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Jul 4, 2014
Apr 20, 2010
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is a Past WCoP Champion
Oristeros was last seen:
Jul 4, 2014
    1. Mr. Hothead
    2. Philip7086
      Why did it take you so long to add me as a friend? NEGROE.

      Add me on FB too :3
    3. TGMD
      Congrats bro :]
    4. Finchinator
      Hey, just saw the log of your smogon wc match, congrats on winning man
      maybe ill see you on po sometime
      you really thumped me before
      i seek vengence ;)
      1. Jirachee
        Apr 2, 2016
      2. Finchinator
        Apr 2, 2016
    5. dragonuser
      hey so we need to play, and im est

      i can make most times. wat times do u come on irc so we can talk
    6. Bryce
      when do u usually come on PO?
    7. Bryce
      hey solar,are u playing on PO?
    8. Malekith
      I have PO2 too, go to PO Online server and we can talk there.
    9. itsRayning
      My name. is Oliver. what is yours?
    10. Malekith
      I'm very busy so I want to do it as soon as posible, one of these weekdays I'll be online and we're playing ( I'll be online several days so don't worry about me being online one day and you aren't )
    11. Ripamon
      Yeah, that's what was Wrong with showdown when I played earlier in the year..losing points for winning is never cool.
    12. Ripamon
      How you doing?moved on to bw2?
    13. Rurushu
      I am at Groudon's Grotto.
    14. Rurushu
      I see you're online atm, so can we battle now?
    15. Rurushu
      No prob, i'll check my VMs regularly both tomorrow and tuesday most of the day until 10pm of your gmt (which would be 1am here).
    16. Rurushu
      Wanna play now? I'm at Groudon's Grotto.
    17. Rurushu
      Tomorrow seems good to me, i'll stay online from 16:00 until 00:00 (gmt -3) so hopefully we'll find each other. I rarely go to irc, but you can pm Hantsuki and he'll call me asap. If we can't do this tomorrow then i'm free during the rest of the week too, just pick a time and i'll be there.
    18. Ripamon
      U alive?
    19. Noodlez
      we're fighting 9:30pm GMT-4 on saturday for ghosting tournament, is that ok with u
    20. Toaster
      I'm pretty much active throughout the week so i wouldn't mind playing on the weekends. Find me on synirc and we can play then.
    21. kokoloko
      yeah the weekend is good for me, i should be on a bunch. just find me on #wcop or #pokemon on synirc either this or the weekend and we'll play
    22. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      Hello, we are opponents for the first round of the WCOP. I must notify you that I will be without reliable Internet/PO access from June 24 to June 29, so if possible, I would prefer to play well before that. I am GMT-5 and can make most scheduled times after 3:30 PM on weekdays. What is your availability?
    23. M Dragon
      M Dragon
      F**K MOLES
    24. Antar
      Your ban has been reversed. Please read this announcement at some point.
    25. Antar
      Can you see and post in this thread? I combined your ban appeal with Darkoness21's for the sake of simplicity. If you can't, the gist is that I'm running your story past the rest of the staff.
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