A Lamprey Ate My Homework


EDIT: Ignore this OP. The image resolution here from my camera resize is awful. Skip to my later updates, 'kay? Plus these are actually all really half-assed and bad blah blah blah...

Okay, well, um, hi. It's the useless troll that hangs around Smogon. I like to draw on paper (no drawing pad for my Tablet) and photograph. I'm no Yilx or Nastyjungle, but whatever. I've almost certainly copied some of these twice, and my backgrounds suck. SO, yep, hope it's OK.


Don't take requests, but may take suggestions. Note I will update 1-2 times a week on weekends, and the amount of drawings will depend on time constraints with school and exams (pant pant). Thanks for bothering to look at my stuff!

LL ^_^


Wissentama for Albinoloon. Not a very good drawing, but whatever.

Some kind of Jestermon...name and typing appreciated!

Wissenweiss for Albinoloon...not art, but whatever.

Something that looks like a hipster Serperior...with no name.

Wisskamina for Albinoloon...again, not art, and again, whatever...

Wissensoll for Albinoloon, not art etc.

Wissenjagd...the captions say it all.

Wissentrix for Albinoloon, blah blah blah

Wissebbony for 'Loon.


BEE are not amused!

I sketched this quickly while looking for Musharna in the Dreamyard's shaking grass (the other half of the picture that isn't here actually has Musharna in it.)

That's right, I used to be a top-tier threat in Gen 1! Now all I do is sit and stare morosely at what could have been...

I think these Pokemon are running away from Beedrill...and I know Spink is crying.

Masquerain is sad because it's stuck in NU, wishing Gamefreak would make it Bug/Water...

Love is in the air, doo doo doo doo doo doo~

Why were almost all the Pokemon in this picture facing in one direction??? Victreebel and Combee.

Hurr durr, Slakoth.

chocolate-kipp's offer of bribery for her help with photo formatting...not really, but hey, some Drifloon!

Happiny is afraid.

Sugimori rip-off I drew at 2 am while sick. But the Shiftry looks better for it.

Erika with a demented cloak, a demented left hand, a Sugimori Jumpluff with fail colouring, a Bellossom and a Shiny Turtwig.

Aaaand Bellossom on her own (because she's the only decently drawn one on the page.)

A Deoxys-S using Psycho Boost...even though it was just going to be the usual sloppy sketch, it took 30 minutes to draw the damn alien.

The Blissey it's up against which is using some form of Wish, I think.

Jirachi and Chimecho...NO LOOKIT BACKGROUND!

The Mime Jr. Dancing Arts Squad...see them today for just two Pecha Berries!

Misdreavus ripped-off from Sugimori art (done from memory, but that doesn't change ANYTHING). Actually pretty happy with this.

Chimecho, Jirachi, Meditite, Plusle, Minun, Solrock, Lunatone, Cleffa, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Igglybuff and the top of a Fakemon, as well as a terrible background (but win a prize if you can guess where the background is).

Celebi flies through the skies of time...

Beautifly...is it a carnivore or does it eat pollen and nectar?

Shroomish not smoking.

Turtwig zoomed in...wow Erika's feet is f'ed up a lot!


A porcupinefish dried and hardened from the Sydney Museum's photo-friendly exhibition!

The windscreen wipers go swish, swish, swish~

A hair-raisingly dangerous-to-take photo of a cliff in one of Sydney's numerous National Parks.

A wild Swanna appeared!

Clouds from an aeroplane's-eye-view.

I don't think my dog is very amused at the fact there's a sock on his nose...

A wild Ninjask appeared! And another! And another!

Arthropod invasion time.

A wild Lickitung appeared!

If someone of the Morm-smarts variety could tell me what this is, I'd be appreciative...

The calm before the storm which didn't happen for 2 days.

Eeek! A bug! Squish it! Squish it! -What Japanese anime girls always seem to say.

And another photo of the National park...is it illegal that my Mum is in the photo without her consent???

A verdant summer's day on Woodhill Mountain in December.

A shot of Woodhill looking over the mountain (if you can see past the trees.)

Sydney's Royal Falls (looking not-so-royal).

ZOMG! Teh cyootest goggie in teh wurldz!


Slightly psychedelic baby face I painted for Art last year (I'm afraid painting is not one of my strong suits) made of individual squares.

A hand from a first draft drawing of a painting I did...can you even see it?!?!?

