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Oct 14, 2011
Apr 11, 2010
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from Minnesota

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Oct 14, 2011
    1. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Might have just been you hitting the incorrect second, the wrong timer0. There is too much to really tell xD!
    2. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      I have no idea what you're doing wrong. Are you doing any keypresses?
    3. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Have you ever found any other timer0's? As your game will give you two, one that isn't C7F.
      Like I have C7F and C68. C68 is what I use.
      Do you have an everstone/power item on any of the parents?
    4. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      What problems are you running into when breeding?
      Yeah breeding is x10 more of a pain than captures imo.
    5. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Sounds like fun! You enjoying it so far?
      Okie dokie. I'm gonna make some changes to it and if you want I can let you C+P what I put. Also, if you ever want to start making your own again, and need a 5th gen reference sheet for the sprites frame 1 and 2, I can hook you up.
    6. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Congratulations brah! That's awesome! I'm happy for you! What are you going/are majoring in?

      Also, is there a way I could upload stuff to that folder with my account?
    7. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Nab, do I have to take the Shiny Sprites project all upon myself?! D:!

    8. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Hey Ninja! I was wondering, since we're collaborating our .gifs. I was wondering if you could PM or email me the info to your photobucket or whatever, so I can upload the gifs I made there...
    9. CinnamonBunYogurt
      Hello again. I was wondering if you have any Pokémon in need of EV training.
    10. Jio
      Thank you very much :)
    11. Jio
      Ok I'm online
    12. Jio
      Great, so which of your FC should I use?

      Meanwhile you should use my SS FC?
    13. Fire Blast
      Fire Blast
      The main reason I'm doing this was so I could start with a fresh slate.
      If you REALLY want to trade we can on Friday maybe
    14. Jio
      No thanks, I don't have B/W yet. Can we trade right now?
    15. Fire Blast
      Fire Blast
      sorry, i've canceled all of my Gen. 4 trades because Gen 5 has begun and I'm too busy to finish all of them
    16. chriscobi634
      I'm interested in your banette. what are it's specs?
    17. Jio
      Hi, when will you be available to trade?
    18. PIABox
      So, lately I've realized that my academia is in somewhat disarray and I definitely cannot maintain a trade thread. I can't guarantee that I'll be on to finish our pending, I'll just be on randomly. If you PM your e-mail address I will send you a consolation.
      Sorry about this :S
    19. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Right now, there is no seed verification outside of catching a Pokemon or an AR.
      Catching a Pokemon advances the frame by 120 frames per second so, that will mess you up. 128 steps advances the IV frame by however many Pokemon are in your party. NPC's no longer advance the IV frame, but rather advance the PID of the Pokemon since the PID is no longer linked to the IV. There is also no method outside of the AR of keeping track of the PID's placement.
      PID controls nature, shiny, whether sync/everstone works, parent passed down IV's, Female DW passing.

      Also I made something else, my attempt at adding text;
    20. Cereza
      still looking for ev trainers? :]
    21. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Yeah, only works for ARDSi, sorry bro. I dunno really how to RNG without it, without it becoming a pain in the arse.
    22. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      You have an ARDSi, right? Or are you using the original ARDS?
    23. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
    24. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      I'll get to that, cuz I only know how to abuse with an AR. Without it, it prolly is gonna be much more difficult :P

      And updated;
    25. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Oh, and what do you think of this;
      I kind of like it, but I feel as if it's lacking something....
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