RarelyUsed September 2012 Archives

Ribbon art by Mos-Quitoxe

RU Mini-Tournament 7

Posted on Sept 21, 2012

Sign-ups are open for the newest RU Mini-Tournament. Standard rules are in place, but Durant is unbanned for the tourney. If you've ever wanted to tear teams apart with this suped-up ant, now's your chance! Make sure you post about your experiences with Durant here, as we're very interested in how the current metagame handles this past threat. ~Jellicent

Congratulations to Our new CCs

Posted on Sept 21, 2012

The RU staff always has their eyes out for great forum posters, and we recently badged 3 users for their awesome contributions. DittoCrow, august, and ShakeItUp now have shiny new Community Contributor badges under their names, so be sure to congratulate all three of them for their great work! ShakeItUp made great contributions by winning the RU Awards Round 1, and was rewarded for his efforts. If you're interested in getting a Community Contributor badge yourself, follow in their footsteps and make some great new posts and threads. I assure you that no good post goes unnoticed in RU! ~Jellicent

Introducing a New RU Forum Mod

Posted on Sept 14, 2012

Jellicent is known for his work in the Ruins of Alph and the Orange Islands, and we are pleased to announce that he will now be working in RarelyUsed! Jellicent has shown lots of dedication to RU by helping to come up with creative projects such as the RU Pokemon of the Week, and he has been working extensively on this hub alongside DittoCrow for the past week! He's currently running the RU Pokemon of the Week and Core Crisis projects, so be sure to check those out. When you see Jellicent, congratulate him for this accomplishment! ~SilentVerse and DittoCrow

Core Crisis has Launched

Posted on Sept 10, 2012

Core Crisis is the newest forum game to hit RU. In it, players must come up with Pokemon that can counter the featured core. If you can counter the core with one Pokemon, you'll earn yourself 2 points towards the RU Awards. If you devise a core of 2 Pokemon to defeat the featured core, you'll net yourself a single point. Watch out, however, as other users will not only be posting counters of their own, but searching for flaws with your counters to prevent you from getting points. The current core features the popular offensive combo of Moltres and Kabutops. Be sure to come up with creative counters to these RU titans! ~Jellicent

Introduction to RU Awards and Winner #1

Posted on Sept 8, 2012

The RarelyUsed Awards was a new project to hit the RU forum last month. The project's goal was to get the RU forum more active by giving players an incentive to post. There were various ways to win awards, and each award gave the player a certain amount of points; players could win awards for multiple things, such as being the best poster or posting a set in the RU Teambuilding thread. At the end of each round, the player with the most number of points would earn a spot on the council, and keeping up good posting habits would possibly lead to a badge. The first round of the RU Awards just ended, the winner being none other than one of RU's Senators, ShakeItUp. ShakeItUp earned a total of 25 points by putting in hard work to win various awards including Best Thread Maker. Congrats ShakeItUp! Round 2 of the RU Awards has just started, so there will be multiple new opportunities for someone new to win. The RU Awards thread details how to earn points and in which projects, and there will always be something to do. You can visit the forum by clicking the Forum link to the left. ~DittoCrow