5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0


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How do I go about RNG'ing for a Cave spot pokemon?
I'm trying to RNG for an Excadrill on F1 of Victory road. I hit my seed and do the chatters, walk until a dust cloud pops up but its always a gem :/

what am I doing wrong?
You're advancing the PID frame as you take steps to get the dust cloud to appear.
You have to walk. <_<

I mean Entralink captures require walking too.

Edit: Prior to saving, walk around until you get a dust spot. Walk into it, end the battle (if applicable), then walk 19 steps, and save. When you load your save, you're able to generate a dust spot in one step. The PIDRNG determines if the spots show up or not. The main window of RNG reporter show what frames the spot can show up. Other than that I don't know what determines a battle from the spot or not.
When trying to RNG Latias in BW2, where exactly is the IV spread selected? Should I do my advances right at the entrance of the Dream Yard before the Latias shows up, or the very last tile before you engage the Latias in battle?
Latias is a stationary.

And you should get familiar with PIDRNG, because the Synchronizer just gives you more PID frames with the desired nature, it does not make the nature generation random. It is still possible to get the same (undesired) nature over and over again.
We have problems to comprehend the last parts but we can sum everything up step-by-step. Configure the Parameter Searcher first (game, DS type, MAC adress)

1. Pick a random time, like 13:13:30 - 30 is the target second. Use them in the timer and as the calibration parameter.
2. Reset the DS clock and run the timer at the same time. Go to the main menu; when the timer runs out, press A to enter the game.
3. Catch a Pokemon and verify its IVs.
4. Enter the IVs in the Parameter Searcher, then search. When you don't get a result, increase or decrease the second one by one until you find a result (you usually don't need to, really).
5. Look at the result, especially under "Actual Seconds" - that's when the game really starts.

The RNG Reporter gives you the time the game has to start, so you have to match the timer with the booting process. For example, in the case we have 30 on the EonTimer and 32 as the actual second (hypothetically), we obviously have to set the timer two seconds before our desired time.
Thanks. Your step 1 was just where I was a bit unsure, so that clears it up for me.

I assume it's best to aim for different target times each time I catch a Pokémon for calibration purposes (since I will be doing it numerous times to best determine my most common Timer0) so I get my Timer0 samples from different seeds, right? Should I be sure to change up the seconds on each attempt, or is that unnecessary as long as the hour and/or minute is different?
Hi, I've been RNG'nig in Hidden Hollows on W2 with 3DS. I've successfully RNG'd in them but I noticed a couple of observations/questions regarding RNG Reporter 9.96.5 BETA and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

(Possibly useful information: I'm using an English copy of White2 on a 3DS. As stated above I'm using RNG Reporter 9.96.5 BETA and I have 2 profiles set up for it, one for my White and one for my White2. For the first question I definitely had the correct profile selected in the adjacent seed tool)

1. I was aiming for an IV spread of 31/31/31/31/31/2 but when I used the Adjacent Seed tool it said that my spread for my desired seed would be 30/17/31/31/31/31. Timer0 and time/date stamp etc were all correct. I could get screenshots of what I mean if that would help.

I have successfully hit this seed so there's no issue but I wonder why this doesn't match up?

2. Do the Chatot pitches still match up in BW2 on the RNG reporter? From what I can tell they don't really but the number of advances was correct.
The adjacent seed tool is forgetting to advance two IVRNG frames for that, so that is off. You're getting the right IVRNG frame in actuality.
Thanks for the info, I was jsut curious really. Do you kow if that's a bug that'll be fixed in a future version? As I say I hit the seed eventually but it didn't help me too much when I was being Timer0 trolled and I wanted to find out what I was actually hitting
Latias is a stationary.

And you should get familiar with PIDRNG, because the Synchronizer just gives you more PID frames with the desired nature, it does not make the nature generation random. It is still possible to get the same (undesired) nature over and over again.
Something that is occuring often is that I am consistantly hitting the same seed, but it's not the seed I set my DS time and date too. Is that also comming from not using the PIDRNG?

also, I can't seem to find the calculate PID seeds button on the RNG reporter, halp with that?
That's the Timer0 screwing over you. It has some influence on which seed you start on. There is no way to force a Timer0, that's a reason why we calibrate: To determine the most common Timer0. It is especially bad in BW2 because there can be over ten different Timer0 when you are unlucky (in BW there usually are only 2 per cart).

In your case, you either try until you enter the correct seed, or you calibrate some more and reconfigure your profile.
And as for PIDRNG, let us take some pictures. We will show you in a few minutes.
Bad luck then, keep trying.

For anyone, who wants to know how to deal with RNG Reporter and PIDRNG, here is how (please do not be offended when it happens to be a bit detailed):

Copy the seed to clipboard!

Configure the main screen and click on the highlighted button.

Generate; Profit?

We told you to watch out for the PID frame, because even with a Synchronizer it is possible to get the same but wrong nature over and over.
The pitch is used to determine your current PID frame - the higher the number, the higher the pitch. Take a look at the third picture:

In the beginning, you are at your starting frame 59.
When you listen to Chatot's cry (via status screen) you will hear a Mid(49), then advance to 60.
Listen to Chatot again, you will hear Mid(55) (slightly higher, difficult for untrained ears), then advance to frame 61.
Hear Mid-High (forgot to display the number, but it is higher than 55), then you advance to 62.
Hear High(91) (obviously higher), advance to 63.
Hear Low(8), advance to 64.

You will notice the difference between the high and the low pitch and realize that you are on 64 of our desired seed now. Conveniently, we are also on one of our desired frames.
Feel free to ask when there are still questions.