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Average Movesets Statistics and Moves Used in the UU Metagame (September and October)

Discussion in 'Pokémetrics' started by X-Act, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. X-Act

    X-Act np: Biffy Clyro - Shock Shock
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    Feb 17, 2006
    Here are the average movesets stats and moves used for the UU Ladder for the months of September and October. Sorry for posting the stats for September so late. :[

    Average Movesets used in the UU Ladder (September)

    Average Movesets used in the UU Ladder (October)

    Average Moves used in the UU Ladder in September:
    Earthquake 17.7%
    Stealth Rock 12.26%
    Substitute 9.83%
    Thunderbolt 8.39%
    Surf 8.2%
    Ice Beam 8.05%
    Sucker Punch 7.55%
    Shadow Ball 7.48%
    Toxic 7.37%
    U-turn 7.36%
    Stone Edge 7.12%
    Swords Dance 6.61%
    Rapid Spin 6.4%
    Superpower 6.0%
    Rest 5.68%
    Psychic 5.48%
    Thunder Wave 5.42%
    Waterfall 5.31%
    Explosion 4.86%
    Ice Punch 4.84%
    Return 4.47%
    Calm Mind 4.31%
    Sleep Powder 4.27%
    Protect 4.26%
    Sludge Bomb 4.04%
    Pursuit 3.94%
    Fire Blast 3.89%
    Taunt 3.85%
    Fake Out 3.84%
    Recover 3.82%
    HP-Grass 3.77%
    Iron Head 3.5%
    Aqua Jet 3.49%
    Air Slash 3.48%
    Will-o-wisp 3.48%
    Close Combat 3.4%
    Sleep Talk 3.24%
    Trick 3.24%
    Energy Ball 3.13%
    HP-Fighting 3.05%
    Nasty Plot 3.04%
    Leaf Storm 2.95%
    Roost 2.94%
    Seismic Toss 2.91%
    Flamethrower 2.87%
    Bug Buzz 2.78%
    Leech Seed 2.73%
    Night Slash 2.71%
    Ice Shard 2.65%
    HP-Ice 2.52%
    Dark Pulse 2.24%
    Crunch 2.19%
    Focus Punch 2.17%
    Wish 2.14%
    Aerial Ace 2.12%
    Encore 2.05%
    Baton Pass 2.04%
    Softboiled 2.03%
    Dragon Dance 1.98%
    Curse 1.97%
    Roar 1.96%
    Earth Power 1.96%
    Spikes 1.9%
    Flare Blitz 1.82%
    Hypnosis 1.79%
    Extremespeed 1.78%
    Toxic Spikes 1.76%
    Mach Punch 1.75%
    Focus Blast 1.69%
    Facade 1.68%
    Slack Off 1.68%
    Brick Break 1.63%
    Synthesis 1.58%
    Pain Split 1.56%
    X-Scissor 1.51%
    Yawn 1.5%
    Brave Bird 1.47%
    Heal Bell 1.45%
    Rain Dance 1.44%
    HP-Fire 1.42%
    Drill Peck 1.42%
    Double-edge 1.34%
    Vacuum Wave 1.34%
    Quick Attack 1.3%
    Seed Bomb 1.19%
    HP-Ground 1.15%
    Leaf Blade 1.14%
    Aromatherapy 1.14%
    Thunderpunch 1.13%
    Overheat 1.12%
    Rock Slide 1.09%
    Bullet Punch 1.08%
    Payback 1.08%
    Reflect 1.07%
    Zen Headbutt 1.05%
    Shadow Claw 1.01%
    Light Screen 0.99%
    Fire Punch 0.97%
    Assurance 0.96%
    HP-Electric 0.94%
    Haze 0.92%
    Thunder Fang 0.91%
    Whirlwind 0.91%
    Knock Off 0.9%
    Rock Polish 0.86%
