OU Hall of Fame

OU Community Contributors

The Community Contributor badge is given to the top posters, discussion leaders, and project leaders in the Smogon forums. In the OverUsed forum, numerous users have been granted the honor of owning this badge, which grants a plethora of badgeholder-only privileges. These users are listed below with their most significant contributions.

UsernameNotable Contribution
-Clone-Runs Player of the Week
Agent GibbsConsistently exhibits high quality posting habits
AlbacoreConsistently exhibits high quality posting habits
AMOU Moderator and leads high quality discussion
Aragorn the KingOU Moderator and leads high quality discussion
JukainLeads OU C&C
trcConsistently exhibits high quality posting habits

Community Contributor Alumnus

Community Contributor Alumnus is a very exclusive badge. Alumnus badges are typically given to users who have a certain badge and quit that section or Smogon as a whole. Requirements vary, but Community Contributor Alumnus is particularly difficult to get, as it requires one year or more of consistent and substantial contribution. This means no stopping for a month and a half because you're bored or something. So far, several users have held the Community Contributor badge and had it alummed, including Harsha, alexwolf, dragonuser, ginganinja, Melee Mewtwo, Pocket, PK Gaming, and Tobes.