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Apprentice Program: Round Sixty One

Discussion in 'B101 Archive' started by Bloo, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Pachu


    Feb 17, 2010
    Username: Pachu
    Age: 26
    Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: Pachu
    Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT-3, after 7:00pm (my timezone)
    What tier do you want to learn?: B/W OU, B/W Uber
    Tell us a little about yourself: Been playing the main games since RBY (i skipped GEN III, I don't know why) and knew this competitive scenary of pokémon a while after I got Diamond. Since then I've been lurking forum and website. I want a tutor because I can't seem to make a good team (I almost always get my ass kicked in P.O.).
  2. Myso


    Aug 12, 2011
    Assigned to Poppy

    Username: Myso
    Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: Myso
    Your timezone and usual hours of availability:GMT+2, available the week-end and at 6/7PM every day except wednesday.
    What tier do you want to learn?:BW OU, and if its not possible, BW Uber
    Tell us a little about yourself:I'm not totally new and I play competive Pokemon since like 1 year. I'm really bored of the actual BW OU, so I really want to see if this metagame could be interessant. And I'd like to have a tutor who learn me how to make and play gimmicks but competive teams.
  3. Bloo

    Bloo Banned deucer.

    Jan 20, 2009
    1. Elevator Music - Puretrainer (LC)
    2. HSA - Ace Attorney (Ubers)
    3. mostwanted - Moomoswine (BW OU)
    4. Alice - freedom2 & Fabulous but lazy (BW OU)
    5. Harsha - Scarfwynaut (BW OU)
    6. Noodlez - cosbykid & Max212 (BW OU & BW Ubers)
    7. yee - Icy Arcanine & Mithril (BW OU & BW RU)
    8. BKC - Funkasaurus (BW OU)
    9. Eos - FinalLegendZero (BW OU)
    10. Windsong - Takeo Otori (BW RU)
    11. SevenDeadlySins - Dewhinifier (BW OU)
    12. Delko - Barbeller (BW OU)
    13. JabbaTheGriffin - LighTz911 (ADV OU)
    14. HellPowna - DatOddish (BW OU)
    15. Stone Cold - ~GreenCore (BW OU)
    16. 6A9 Ace Matador - HoiPolloi (DPP OU)
    17. ChouToshio - NoirEtBlanc (BW UU)
    18. Scimjara - Sir (DPP OU)
    19. M Dragon - Light The Thunder & AvaZard (ADV OU)
    20. B-Lulz - WDFAmatt (BW OU)
    21. Alucard -Thepain (BW UU)
    22. Omicron - TrollFreak (BW RU)
    23. prem - YTP (BW LC)
    24. StevenSnype - Multi (BW Ubers)
    25. Ojama - Pokemazter & D4RR3N (BW OU)
    26. Hugendugen - Ninjadog (BW Ubers)
    27. Chieliee - dragonboy52 (BW LC)
    28. Ray Jay - Exclamation! (BW LC)
    29. Poppy - Myso (BW Ubers)
    Well, those are the assignments. Since 18 tutors are currently sitting this round out, I had to skip a disgusting amount of people to accommodate timezones and matching availability / metagame interest. It's unfortunate to those that signed up, but there's not much I can do. I was only able to assign 13 BW OU's out of god knows how many BW OU requests. The lack of tutors this round really hurt what I could do in terms of assigning, but hopefully it'll be better next round. I know it's exam period for many of our tutors (good luck to them all!), so it's completely understandable, so the best we can do is wait 'till next round.

    I tried going off first come first serve where I could, and tried giving tutors to some of those who were ditched last round by their tutors and whatnot. I noticed a couple of people who keep applying but not getting tutors (looking at you bubbly!), so I'll be PMing those people and make it my priority to give those individuals tutors next round.

    Good luck.
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