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Apr 19, 2014 at 12:12 AM
Apr 8, 2010
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Dec 31, 1992 (Age: 21)
Isla Nublar; Dinosaurs, fuck yeah!

Doran Dragon

Male, 21, from Isla Nublar; Dinosaurs, fuck yeah!

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Viewing thread CAP 18 - Art Submissions, Apr 19, 2014 at 12:12 AM
    1. Lady Salamence
    2. capefeather
      Yes, your post on PRC got deleted because you're not part of the PRC.
      1. Doran Dragon
        Doran Dragon
        ok. makes sense. sorry
        Jul 9, 2013
    3. VYT219
      Sucks you got disqualified, really liked your design...:/
    4. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      haha yeah i gotta changer her up a bit before the due date.. maybe something to differ from lilligant and so she seems like she can take a special hit or something, idk - i gotta play around more. i like yours a lot though man! i think its pretty stylistically homogenous with sugimori's drawings - i like the old watercolor looking ones too but in gen 3 and on they look just as polished and clean like yours. pretty dope man
    5. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      yo man, love your cap sub - good luck!
    6. Dhjona
      Before i decide if i give my permission, can you explain the project (vp makes a dex) to me? I don't understand it actually.
    7. Dhjona
      Heej men. Why don't you reply to my message in my thread? And what do you think of the sprites?
    8. jumpluff
      (Aweome, thank you! And completely understandable, super busy period for everyone.)

      I'm a huge fan of Deltora Quest, haha. I own all the books and one or two of the spinoff accessory books. And I watched a lot of the anime! GOD I LOVE DELTORA QUEST SO MUCH AND I AM SUPER PSYCHED TO FIND SOMEONE WHO LIKES IT SO MUCH THEY'D MAKE THEIR SMOGON USERNAME A REFERENCE TO IT. n__n Which book/series is your favourite? :> Mine's first series, City of the Rats/The Valley of Tears or maybe even The Sister of the South... lolol time to reread.
    9. jumpluff
      Wouldn't happen to be Deltora Quest, would it?

      P.S. Is it cool if we use your WIP this issue, if you can't finish it? Birkal, ium, and I all thought it was fine in this state, but since it's a WIP, we'd understand if its inclusion made you uncomfortable.
    10. jumpluff
      Wait. Wait.

      Your name wouldn't happen to be a reference to a book, would it...?!
    11. Birkal
      Haha, no worries =)

      Next article, I'll work on getting you an assignment right away, so you can have a whole month to plan it. Does that sound good?
    12. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      I...uh...ok thanks <:)
      Next time man...It's never too late to try again =)
    13. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      Well dammit I was expecting a trend to pop up.
      Seriously if you submitted you'd have gone places. :/
    14. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      You'd be happy to know quite a few people in the poll thread had wanted your sprites to be submitted. =)
    15. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Ok, well, I understand. No worries. I'll just hunt someone else. Thanks anyway.
    16. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Hey, Doran. I know its been a while since I've asked for spirits, but, if you remember, I have two asb-mons that require new spirits:

      Burning Gundam = Golurk & Nine-tailed Demon Fox (Naruto) = Ninetails

      If you have the time, I'd appreciate it :)
    17. zarator
      I saw you've been assigned to me, just changed the tag from Grammar to Images :-) happy drawing!
    18. Birkal
      Alright, I'll put you down for this one. Lemme know if you have any questions =)
    19. Birkal
      Hey, you gonna draw for The Smog, now that you have access? If you want one, let me know and I'll get you set up with an article to draw for!
    20. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      I see...That doesn't mean you didn't spend any effort in making it look good though, and you know it.
      Seriously, fill in some color and throw it back at the thread. Someone's gotta like it.
      Anyway thanks!! If you submit yours I'm definitely backing you up too.
    21. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      listen your design is solid man
      you have a lot of talent and the idea behind your dude was really great
      problem is, you have to sell it to a bunch of overcritical self-important nerds
      so even if you don't break though to round two, you made a real kick ass image
      and that doesn't diminish the skill that you have
      or the things that you learned or the work that you did
      its an incredibly slick design and i know it'll get far in the running
    22. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      yeah.. i kinda lost steam at the end though, haha
      yours looks fantastic man, really
      thanks for all the encouragement
      best of luck dude
    23. Quanyails
      All righty. Well, thanks for explaining what happened and the comment.
    24. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      it really looks great man
      youll know what to do
      keep on fighting
    25. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      yeah colors are tough
      i try to go back and look at the old watercolor pokemon drawings
      just to see if i'm thinking the same way he was
      minimize complexity or use it like caterpie and gyarados
      ill do some more work on it tonight i guess
      yeah! mess around with legs and maybe just like
      i dunno, gardevoir doesnt have legs but that kind of dress/cloak on
      maybe try something like that?
      i dunno im just throwing out ideas
      i may be full of shit though, haha
      hope alls well with you man
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    Dec 31, 1992 (Age: 21)
    Isla Nublar; Dinosaurs, fuck yeah!
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    Fatso Migee
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    Loves to eat
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