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Nov 17, 2016
Jul 5, 2010
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Nov 17, 2016
    1. Dracomaster
      I'm still interested in your Naive Cobalion if you want to trade.
    2. assassinfred
      yeah, let's play a MC game! I wanna properly test my team. I am assassinfed on PO.
    3. R4GEKILL
      I don't have PO, but I usually go to my friends house and play once a week for like 7 hours straight. LOL. I'm [MC]R4GEKILL if i'm playing Middle Cup, or [T3]R4GEKILL if i'm playing OU. I'm almost always on smogon server.
    4. uber effective
      uber effective
      We have a pending trade
    5. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Drat, oh well. Happens, some other time then. :P
    6. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Yeah, Thats fine.
    7. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Sure, I'll Get right on.
    8. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      130 HP/252 SpA/128 Spe
    9. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      I can trade in a few mins, just need to go clone. Did you want T or UT?
    10. Razgriz644
      I may be able to trade today or tomorrow, ill message you in about 1 and half hours or sooner if I will be able to trade
    11. Eminem
      I suppose you're talking about the flawless one.
      I used an AR code to make the green guy appear in the pokemart and the RNGing was done on an emulator. If you're fine with that let me know and I'll shift it to 5th gen.
    12. harrisonaslami
      okay give me a couple of your ideas and ill pick one i think is good
    13. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      Yes I can send a clone back.
    14. Dracomaster
      Naive Cobalion & Shiny Jolly Virizion for Cresselia & Porygon2

      I am available today.
    15. Silver Flame
      Silver Flame
      I'll take the shiny one please.
    16. shin-eh MEW
      shin-eh MEW
      when can we trade if your still intrested?
    17. Sherkel
      You should at least say they were gotten for free (or can be gotten for free.)
      And because they can, no real point in listing them. Much faster to load a PKM, even if it's to a cart, than to organize a trade.
    18. Nebilim
      Erm...thats a breeding project not capture project ._.
      I only own a 5gen game
    19. StealthX
      NP, I hope that helps (its really weird though, right? xD)
    20. StealthX
      lol sorry man xD Heres what the Gen 5 RNG thread says:

      To remove fog or sand storm in any area, follow these steps as your last part of setting up to abuse.
      Save the game in the area you are abusing.
      Change your DS clock's date to one month ahead of what you just saved at in game.
      Enter the game at any time and encounter a wild Pokemon. When the battle ends, the season will change and the fog/sand will disappear.
      Save your game, now you can start abusing on whatever date your seed dictates.
    21. Nebilim
      Watcha you need
    22. Dracomaster
      Hi, we have a pending trade, please let me know when we can complete it, thanks.
    23. shin-eh MEW
      shin-eh MEW
      let me know weh you can trade. :)
    24. uber effective
      uber effective
      thats alright. btw I restarted my emerald game to do a nunzlock (or whatever its called) and the 2nd gym killed my stater and my whole party...luckley I have a level 7 zubat named vengence in the pc. All it knows is leech missle or something which has 20 power. It takes like 4 hits to ko a level 3 zigzagzoon!
    25. uber effective
      uber effective
      we have a pending trade. trade now?
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