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c l e a r
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Feb 18, 2017
Apr 29, 2005
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c l e a r

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Feb 18, 2017
    1. frogoholic101
      Ok, I'll make sure we trade by then. I've been busy lately, sorry to get back to you late.
    2. 7014gree
      thanks for the trade
    3. 7014gree
      0819 6956 5924
      i'll be waiting on wifi
    4. 7014gree
      yeah, i can trade now
      give me a minute to find my fc
    5. 7014gree
      i would prefer to have Dusclops uncapped please

      ok, just vm me when you see me online, i will try to remember to find you
    6. 7014gree
      i have managed to resolve the issues i had with transferring the pokemon to a cart, so I should be able to do a wifi trade now. just vm me when you see me online.
      Also, it wouldn't be too much trouble for me to nickname the pokemon for you if you want.
    7. Cipher Admin Lovrina
    8. Tolan
      Ya. I actually changed it once before (from "tolanator" to "Tolanator"), but for the past 8ish months I've been going by "Tolan" on IRC, so that's what most people knew me as, so I got one of the admins to change it for me.
    9. Cipher Admin Lovrina
    10. Cipher Admin Lovrina
    11. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Add my heart gold! Yours? I'll need to catch three fodders :)
    12. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Hey, are you still on? Which generation?
    13. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      I hope you kept the Froslass! It has a great physical movepool!
    14. Shii
      Sorry, not yet. >.<
      I will get started on it soon though. Jolly right?
    15. Loukas
      Those aren't really usable though cause of the crappy IV's. I'd rather breed one in 3rd gen and mimic glitch the move then. It's just for battle so it will do. Thanks for the answer though:)
    16. Loukas
      Hey clear do you happen to know anyone who has a tickle wynat?
    17. Shii
      I was thinking maybe hasty or naive with HP Ice, but I could do jolly as well. I hadn't really thought about it. Bro has plenty of backup saves so I could easily go for all 3.
    18. Shii
      Sorry for the wait, it took longer than I expected to hit that delay. 9.9
      Sure! We can trade pkms. xD

      Thanks. :D
      He said I can RNG Treecko as long as he gets to keep a copy. I'll work on that tomorrow since he's sleeping now.
    19. Luxpluff91
      Thanks for the trade clear, I very much appreciate it :)
    20. Shii
      Sure but that Treecko I'd have to RNG on my Brother's save. He has it. Wasn't planning on RNGing it though, so I'm sure he'd let me abuse it. But I would do it on emulator. Are you alright with that?

      Digitally? What do you mean?
    21. Shii
      Of course :D

      Okay cool. Sure! Go ahead!
      And tailwind please. xD
    22. Tolan
      The ones in the Coming Soon section? They'll be edited in unfortunately :/
    23. Shii
      Yeah I know. >.<
      Eep told me about it at one point. :c
      I'm sorry.

      May I get Articuno and Zapdos? You can pick some more pokemon from my thread if you'd like. xD
      But Torchic is non-redis.
    24. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Ok, keep me posted :)
    25. Shii
      Oh, can you link me to them? What IV's and natures do they have?
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    There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. - Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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