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Aug 27, 2009
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London, UK
    1. Ash Borer
      Ash Borer
      yo you still working on Venusaur? it's been a while.
      1. jc104
        Yeah, sure. I'll update the sun set to yours, and then it should be QC ready.
        Apr 9, 2014
      2. jc104
        Also we need to decide if there should be two defensive sets. Would lead to a very repetitive analysis I fear.
        Apr 9, 2014
      3. Ash Borer
        Ash Borer
        yeah I doubt there needs to be two myself. Granted a specially defensive and physially defensive spread are both valid.
        Apr 9, 2014
    2. Kingler12345
      Yeah, thanks for addressing that. :)
    3. Kingler12345
      Hey jc104, I had taken over your BP analysis and it's been reassigned to someone, but no one has taken it so far. Soooo are you doing it
    4. alexwolf
      Hey jc, are you planning on finishing Celebi? Please answer fast, so if you don't i can find someone to write it in time before X/Y. It's already been 3 months man, and this is just one set...
    5. ginganinja
    6. Soul Fly
      Soul Fly
      Are you actively working on the BW2 OU Baton Pass guide?

      I wanted to take a stab at it, so let me know?
    7. dice
      get on #c&c pls
    8. Magcargo
      Okay thanks
    9. Magcargo
      Sorry to bother you, but I must ask why the physical substitute set was removed from landorus's analysis?
    10. alexwolf
      Thx for adding Thunder jc!
    11. alexwolf
      I mentioned Thunder because the 3 main reasons to use it over Psyshic/Psyshock were Tornadus, Politoed, and Sableye. Tyranitar is irrelevant as you can just Baton Pass to Vaporeon/Mawile and setup. Two of them are always found under rain, and of 'course the extra power helps, as it kills them faster, giving them less chances to disrupt your chain. Thunder even helps against Sableye with its paralyzing chance and the potential to 2HKO at +1, something that Thunderbolt can't do.

      And how are you gonna often have SpA boosts when those Pokemon lurk in the corner and pressure your chain so much (Politoed, Sableye, and Tornadus)?

      Thunder deals with the most common worries of Baton Pass chains (Tornadus and Toed, which are always under rain) better than Tbolt so please add it to the AC.
    12. alexwolf
      jc please mention Thunder after Thunderbolt on the AC of Mr. Mime.
    13. Cygnis
      Finished your changes. Thanks man. Parasect FTW!
    14. alexwolf
      No problem.
    15. alexwolf
      Hi jc, can you get on irc to talk about some QC stuff?
    16. Sciztar
      Hey jc104, my Mamoswine is ready for GP checks, can you take a look at it when you are available?
    17. Harsha
      finished with keldeo (sorry it took so long x.x), you can go ahead and post scarf keldeo now!
    18. Captain
      oh no, I'm spamming your page!
    19. alexwolf
      jc can you get on irc now?
    20. Pocket
      yea, that's fine. Just wanted you to know that you don't have to wait on harsha to begin the copywriting phase
    21. Pocket
      jc104, feel free to submit your Scarf Keldeo analysis, so GP checkers can start revising it :o
    22. alexwolf
      How was your Moltres testing?
    23. Pocket
      jc104, I know you're usually busy during school-time, so I was wondering if you're planning on finishing any of the OU analyses that you've started over summer. Thundurus-T in particular would want to go up on-site, seeing how it's an important Pokemon.
    24. viashinomage
      So i just backtracked your pms to Smith's about you being humble and have noticed nobody has brought up your "new" custom title so: does having a custom title about your humbleness detract from your humbleness?

      p.s. Even though i don't personally know you as well, I'd still have to say you're pretty humble regardless
    25. Birkal
      Yep! I can post them both within three days. Thanks for the reminder.
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