2012/2013 Soccer/Football thread

City good in the league? they are behind United on goals scored... and we lost 2 already, they lost none.
Sunderland could beat em at the weekend, with Fletcher on form.


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Well they've definitely been stronger at home than how they played vs Dortmund.And they also sucked in Europe last season when they won the title and were unbeaten at home.Idk maybe they don't care about the CL(lol)
dang im late but idgf

BVB got robbed, and this is only going to prove my point that city is crashing out on the 1st round again (rm and bvb will be top 2)

as much as i think rvp is a dick for leaving arsenal for man utd, hes beast

and as much as i think cr7 is even more of a dick, he raped va ajax... and kaka is regaining form too, looking foward to seeing him playing for seleção

@hbk, torres was really good vs nordsjaelland... he didnt score, but he did directly/indirectly participate in every goal
Santi Cazorla, what a sexual man. I'm really liking Wenger's policy of making Theo a supersub when the opposing team are knackered, that seems to be his natural position afterall! The defence was still shockingly bad though. Diame from West Ham had an absolute beast of a game, he looked pretty much unplayable which I'm not sure shows how good he is or how poor Arsenal's defending was. All in all, a bit lucky to get 3 points but can't complain in the end! Wenger needs to get either Coquelin, Frimpong or Wilshere in the midfield asap cos without Diaby the trio of Arteta, Ramsey and Cazorla defends like jelly.


Subtlety is my middle name
Good performance to maintain the unbeaten record and top position.Torres could've had a hattrick and was quite wasteful,but I guess one is better than nothing(I captained him in fantasy).Nice to see Hazard score,gave me some extra points and it is always a pleasure to watch Super Frank find the back of the net.Got to admit though,Holt scared me a little.Mata was the man of the match for me,amazing performance from him.Oscar wasn't too shabby either and seems to have finally settled in.Good performance from Arsenal too,Cazorla's just magnificent and fetched me more fantasy points with that goal while Giroud's strike should give him some much needed confidence.

Looking forward to a repeat telecast of last seasons game at the Sports Direct Arena tomorrow.
Just watching MotD, yet again Al Habsi has a blinder of a game. How is this wonder goalie not getting any hype or transfer speculation? Most of the games that Wigan play turns into Al Habsi vs 11. His penalty saves record is superhuman and he's probably earned more points for Wigan over the last 2 seasons than most of their players put together. I can't imagine the amount of hype he would be getting if he was English.


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lmao @ cleverley saying he meant to score that

reminds me of kuyt's goal against hungary. in his celebration, he makes it obvious that he didn't mean and he says it afterwards in the interview. for those that haven't seen it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bttGvWatJyI

cleverley, horrible player
i'm not sure who's worse, him, henderson or ramsey.
Emile Heskey's A-League debut was ruined by Adelaide last night. Apparently Heskey was putting pressure on the Adelaide goalkeeper though so he'll probably grab a few goals this season.

Also Del Piero (who signed for sydney awhile ago) lost against the Wellington Phoenix (yay for me). He nearly scored and was dangerous when he took Sydney's corners so I think we're pretty lucky to keep a clean sheet.