lc lord.

Untitled 501

by Corporal Levi

Corporal Levi likes Foongus and, as such, made a stall team around it to combat the Misdreavus metagame.

BW Little Cup

Here you will find some of the most innovative, successful Little Cup teams in the Black and White metagame. These RMTs document the various metagames and playstyles Little Cup has experienced throughout Gen V, and each one tells its own story about this rich metagame.

Little Cup Stage 3

Little Cup

by Elevator Music

Despite the unassuming name, this team is straight from an LC metagame that featured threats such as Meditite and Gligar. This balanced team used some underrated threats, such as Slowpoke, to contend with these mighty Pokémon, and was one of the most successful Little Cup teams from this time period.

Little Cup Stage 4

Little by Little

by Saijo

This team was created in an era after Carvanha, Gligar, Meditite, and Misdreavus were banned. At this time, we could see the rise of Dragon Dance Scraggy, which this team portrays. This team also exhibits some of the Pokémon that came back in usage as a result of the multiple bans.

We've Made It

by Furai

We've Made It is a bulky offense team that employs some niche sets on popular Pokémon to combat the more common threats of the metagame, such as Sand. It abuses one of the rising stars of the metagame, Mienfoo, and a very underrated Fighting check, Larvesta, to Volturn all over the opposition.


by iss

Since Sand is one of the two weathers available in LC, and has access to an incredible sweeper in Drilbur, this archetype is deadly when used correctly. This sandmag team, as appropriated by the title, uses Air Balloon Magnemite in order to trap and eliminate Bronzor, one of the most common counters to Sand Rush Drilbur, the team's main sweeper. This strategy effectively dominates most teams as Scarfers cannot outspeed Drilbur.

Little Cup Stage 5

Shell Ya Later

by blarajan

After a massive four mon ban a few months prior, Gligar, Misdreavus, and Murkrow were unleashed on the public again. Shell Ya Later uses a couple of these Pokémon and focuses around an interesting SubRoost AcroGem Gligar. Some unique Pokémon used as backup include Choice Scarf Shellder, which dealt with both Murkrow and Gligar.

We Like Pi

by Ray Jay

Posted at the end of the Gligar metagame, We Like Pi demonstrates a balanced team with the goal of sweeping with Dragon Dance Scraggy. This team uses some rare sets on very common Pokémon, such as defensive Gligar and Choice Scarf Misdreavus, to great success.

Little Cup Stage 6

MMMMystery on the LC Express

by Hawkstar

After seeing Gligar rebanned in Little Cup, many formerly omnipresent threats dropped in usage. The new top three Pokémon emerged, the three M's: Murkrow, Misdreavus, and Mienfoo. This team uses all three of these Pokémon in order to beat down the opposition using this offensive team. A couple underrated sets are used in order to defeat these dominating Pokémon, the main lure here being Occa Berry Magnemite.

BW2 Little Cup

LC Rising

by iss

Quite possibly one of the most popular recent teams, LC Rising uses many of the top threats still present nowadays, using bulky Mienfoo and SubRoost Murkrow. This team puts a hard stop to Sand teams using Choice Scarf Snover, a set which has defined the drop in Sand team usage. After the many bans, the metagame begins becoming stable at roughly this time period.

Why be another grain of sand, when I can be a snowflake?

by Hawkstar

With the settling down of the LC metagame after the release of BW2, several underrated threats begin expressing themselves. This team employs two of them, but set up sweepers and cleaners that can tear unprepared teams apart. These two Pokémon are Bulk Up Timburr and Swords Dance Pawniard, which either employ brilliant bulk or powerful priority to tank or clean up the opposition.

Overwhelming Power

by Dcae

In this tier full of bulky offense and balance, Overwhelming Power is a rare example of a Hyper Offensive team. It shows Dwebble's great hazards setting capabilities, and also abuses a rising Scraggy set, Hi Jump Kick with Knock Off, to nail most of its counters hard and weaken them for a lategame sweep. A dual Scarf strategy is also employed, which serves to shut down almost every sweeper in the metagame.


by Superpowerdude

Dogbirds is a balanced offense team that stars one of the threats that came out of obscurity with BW2, which is Shell Smash Tirtouga. This team uses a Regenerator core to wear down the opponent's Pokémon until this bulky Shell Smash Tirtouga can come in, set up, and sweep.