    Signal Beam 0.84%
    Charge Beam 0.84%
    Cross Chop 0.82%
    Head Smash 0.78%
    Body Slam 0.76%
    Ancientpower 0.75%
    Gyro Ball 0.74%
    Agility 0.74%
    Milk Drink 0.73%
    Belly Drum 0.67%
    Poison Jab 0.67%
    Wood Hammer 0.66%
    Grass Knot 0.65%
    Solarbeam 0.64%
    Power Whip 0.64%
    Psycho Cut 0.63%
    Dragon Pulse 0.63%
    Hydro Pump 0.62%
    Outrage 0.62%
    Giga Drain 0.6%
    Magnet Rise 0.59%
    Double Hit 0.58%
    Reversal 0.57%
    Eruption 0.56%
    Bulk Up 0.55%
    Sunny Day 0.55%
    Thunder 0.54%
    Ice Fang 0.52%
    Perish Song 0.5%
    Foresight 0.49%
    Low Kick 0.47%
    Aqua Tail 0.46%
    Switcheroo 0.44%
    Blaze Kick 0.43%
    Shadow Sneak 0.4%
    HP-Flying 0.38%
    Stockpile 0.38%
    Heat Wave 0.37%
    Hammer Arm 0.36%
    Confuse Ray 0.36%
    Trick Room 0.35%
    Dragon Claw 0.34%
    Memento 0.33%
    Discharge 0.32%
    Megahorn 0.3%
    Lava Plume 0.28%
    Cosmic Power 0.25%
    Blizzard 0.24%
    Crabhammer 0.24%
    Stun Spore 0.24%
    Cross Poison 0.24%
    Night Shade 0.23%
    Super Fang 0.22%
    Force Palm 0.22%
    Draco Meteor 0.2%
    Howl 0.2%
    Destiny Bond 0.19%
    Amnesia 0.19%
    Frustration 0.18%
    Morning Sun 0.18%
    Flash Cannon 0.18%
    Hi Jump Kick 0.16%
    Lovely Kiss 0.16%
    Water Pulse 0.15%
    Punishment 0.15%
    Magic Coat 0.14%
    Rock Blast 0.14%
    Tri Attack 0.14%
    Counter 0.13%
    Flail 0.13%
    Bite 0.13%
    Water Spout 0.13%
    Endure 0.11%
    Acupressure 0.1%
    Swift 0.1%
    HP-Rock 0.1%
    Metal Burst 0.1%
    Psycho Shift 0.1%
    Fire Fang 0.1%
    Bug Bite 0.09%
    Endeavor 0.09%
    Power Gem 0.09%
    Spark 0.09%
    Headbutt 0.09%
    Avalanche 0.08%
    Mean Look 0.08%
    Spore 0.08%
    Gunk Shot 0.08%
    Hyper Voice 0.07%
    Volt Tackle 0.07%
    Psych Up 0.06%
    Drain Punch 0.06%
    Glare 0.06%
    Fake Tears 0.06%
    Bounce 0.06%
    Bonemerang 0.04%
    Iron Defense 0.04%
    Dynamicpunch 0.04%
    Barrier 0.04%
    Wrap 0.04%
    Selfdestruct 0.04%
    Mirror Coat 0.04%
    Brine 0.04%
    Swagger 0.03%
    Weather Ball 0.03%
    Dig 0.03%
    Spider Web 0.03%
    Extrasensory 0.03%
    Attract 0.03%
    Moonlight 0.03%
    Teeter Dance 0.03%
    Defend Order 0.03%
    Meteor Mash 0.03%
    Growth 0.02%
    Icicle Spear 0.02%
    Refresh 0.02%
    Attack Order 0.02%
    Chatter 0.02%
    Grasswhistle 0.02%
    Metal Sound 0.02%
    Flame Wheel 0.02%
    Giga Impact 0.02%
    Iron Tail 0.01%
    Sing 0.01%
    Aqua Ring 0.01%
    Sweet Kiss 0.01%
    Double Kick 0.01%
    Me First 0.01%
    Worry Seed 0.01%
    Torment 0.01%
    Mirror Move 0.01%
    Captivate 0.01%
    Dragon Rush 0.01%
    Tailwind 0.01%
    Tackle 0.01%
    Splash 0.01%
    Steel Wing 0.01%
    Gravity 0.01%
    Faint Attack 0.01%
