A Lamprey Ate My Homework

OK, so here's some moar art! I'm getting a scanner soon so it will look slightly better, but yep. Also, mostly smaller: I discovered thumbnail so my pics have better resolution, except for ones with text, which are large too.

Growlithe used Ember! Blaaargh!

Vulpix has terrible proportions...and is missing a tail.

WTF is this? I don't even know.

Small unreadable version of my Torres Strait pigeon. ^_^

Aand a huge version that looks blurry.

For the FREE FOR ALL art thread to defeat Weavile...IDK why it's only Sneasel in the pic and how it kills Weavile but whatever...*facepalms at stupidity*


Next time I draw this little doll, it's going to be pooping into clothes.

Photo from a moving band bus of Bendigo...

And another but diagonal.

Why is Cress tiny and vertical? Awww...

ZOMG tree!

Graffiti on walls be cool, and sendin' a message!


Quack, quack, quack, quack, ducks have doodles too (unlike most birds)! *WTF disturbed Wiggles reference*

Aaaand another.

Eurasian Coots!

I told you Narnia was real, Peter!

Albino Phoenix RIP.

So yep! Until next week, feel free to look at my mediocre BS! ^_^

And supersized Cress for those who can't read...still inverted though...;_;
LAMPREY! Why I can no fuck draw like you?
lol, but out of all seriousness, your art is awesome, and I envy you. :p
If you ever have the chance, would you be able to add a splash of color to some of your art? They look like they would look amazing with it. Even if not, your stuff is still awesome. :p
I do to some things, but the colour comes up badly on my camera and sometimes detracts from all the sketchy lines (I have a fetish for them lol). However, Fossilmon pic does have some. But thanks! ^_^
I LOVE the Growlithe, and it looks like Vulpix had a tiring day or something, maybe it got too hard to be so cute all the time? xD
Also, that pigeon is really well done! Keep up the good work Lamprey ^^b
Aren't I Awful?

OK, so I'm busy with exam prep ATm, but I did a little more stuff and would like to say NOT TO LOOK AT THE OP, the resizing has blurred everything. But anyway, I decided to draw every Pokemon in 10 minutes or less, with mostly original poses. So here's my crap!

A deciduous tree, yay?

Raindrops on leaves minus the whiskers on kittens~

SOme leaves outside the library~

This looks like a legit B&B to me...

Eltham, ELtham, is a pretty outer suburb place, full of trees and lots of snakes!~

My challenge:

And that's all for now....wish me luck on my exams! :S
Where'd you find the nice black & yellow cockroach you photo'd (that the anime girl wants to squish)?

The drawings for your new challenge are awesome too! Especially Venusaur.
That cockroach, a Botany Bay Cockroach, which you COULD find around Sydney by digging through dead leaf litter, was on display in the Photography Allowed exhibition at Sydney Museum when I was on holidays! Where used to live we found similar bugs everywhere around the place, but if you want to find one, my advice is to move to NSW, Australia and start digging around Sydney! Thanks for the comments, BTW!
Those Pokemon you drew have to be the cutest thing ever! Venusaur is my favorite one... you should draw a Vulpix in that style, but make it as big as your photography! XD
I can't make it as big as my photography unless I blow up the picture then painfully, slowly drag it down...I'll try though! When I get to Vulpix on the Dex, I'll ersize it so you can see it. It's just that when I post as Tinypic Regular size, the pictures often get really huge (see OP), and on my old art which was pretty bad already it was almost unviewable. Also, do you want colour?
Ohh I see, well I can still see 'em so it's all good!
You can color it if you want to, it doesn't really matter to me. :P When I draw in my sketchbook I almost never color it (never have colors on hand...haha) XD
Wow, I have done almost nothing this week, and my camera is quality-degrading as usual!


Mini-Saeglopur's request, sorry about the camera glare...

Kitty from Pokemon Adventures as #10 in my challenge!

Larger Vulpix!


And Vulpix resize 3!

I need a scanner so badly...
More of my 'challenge'! Which will take forever! I'll keep updating until I've drawn them all so yeah...


Kakuna...unfortunate slit at the top...oops o_O






Super cute, but also super-faint!

SOOO blurry pencil, can you distinguish between the mountains and cape?

One way to learn Biology is through Pokemon?

WTF 1-minute sketch of Litwick!

Terrible DS of 20 seconds, but OMG Joltik!

Trubbish farts in your general direction!

WTF how bad can it be? this Foongus is awful!



Repost because Gardy is amazing! #1 Fapped-to Pokemon in the world if you believe the statistics!

Also I got a score of 471 in yahtzee with my Grandma! Wooot!

So, my camera is working again! Even though now it can only store 3 pictures at a time~

And I'm bumping!

That link above is some random shit drawing I did. The shading is on the wrong side. But don't sue me.


This is some disproportionate girl I drew in Psychology class. Her proportions and directions are wrong. But don't sue me.

This is an unfinished sketch of Skyla I gave up on after 5 minutes. Don't sue me.


And this rerepost is actually amazing. And I will admit that freely. You can't sue me.

Ooooh, that photo's so pretty, amazing actually. It kinda makes me want to start using my camera again~

I wish I could draw like you, I really do! You're pretty darn talented.