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Aug 1, 2016
Dec 18, 2005
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Aug 1, 2016
    1. internet
      do you still have wittybot? me and shade would really like to have it
    2. chasemanly
    3. chasemanly
      Hello I need to know how to speak to about a hacker incedent . I was play a match against a play named 'i cant bake:' and ended up getting hit with an exploit that crashed my adobe flash program and shockwave flash, and i think java, programs and shutdown the upload button. This is the URL for the match that i was playing. Just wanted people to know about the hacker.
    4. Umbreon Dan
      Umbreon Dan
      olivier breuleux!!!! soyez-vous int/eress/e si nous r/eunissons a\ toronto cet /et/e?????
    5. Frochtejohgurt
      Hi, yesterday I asked in the Simple Question & Simple Answer thread why this site is called Smogon University and not Koffing University, but no one could really answer it. The credits list you as the one who came up with the name. So why?
    6. Blain
      hi i am so sry to bother you but i dont know where to go to sign up as an apprentice
      i really need help with competitive battling and i am new here
    7. danilo
      what are your thoughts on a forum poster j-man?
    8. Wikey
      But the difference between the tomato example and an embryo is that the embryo will eventually become human. To not account for the potential value is the same as throwing away bonds before you can cash them because, "they're not worth anything."

      As for what we have to gain by considering them human at fertilization: by doing this we are protecting the rights of what will eventually be a person. Future people have rights too. Otherwise there'd be no reason for us to use natural resources responsibly or avoid causing massive pollution.
    9. MrIndigo
      You are like 99% of the reason I still come to Smogon.
    10. Wikey
      What I was asking is this: Since we don't know when an embryo becomes valuable why not decide that it is human at fertilization? What do we stand to lose? The way I see it is that there is a myriad of problems caused by an unwanted pregnancy. But they all have more elegant solutions than abortion. Better sex education to prevent people who don't understand contraceptives from having sex. Better teaching people to accept responsibility for their actions so they don't feel entitled to end a life to better suit their own. Better raising of men to make them be men and accept responsibility for getting a woman pregnant. Better adoption system. Etc.
    11. Minwu
      Your mortality post saved my life and got me a new car! Thanks, Broolucks!
    12. jumpluff
      I'm reading through your blog and finding it very interesting and articulate :)
    13. DougJustDoug
      Awesome post in the mortality thread. Definite Post of the Year candidate, imo.
    14. NixHex
      post of the year
    15. makiri
      When is your birthday?
    16. jrrrrrrr
      You're the most eloquent poster I've seen on this site. Even when you're talking about Bayesian networks and the complexity of god(s) everything just seems to roll off the tongue. I know you don't really need the encouragement but I wish you posted more
    17. Morm
      I like your post in the piracy thread. :D
    18. Morm
      I approve of your sarcasm in the religion thread.
    19. Morm
      Well sometimes it gets a bit long winded and I tend to approach things from a more practical standpoint, utilizing classical fallacies to create a gap between the faithful (for example) and their argument. I also try to get them to define what they are talking about so that goalpost moving becomes far more difficult. You leave things a little bit more open, which I suppose fosters more discussion. You also appear to be more reactive, which is in opposition to me- I tend to lay out bait so that a foolish debater will fall into a logical trap.

      same ends are met but very differing methods.
    20. WaterBomb
      Hey man, I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate the insight and debate you gave in the religion thread. Despite that we disagree, it is always a pleasure to read your material and see things from your point of view. Keep it up!
    21. Morm
      you just have a different thought process from me, I find it hard to remain interested sometimes.
    22. Morm
      your last post in the religious thread was amazing, especially the last bit. Well played. I usually don't care for your brand of logic, but at least we can double team deck.
    23. Ramblin Wreck
      Ramblin Wreck
      5 is not half of 11; you think a Brain would be better at math.
    24. Sprinkles
    25. Sprinkles
      hi i'd like to be your friend
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