ORAS / XY Little Cup Resources

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Little Cup Rules & Policies - Guidelines of the Little Cup forum as outlined by the LC Moderators

LC Information and Questions Thread - A convenient directory of tips and guides as well as a place to ask questions pertaining the Little Cup metagame, how to play it, and so forth

The LC Viability Rankings - The viability rankings project aims to categorize every Pokémon in the Little Cup tier based on their usefulness

ORAS LC Sample Teams - New LC players can use this resource as a method of getting into the metagame

New/Creative Movesets - Read creative and innovative movesets and get feedback from other members on your sets

Little Cup Role Compendium - Use this to discover what Pokémon can fill certain roles on your team

Information and Guides



LC Contributions & Corrections Forum - Writing and editing center for Little Cup analyses

Metagame Discussion Thread - Players discuss the broad Little Cup metagame here

LC Team Shop - If you're having issues creating a team of your own, post here and some of the more experienced LC players can help you out

ADV Little Cup - Discuss the booming, diverse metagame of ADV (Gen III) Little Cup

Counter that Threat! - Counter that Pokémon aims to serve as a discussion thread to find the best counters for top threats in the Little Cup metagame, especially potential suspects

Little Cup Battle of the Week - The LC community gathers weekly to nominate and vote on two players to showcase in an exciting exhibition battle

Little Cup Replays - Enjoy viewing LC battle replays posted by other users or post your own replays

Little Cup Teambuilding Project - Join other players as you aim to create original teams that challenge the metagame's stereotypes

The Next Best Thing - Every week, players are challenged to devise an original, viable moveset for a spotlight Pokémon

Ugly Babies: Little Cup Underused - The ugly stepchildren of LC duke it out in LC's version of an UnderUsed metagame

Survival of the Fittest - When given two teams, choose which team you think will win and who you want to battle with the two