You know, LL, I actually really like a lot of this! One suggestion I have, though, is that since you have so many hide tags, you might want to label them to make it easier to sort through. You also might want to organize your art into Pokemon, Fakemon, and Photography categories. Other than that, looks great :)
EEK so many pictures

I'll take a better looksie when my lag clears up, but from what I see now it's really not bad at all!

EDIT: Okay, wow! You can draw!
These are really good, especially the photography! However, I agree with Lanturn in that these do need to be organized, but other than that, these are really well made and show great skill in photography as well as drawing. I expect updates!
OK, I will get around to organising it now! You have NO idea how much frustration this caused (and the images also came up too large!). I had to upload photos through tinypic 3 times because Smogon logged me off, and I didn't Control+C. But OK! Also, I will update weekends only because I have to employ certain people *cough OP reference cough* to make the photos viewable.
Organisation will make the OP immesurably better, so can't wait for that.

The photos are pretty. Your dog is pretty. That swan is pretty. The fakemon are pretty cool. Your drawings are pretty nice. PRETTY!
I've said this a billion times
I'll say it again
your art is better than mine

And your photography is absolutely go-wah-juss (gorgeous) so yeah. YOU'RE AMAZING.

That is all.
I've got some better drawings done (ones deliberately drawn for the art thread) but the camera still wrecks the quality. Anyway, expect Whimsicott on the weekend.

Here's some stuff.

Yay, my shadow.

Dead antechinus/mouse/rat...

Fuck this was hard to take.


Teh goggie, he has teh cyoots.




The other half of that picture from before.

Accelgor...guess the item

tepig is asleep

guess the items

Miltank is evil

Centred Miltank

Guess the items

Dance...and guess the item.

That's all for now, enjoy, or don't, because it's all a pile of horse manure.
Ookay, Luvdisc for you cos you're cool. Seeing as these are like random sketches, do you use reference material or do it from memory? Some of them are just too good(e.g. Tangela)...
For some (like Whimsicott) I do it solely by memory (I have them scribbled over ALL of my tests) and for a few I use Sugimori art as my reference (read: Jumpluff, Shiftry, Nuzleaf, Tangela.) Many of them I use reference for the eyes and face, then redraw the pose of the Pokemon (see Eelektross). I used the Sugimori art for Tangela's eyes, then drew the vines (these start as pencil), then checked for weird bits. So it's a mix: mostly the poses are at least half-original. But some are Sugimori rip-offs. T_T
Bumpity bump, yay!



Fuzzy Shittytomb

Pre-colour Fossil group image


Leaf from way back

Magby/Elekid from way back

Butterfly wing from way back


LOL Duosion is a slut

Attempt at Trozei-ng some 'mons.

Not exactly art, but i just reset my Platinum after 491 hours of playing and wanted to record it in all its glory. 4 stars (fuck battle tower record of 81)

Very mild creek flood from our protracted 5-day rain period (which is easing off today), and the flood ahs risen since then (but no danger to anyone)

Centred Duosion

From a paint-splat picture I did; looks like a platypus/elephant/butterfly to me


I like drawing fancy Gardevoir<3

Mossmon for Albinoloon

The last tribute to Pokemon Platinum...324 hours,2 years, lots of love, and where I learnt to battle competitively...RIP.

That's all, but I was fiddling with some terrible digital art program on my Tablet, scratching up the screen, and made some black-and-white sketches. But I can't figure out how to apply fill etc. So just basic. But still OK, I guess. Will take requests for THIS if you want, but no promises on quality...^_^ Bumpity bump!
Thanks, but I'm not sure that's true: I don't put nearly as much effort into my drawings as Nasty does. And I can't operate my digital art program well (but that's not up yet.).
Lamprey! Your stuff.


IT IS EPIC! lol, but seriously you have some great work here. Out of curiosity, do you know what

is? I like bugs, so this really intrigues me. :D
It's a Botany Bay Cockroach, found around Sydney. It's in the group of burrowing cockroaches but isn't as specialised. I took it at the Sydney Museum on holidays: they had an exhibit with photography allowed! But thanks!

I had some trouble with my shitty Livebrush program, but I ACCIDENTALLY managed to convert one pic to a PNG format. Accidentally, mind. There's no colour, etc. or eraser and the program is just for amateur vector drawers but whatever. This the worse of 2 Whimsicotts, BTW.

EDIT: Realised I photo'd a couple of my pics. PHOTO'D. Lol but whatever.