    Peck 0.01%
    Dream Eater 0.01%
    Stomp 0.01%
    Featherdance 0.01%
    Icy Wind 0.01%
    Slam 0.01%
    Acid Armor 0.01%
    HP-Dragon 0.01%
    Bullet Seed 0.01%
    HP-Water 0.01%
    Covet 0.01%
    Thief 0.01%
    Screech 0.01%
    All Others <0.01%
    Average Moves used in the UU Ladder in October:
    Earthquake 19.57%
    Stealth Rock 11.65%
    Substitute 10.66%
    Swords Dance 8.74%
    Thunderbolt 8.49%
    Ice Beam 8.45%
    Surf 8.18%
    Stone Edge 8.08%
    Toxic 7.7%
    Sucker Punch 7.53%
    Shadow Ball 6.76%
    Psychic 6.45%
    Superpower 5.88%
    Rapid Spin 5.81%
    U-turn 5.57%
    Thunder Wave 5.08%
    Waterfall 4.81%
    Taunt 4.76%
    Close Combat 4.73%
    Calm Mind 4.7%
    Explosion 4.53%
    HP-Grass 4.52%
    Ice Punch 4.44%
    Pursuit 4.35%
    Return 4.08%
    Will-o-wisp 4.0%
    Sleep Powder 3.9%
    Rest 3.8%
    Protect 3.78%
    Aqua Jet 3.77%
    Fake Out 3.74%
    Fire Blast 3.66%
    Recover 3.61%
    Roost 3.37%
    Nasty Plot 3.26%
    Iron Head 3.04%
    Night Slash 2.9%
    Energy Ball 2.81%
    Spikes 2.78%
    HP-Ice 2.75%
    Focus Blast 2.75%
    Brave Bird 2.73%
    Shadow Sneak 2.72%
    Sludge Bomb 2.64%
    Trick 2.57%
    Leech Seed 2.56%
    Ice Shard 2.55%
    Flare Blitz 2.54%
    Flamethrower 2.52%
    Roar 2.5%
    HP-Fighting 2.37%
    Wish 2.36%
    Baton Pass 2.33%
    Sleep Talk 2.33%
    Seismic Toss 2.3%
    Extremespeed 2.29%
    Leaf Storm 2.24%
    Encore 2.2%
    Crunch 1.93%
    Pain Split 1.9%
    Dark Pulse 1.9%
    Air Slash 1.89%
    Leaf Blade 1.89%
    Curse 1.87%
    Focus Punch 1.75%
    Rock Polish 1.73%
    Slack Off 1.71%
    Dragon Dance 1.71%
    Rain Dance 1.7%
    Mach Punch 1.7%
    Facade 1.63%
    Payback 1.63%
    Synthesis 1.61%
    Power Whip 1.55%
    Earth Power 1.55%
    X-Scissor 1.51%
    Aerial Ace 1.44%
    Yawn 1.43%
    Reflect 1.42%
    Rock Slide 1.39%
    Heal Bell 1.36%
    Softboiled 1.36%
    Megahorn 1.33%
    Vacuum Wave 1.32%
    Light Screen 1.25%
    Signal Beam 1.25%
    Quick Attack 1.24%
    Thunderpunch 1.21%
    Morning Sun 1.2%
    Hypnosis 1.2%
    Psycho Cut 1.2%
    Bug Buzz 1.14%
    Destiny Bond 1.13%
    Brick Break 1.12%
    Overheat 1.1%
    Head Smash 1.09%
    Double-edge 1.08%
    Toxic Spikes 1.08%
    Assurance 1.05%
    Haze 0.99%
    Seed Bomb 0.96%
    Aqua Tail 0.95%
    Bullet Punch 0.95%
    HP-Fire 0.91%
    Zen Headbutt 0.84%
    Thunder Fang 0.83%
    Aromatherapy 0.82%
    Fire Punch 0.82%
    Rock Blast 0.79%
    Low Kick 0.78%
    Body Slam 0.77%
    Wood Hammer 0.77%
    Drill Peck 0.76%
    Gyro Ball 0.74%
    HP-Electric 0.7%
    Agility 0.7%
    Knock Off 0.68%
    Shadow Claw 0.68%
    Whirlwind 0.67%
    Blizzard 0.65%
    Hydro Pump 0.63%
    Milk Drink 0.63%
    Dragon Pulse 0.63%
