Roleplay Arcanite's Contest Hall: Contest #1 - Referee Sign ups URGENTLY REQUIRED

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Welcome to Arcanite’s Contest Hall!

We are pleased to announce the sign ups for our first contest!

Across the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions, many trainers choose not to battle, but to show their skills off in contests! Famous Co-ordinators such as Wallace, May, Dawn, Zoey and many many more all skillfully combined their pokemon's moves in order to appeal to the spectators. Do you think you will be able to become one of the greatest Co-ordinators?

Before posting, please read the OP of this thread. in order to understand the rules.

We need 2-4 panel judges, and several refs.

To apply for a post as a panel judge, make it clear in your opst that you are applying for this role. Give a short paragraph explaining why you wish to be considered for this role.

Refs, Post availability, and 3 battles you have reffed. Refs will be chosen on Merit alone. However, Writing will be taken into account. At least 4 refs are required.

EDIT: If you wish, you can make a provisional entry into the tournament incase you are not chosen as a judge/ref.

EDIT 2: All Refs recieve standard RC for battles, as well as a bonus Business token! All panel Judges recieve 2 Buisness tokens for each battle they man the appeal gauge, and 3 for judging the appeals round.

EDIT 3: Number of panel judges will be reduced if sign ups do not continue.

EDIT 4: Panel Judge Sign ups closed. If We get 24 or more participants, all 4 of you have the place, if not, only 2 of you will make the panel.

EDIT 5: Prizes updated

Feel Free to VM/PM me with any questions.
I am applying for Panel Judge.

I am an extensively creative person, with experience in roleplaying, fiction, poetry, and also take part in musical theatre. As such, I am capable of recognising quality with a critical eye. In addition, I have been with CAP ASB since the start, and though my record is, frankly, terrible, I have a strong knowledge of the game and how it works. I have also watched the animé since it started more than ten years ago, and so, have a good understanding of how the contests work.

If this is unsatisfactory, I can add more.
I am applying to be a Panel Judge.

As a journalism major, my greatest strength is my writing. In addition to journalistic writing, I am a prolific writer of both fiction and poetry. My work has been featured in several literary magazines and I hope to publish a novel in the not-too-distant future. I've been watching the anime since it began (why does Ash's pikachu get weaker at the beginning of each new region?) and as such have extensive familiarity with both contests and anime mechanics.

As Shadoo noted above, if this is not complete enough, I will add more.
I am applying to be a Panel Judge.

I'm a creative guy who loves writing, art (although I suck), and music. Expirimenting on the piano with random things is fun. One important thing it's taught me is that just cause something looks good on a music page, doesn't mean it'll sound great. The opposite also is the same, it might suck on paper but sound/look great. This same thing can apply to Pokemon and was seen in the anime. I may be new to ASB but my record is pretty good so far. The anime isn't my favorite show but I watch it once in a while and have seen up through half of Johto, parts of Hoenn, and the second half of Sinnoh.
As I told you earlier Arcanite, I would like to apply as a Panel Judge

I believe that I am fairly creative, I've worked on numerous projects at Smogon so far (CAP spriting, ref ASB) and I think that I wouldn't be biased (very important). As you already know, I posted a similar version of the Contest Hall (cuz I didn't bother to look throught the tread to see if anyone else already posted the idea) and I really want to see where th Contest Hall will take us and how it will affect the CAP ASB community (I posted a version of this myself, so of course I want to see what happens with it). In terms of creativity and writing, my writing skills and vocabulary aren't the greatest but they are good and what I lack in English skills I make up for in creativity. Going to an arts school requires me to be creative in my thinking while thinking up new and creative ideas for works of art. Overall I think this would be a great opportunity for me and I can bring a lot to the table.

Great minds think alike.
Well since no one else will sign up for reffing I guess I will (if i'm alowed)

I still haven't done the 3 match minimum, but I can ref (and well) and you're kinda desperate. I've only done 2 matches so far but they seemed good. I currently have no battles to ref so I should be good time wise. That's about it, really anyone who is registered currently as a ref can register as a ref here, it's just like reffing a regular match without the annoyance of energy cost.
Congratulations to Son_of_Shadoo and Steampowered for becoming the Panel Judges. TravelLog and AlphaJolt are participants in the contest instead!

Venser, thanks for offering, but i need judges to be completely impartial.
Steampowered, you cannot sign up as a ref, as you will be operating the appeal gauge in the battle round.

Both of you thanks for offering though!
See Edit 2

Also, I no longer need refs ,as i am qualified myself, and will be reffing all contest battles. If you hadn't noticed, the last most was over a month old.
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