A note regarding our recent crashes


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Hey, guys!

Pokémon Showdown's crashed or gone down around five times over the past three days or so. This actually isn't that much (we're still at around 99% uptime), but it's way more than usual (before that, we crashed maybe twice in the past few months?), so I thought I might explain what's going on.

It's actually a combination of several things:

1. Our web host is having trouble. We're looking into a more powerful server to host the website, which should solve these issues.

2. We recently went over 4096 user connections, which hit a server limit. Talk about a problem PO will never have. ;) The limit's been raised to 16384.

3. We've been working on a new version of Pokémon Showdown with major improvements:

Performance has gotten much better, and the "lobbychat off" option should make it usable even on really old computers. We're also introducing SSL support, which will let you connect even on some internet connections that PS normally doesn't work on.

We're also working on a new client, which looks something like this:

(click for larger)

Basically, our recent problems are just temporary, and once they're over we'll be better than ever. :)
Showdown today has been great. Even on my old iPhone 3GS it runs perfectly when the lobby chat is off. Still some lag, but that's my end. On the laptop it runs flawlessly, so good job. Also, don't forget everyone- BETA!
I'm pretty excited with the new changes. And maybe you can finally finish the teambuilder :o

The picture on the left seems a bit too distracting though, just wanted to point that out. But thanks for the hard work you have done for making PS a really good site. Oh, and also congrats (?) for hitting over 4000 players, it seems that people will enjoy this site for a long time :)


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I like this... I really like this... I REALLY LIKE THIS. But yeah. The background is nice, and I like how the Look for a Battle button is more obvious (hopefully that will dwindle down the "omfg where do I find a battle" comments in the chat") plus custom backgrounds would be sweeet :>.

PS: I'm famous!