    Magnet Rise 0.58%
    HP-Ground 0.58%
    Thunder 0.56%
    Sunny Day 0.55%
    Cross Chop 0.55%
    Belly Drum 0.54%
    Outrage 0.52%
    Poison Jab 0.52%
    Bulk Up 0.51%
    Trick Room 0.51%
    Foresight 0.51%
    Solarbeam 0.5%
    Charge Beam 0.49%
    Grass Knot 0.48%
    Heat Wave 0.47%
    Discharge 0.43%
    Eruption 0.43%
    Dragon Claw 0.42%
    Memento 0.4%
    Double Hit 0.4%
    Ice Fang 0.39%
    Super Fang 0.36%
    Ancientpower 0.34%
    Hammer Arm 0.34%
    Blaze Kick 0.34%
    Stun Spore 0.32%
    Confuse Ray 0.32%
    Switcheroo 0.31%
    HP-Flying 0.3%
    Crabhammer 0.29%
    Stockpile 0.28%
    Mean Look 0.28%
    Counter 0.27%
    Extrasensory 0.25%
    Night Shade 0.24%
    Draco Meteor 0.23%
    Bug Bite 0.22%
    Hi Jump Kick 0.22%
    Lava Plume 0.21%
    HP-Water 0.2%
    Water Spout 0.19%
    Force Palm 0.19%
    Cosmic Power 0.18%
    Cross Poison 0.16%
    Giga Drain 0.16%
    Reversal 0.15%
    Tri Attack 0.14%
    Moonlight 0.14%
    Lovely Kiss 0.14%
    Revenge 0.13%
    Drain Punch 0.12%
    Spore 0.12%
    Gunk Shot 0.12%
    Magic Coat 0.12%
    Flash Cannon 0.11%
    Amnesia 0.11%
    Flail 0.11%
    Frustration 0.11%
    Weather Ball 0.09%
    Endure 0.09%
    Avalanche 0.08%
    Psycho Shift 0.08%
    Grasswhistle 0.08%
    Sing 0.08%
    Brine 0.08%
    HP-Rock 0.08%
    Endeavor 0.07%
    Punishment 0.07%
    Bite 0.07%
    Headbutt 0.07%
    Hyper Voice 0.06%
    Iron Defense 0.06%
    Glare 0.06%
    Volt Tackle 0.06%
    Swift 0.05%
    Bounce 0.05%
    Dynamicpunch 0.05%
    Power Gem 0.05%
    Aqua Ring 0.05%
    Metal Burst 0.05%
    Fire Fang 0.05%
    Spark 0.05%
    Psych Up 0.04%
    Bonemerang 0.04%
    Acupressure 0.04%
    Attract 0.04%
    Sweet Kiss 0.04%
    Ominous Wind 0.04%
    Selfdestruct 0.03%
    Water Pulse 0.03%
    Mud-Slap 0.03%
    Attack Order 0.03%
    Defend Order 0.03%
    Spider Web 0.03%
    Metal Sound 0.03%
    Flash 0.03%
    Mirror Coat 0.03%
    Magnitude 0.02%
    Gravity 0.02%
    Fake Tears 0.02%
    Giga Impact 0.02%
    Assist 0.02%
    Dig 0.02%
    Mirror Move 0.02%
    Barrier 0.02%
    Howl 0.02%
    Tackle 0.02%
    Double Kick 0.02%
    Metronome 0.02%
    Steel Wing 0.02%
    Splash 0.02%
    Supersonic 0.02%
    Me First 0.02%
    Iron Tail 0.02%
    Teeter Dance 0.02%
    Perish Song 0.02%
    Icy Wind 0.01%
    Power Trick 0.01%
    Stomp 0.01%
    Meteor Mash 0.01%
    Featherdance 0.01%
    Smokescreen 0.01%
    Octazooka 0.01%
    Refresh 0.01%
    Chatter 0.01%
    Acid Armor 0.01%
    Silver Wind 0.01%
    Dragon Rush 0.01%
    Captivate 0.01%
    Role Play 0.01%
    Tail Glow 0.01%
    Heal Order 0.01%
    Rock Smash 0.01%
    Air Cutter 0.01%
    Razor Leaf 0.01%
    Growth 0.01%
    Swagger 0.01%
    All Others <0.01%
  2. Lemmiwinks MkII

