Announcing Smogon Tour - Season Nine!

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Hello Pokemon fans! It's that time... another chance for Pokemon players around the world to claim fame in the most exciting competitive Pokemon tournament series in the world... The Smogon Tour!

The Smogon Tour this year will proceed much as it did last season. Players will compete in three distinct metagames defined by Smogon's tiering structure: OU, UU, and UBER.

Tours this season will be held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting on the weekend of FEBRUARY 19th, 20th, AND 21st.

In response to requests from a bunch of users, we are going to try changing the time of the Saturday tour to 4:00pm eastern. The thought is that this time still works for most North Americans (our largest constituency) while being more accessible for our European friends.

In addition, to help Europe further, the Sunday tour will be the "large" one this season instead of the Friday tour. If these changes don't appear to be working after the first couple weeks... then I will make adjustments.

Users may still only play in 2 tours per week.
Get your teams ready and practice up!

edit: Smogon Tour Season Nine Schedule
I believe that would be the World Cup you are referring about, not Smogon Tour. :P
Actually, I'm not. Just saying that I hope the people of Canada wins this time. Not the team itself. Last time, back in Tour 8, we were so close of getting the trophy. So its probably a good sign that Canada would reach this far!

but we just have to wait and see....
Guess I'm the only one wondering: What metagame should we expect from uu?
From the Schedule page (not sure why that is where it is):

Important Note: The effective tier list for each week will be that which is in effect for the applicable standard ladder on the Smogon server. As such, changes brought about through the suspect testing process will be reflected in Smogon Tour play.
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