OU Mini Tournaments

The OU Mini-Tournament is a time-honored tradition; it pits the powerful members of our humble OU Subforum in tense and exciting battles. In each Tournament the host decides on the "curveball", the proposed gimmick. Whether that gimmick be unbanning an old Pokemon, or banning something from OU, each Tournament has its own unique taste and flavor. Also the winner of the most recent tournament becomes the bearer of the fabled OU Tiara, a magical and beautiful artifact.

Mini-Tournament #1

The rule change for this tournament was the unbanning of Kyurem-B; this tournament was held prior to Kyurem-B's official entry into the OU metagame and was held to see how it would impact it. Just as our community deemed, many of the tournaments participants were completely underwhelmed by the former Ubers power. The first ever OU Mini-Tournament was won by the courageous Dice. The replay of the final of Dice vs. yee can be seen below, as well as other matches from the tournament.

Kyurem-B Mini-Tour

R3 lokt vs ThunderBlunder

Semis Dice vs ThePillsburyDoughBoy

Finals Dice vs yee

After winning Princess Bri was interviewed,

I am really honored to be the first OU Mini-Tour champion, starting off the with a win streak of Mini-tours in the OverUsed Sub-Forum was a pretty cool experience! I really hope for more of these tours so I can hopefully take back my tiara. They are very enjoyable, and I really am a big fan of participating in said events.

Mini-Tournament #2

For the second Mini-Tournament the ubiquitous Drizzle was banned to Ubers. Along with that Pokemon such as Thundurus-I and Manaphy were unbanned. Rain was seen as the most overpowered play style at this time and the members of the OU Subforum wanted to see what it'd be like if Politoed were gone. Many contestants were psyched about not needing a Tornadus-T check, or multiple Water-resistances and enjoyed the less limited team building associated with it. This tournament was won by ThunderBlunder, the log for his finals victory over The Great Mighty Doom, along with other matches can be found below.

No Drizzle Mini-Tour

R1 Temp V1 vs The Unlucky one

R2 Young Wild Free vs King

R3 Valentine vs Asek

R3 Blim vs LilOuOn

Finals ThunderBlunder vs The Great Mighty Doom

After winning ThunderBlunder was interviewed,

I feel like the Mini Tours are a great idea. The small type of tournament is a lot of fun to play in as well as having certain types of battle restrictions lets you imagine what kind of meta we could be playing in. Some call rain extremely broken so I was very interested to see how a meta without rain was. In my opinion sand was very good as in every single one of my battles I brought the same sand team based around a Sandslash sweep. The tours are very enjoyable as well and go by rather quickly so they are very fun. Definitely one of the most fun things that I've taken part in in a while. I can't wait to see what the Challenge is next!