5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

When you would tell us how you are used to RNG, it would be a lot easier. We cannot find out though backtracking your posts.

We don't use PPRNG, but those two aren't different from normal Stationary Shiny. There is one moving NPC in ths area that can be defeated to stop him trom moving once. When you need a more specific answer, ask a more specific question.
The issue I'm having in theory is.. At the Latios/Latias event.. You cannot save right infront of its stationary sprit, you have to save one step before you encounter it.
How would you over come that one step?
The issue I'm having in theory is.. At the Latios/Latias event.. You cannot save right infront of its stationary sprit, you have to save one step before you encounter it.
How would you over come that one step?
Once you take that extra step, Lati@s will approach you automatically. You don't need to change anything about your PID advances via chatot flips. Just make sure that you've battled the trainer to the south (have him move from his tile to battle you).
This is mildly embarassing, but I've completely forgotten how to do non-wondercards in 5th gen, and it's high time I went about my legends, so I need your help to make sure I'm setting up my trace right.

1) In Time Finder, I put my IV parameters in, set date range, Min/Max Frame to 1 (I think?), Method to IVs (Standard Seed), and Encounter type to Stationary

2) Take my seed over to Reporter, set the Method to [here's my first memory lapse - is to Gen 5 PIDRNG or Gen 5 IVs (Standard Seed)?] Insert Synchronizer if being used and run the trace. (I assume need to check off Black White 2 first)

3) This is where my memory gets really hazy...I don't remember how to read the screen. I assume I determine my start point, then look for a frame that matches the nature I want, advance via Chatot as need be, and initiate the attempt? (I know what the bolded nature means)

Do I generally have this right, or am I only proving my ignorance?

And while I'm at it, are there any legendaries that throw a monkey wrench into things with things advancing your frame (like I think I read here something about Uxie?)

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Step 1 is correct.
Set to Gen 5 PIDRNG for Step 2, and yeah check that little Black 2/White 2 box,
Then press Calculate Initial PID frame before pressing Generate.
Bolded nature are synchable natures =P

Uxie's area have 7 WNPCs IIRC
Kyurem's lair have no WNPCs, but still there are erratic frame advancements there...
Also Terrakion & Cobalion's areas have WNPCs...
Dreamyard too (where Lati@s is) has 1 WNPC
I'm sure there's an answer to this question in here somewhere, but I hope you'll forgive my unwillingness to scan 733 pages for it...

I'm RNGing for shiny Terrakion in White 2. I have no problem hitting my seed, I know because I've caught the Terrakion and confirmed my IV spread of 30/31/31/22/31/31, on IV frame 1. My shiny frame is 107 using a Jolly synchronizer.

My problem is obviously that I haven't been getting a shiny, but here's where I get confused: I thought that I was just missing the frame because of the backpacker WNPC, so I took out the synch, and the Terrakion was Bashful, and the only Bashful nature within 17 frames is the shiny one.

I have B/W 2 checked and Memory Link Checked and I've like quadruple checked my SID. What am I doing wrong? Could this just be an RNG Reporter bug?


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Double check that you put in your TID/SID combo right. However, I seriously doubt the wandering NPCs shifted your starting PID frame to your shiny frame.
Let's try something more difficult: Swirling Sand.

To make swirling sand appear, we apparently have to move more than 256 steps. So, it should work like normal manipulation, just that our Min/Max IV frame supposed to be 1 + teamslots and the correct Encounter type?
For example, when we have five mons in our team, should we set our Min/Max frame to 6?
Can someone please help me?
I'm using RNG reporter 9.96.5 beta and i can't seem to get any shiny volcarona (the one in the ruins) in black. I've been doing it for a while now and i've been hitting the right nature and EV, but the volcarona is never shiny for some weird reason. This happened 3 or 4 times already.

the seed i'm aiming for is: 3AE8E938FD237CEA aiming for the shiny frame (50) in frame 1 and my DS's mac address is 9BF3A1CD5 (DS phat, btw). Tried verifying using the ev calculator build in and i did get the right EV, it just refuse to become shiny.

The TID is your Trainer-ID.

The SID is an invisible ID. As said, it is invisible, so you have to find it out though other means. Pokecheck is possible, or you can ask someone with a flashcard to do that (they will need one of your Pokemon, doesn't matter which one). Use the request thread, when needed.
Do held items (not just the Power Items but any) affect the outcome of the egg when you're breeding? I want to RNG abuse a Lightningrod Volt Tackle Pichu and, as you know, the Light Ball must be attached to the mother for that move to be obtained.
Swirling Sand RNG: In order to do that we are forced to move, right? Now, we are at our desired location (Victory Road, BW) and need to generate swirling sand. Does moving andvance the IV frame and the PID frame? We have Max Repel enabled and the swirling sand appears before it runs out, which means, we have not performed more than 250 steps; we couldn't find a match with the Chatots' pitches, though.

Why didn't anyone say this:
Walking or turning in an area with wild Pokemon increases frame advances 2 per step.
How do people do that? Do they count every step seperately?

Forget what I was asking. I found out that you "turn off" turning by holding the B button.

More important, how are those spots generated? It looks like it varies every time from less than 200 steps to over 700 steps. How do we make them appear as fast as possible?


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More important, how are those spots generated? It looks like it varies every time from less than 200 steps to over 700 steps. How do we make them appear as fast as possible?
Every twenty steps a call is made to determine if a spot is generated or not. I think Reporter has some form of support for this, but I've got no clue how it works.
I've checked to make sure my TID and SID were right many many times. I've successfully RNG'd Pokemon on this game before, (Like I said, the IVs of the Terrakion are correct) I just can't get a shiny, even though it says I'm hitting the frame the shiny should be on. And once again, yes I've checked several times that my SID is entered right. I got it using Pokecheck, so unless Pokecheck got it wrong, it's entered correctly.

Here's a screenshot of the RNG main page: http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/9127/rnghelpsadface.png

The synch is set to none just to show that the shiny frame is the only Bashful frame that I could have reasonably hit.

(sorry for the poor quality)
I'm new to RNG abuse, though I got it enough to get stationary pokemon the way I'd like. Now though, I'm trying to RNG my wifi-wondercard keldeo for a timid 31 IV spread. I'm not sure why, but I seem to just get erratic results from the natures and IV's. I can't seem to get any repitition at all, save for 2 serious natures with different IV's.

Any tips, or possible sources of error I might be having?
The results don't seem to be erratic at all, as you can see, all your results are Timid. We don't know what you mean with "repitition". We will give you a step-by-step guide, no matter if you wanted that or not.

1. Prepare your Chatots! Get yourself a good test sound to verify your seed.
2. Save in front of the delivery man in a Pokemon centre without moving NPCs. We recommend Nimbasa City, because it is next to the IV checker in the subway.

3. RNG-Reporter: Choose one of the results! Generally, the lower the frame, the better. Right-click on it and "copy the seed to clipboard". You know the drill from stationary abuse.
4. Go to the main window, use the 5th Gen Wondercard method and paste the seed into the Seed panel. Check "Black White 2?" and Memory Link if performed. Calculate the Initial PID Frame.
5. Now there is something strange: Scroll down until you see your desired nature and IVs. The frame does not match with the one in the Time Finder. At that point, the Time Finder is off a bit. Follow the results in the main window.
6. Enter the game at the destined time. Advance your frame until you hit your desired spread and receive Keldeo.

Are there any questions left?