LC Tournaments

Art by TheMutant

This page documents currently running tournaments hosted in the Little Cup forum as well as the winners of every previous LC tournament officially hosted on Smogon. Each event is listed from most to least recent, and as per metagame shift, the ORAS tournaments are documented separate from the XY tournaments.

Active ORAS Tournaments

LC UU Minitour - Round One

Little Cup Premier League - Week Six

Completed ORAS Tournaments

Swiss Tournament - Tricking

Completed XY Tournaments

LC Minitour VII: OU Invasion - DracoNinja

LC Open 3 - chimpact

Little Cup Conquest - Heysup

Lost Cave - GlassGlaceon

The LC Tour - Obvious Power

LC Minitour VI: LC AAA - Melonz

LC Minitour V: The Danger Zone - fatty

Little Cup Premier League - macle

LC Minitour IV: LC STABmons - Heysup

LC Minitour III: Children of the Corn - DeathxShinigami

LC Minitour II: Chastity Tournament - fatty

LC Minitour I: Standard XY LC - fatty

Past Little Cup Events

LC Open 2 - PDC

The Little Cup Tourney VII - little gk

LC Open 1 - McMeghan

The Little Cup Tourney VI - Eo Ut Mortus

Little Cup Eviolite-less Tournament - idiotfrommars

Gen 5 LC Tournament - SkyNet

The Little Cup Tourney IV - Bluewind

Strikeout Tournament: Little Cup Edition - tophway

Little Cup Tournament - The Royal Rumble - reyscarface

Little Cup Tourney - Bass

Little Cup - Mizuno

Lost Cave 2 - Wobbyble

LC Conquest - Charmander

Little Cup Premier League - The Snowpoint Snovers (Charmander)

Lost Cave - Al_Alchemist