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Introduction to the OverUsed Hub

Welcome to Smogon's OverUsed Hub, where you'll find a plethora of resources relating to ORAS OU. In addition, you can brush up on some history, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest news and activities within the OverUsed forum. There's plenty of things to read and learn from here, with more being added all the time. Check back often for the latest news and articles about OU!

Latest News

Introducing the OU (no Mega) Ladder

Posted by Haunter on March 14, 2014

According to many players, "team matchup" and "power creep" have been massively exacerbated by the presence of Mega Evolutions in OverUsed. While it's safe to say many are balanced and on par with regular Pok´mon, we thought it would be interesting to test an alternative metagame in which Mega Evolutions are not present, as if they never existed within the games in the first place. In this experimental tier - dubbed "OU (no Mega)" - we're going to test the effects of Meva Evolutions on the metagame in order to address some of the following issues:

1) bearing of Mega Evolutions on the match up component of the game;
2) restrictions on team building caused by Mega Evolutions;
3) level of diversity in a metagame without Mega evolutions.

The ladder will be open for playtesting for a few weeks, following the standard OU banlist and rules, with the only exception being that Mega stones will have no effects. After a stable metagame is established, we might start to progressively introduce the mega evolutions that we, as a community, perceive as balanced for the tier.

The announcement thread for this tier will serve as a general metagame discussion place. Share your impressions on the new tier while you can, and a few tournaments will be organized along the way to test the metagame in an organized, competitive environment.