    Lemmiwinks MkII

    Jun 14, 2007
    Cool stuff, thanks for this!

    Lol at Altaria's typical moveset in particular, I'm sure nobody actually used those four moves together. But that's just inevitable on occasions when taking an average I suppose.

    Also no surprise to see a large increase in Earthquake and Spikes between September and October.
  3. A.P.


    Jul 14, 2008
    Wow. The amount of usages Swords Dance and HP Grass gets is just a testament to the popularity of Gallade and Krow.

    Surprised to see just how popular Special Venusaur is, in this physical metagame.

    And Night Slash is still that popular on Krow?

    Taunt is a poor option on Ambipom, as in U-turn nowadays. Instead of risking getting pounded by many threats on a predicted Taunt, just Low Kick 'em back or Pursuit them. It's that simple.

    After all the discussion about Lum Berry Gallade, it's still surprising to see Psycho Cut all the way up there.

    And why the hell is HP Flying so popular on Houndoom?


    Apr 26, 2006
    Lickilicky has 14 moves in its standard moveset!!!

    I'm not really entirely sure how to interpret that. Would it mean it's a very diverse Pokemon if everybody is using different movesets, or that he can take up many different roles on a team? Or perhaps people aren't sure how to use him most effectively.
  5. Heysup

    Heysup Monsters are dangerous and kings are dying like flies.
    is a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jun 28, 2008
    Actually Pursuit isn't that great since people started using the bulky Froslass build, as it only 3HKOes Froslass. Taunt actually prevents Spikes 100% of the time.
  6. A.P.


    Jul 14, 2008
    It still provides a useful check to Missy/Rotom, especially Choiced variants if you come in on Shadow Ball.

    But it's utility is dying on Froslass, I'll give you that.

    IMO, still a better option than Taunt, as Proslass still isn't that common.
  7. M BLADE


    Jul 6, 2008
    I believe HP Flying is popular on Houndoom because it hits its biggest counter for SE(Hariyama).

    It's funny to see that not every attacking poke uses max attack evs... Dugtrio, Hitmonlee and Ursaring were the only ones to always run max atk ( there's still Linoone and Primeape on the top 100).
  8. A.P.


    Jul 14, 2008
    Hariyama is rare as shit.

    You'd be better of with HP Rock to hit Moltres, or Grass for Milotic.
  9. M BLADE


    Jul 6, 2008
    HP Rock? Dark Pulse with Nasty Plot is enough to KO Moltres and any fire type not resistant to Dark, and Moltres can only hit Houndoom with Air Slash(and it's slower than Houndoom to top it off). I believe HP Rock is a bad choice for Houndoom basically because of its STAB Dark Pulse.

    HP Grass is useful. Though Dark Pulse hits Milotic and friends almost as hard. More useful against Rhyperior and Water/Ground pokes when you don't have a Nasty Plot under your belt(i don't know, but i think a NP Dark Pulse is enough to KO Rhyperior... or not?)

    HP Flying lets you hit Blaziken that also resists both STAB attacks of Houndoom. And Poliwrath, which is also rare but it shows up sometimes.

    Now that i think about it, HP Flying is probably the best option for Houndoom, letting it hit its main counters with a SE attack.
  10. A.P.


    Jul 14, 2008
    No, Rhyperior can survive.

    Ever heard of ScarfMoltres? Usually OHKOs with rocks. And LOTres w/o SR can survive Dark Pulse.

    Honestly, even if you don't run Hidden Power, there are so many better options. Taunt, to screw Chansey over. Sucker Punch, to beat faster threats.
  11. Folgorio

    Folgorio I KickTehAss
    is a Past SPL Champion

    Jun 7, 2009
    Heh I haven't seen too many missy's in a while yet in october it was #1.

    Also why are people running thunder fang on arcanine? it seems like a shitty option next to hp grass.

    and i'm extremely proud of 143. BEEDRILL (Usages: 601).
  12. Stagnant


    May 24, 2008

    Then again...

  13. Lemmiwinks MkII

    Lemmiwinks MkII

    Jun 14, 2007
    If I was using Houndoom in this metagame, I would probably go with Sucker Punch to avoid being revenge-killed by certain things, Dugtrio in particular. But if running an all special set, HP Flying is easily the best choice, as it is the only move that prevents Houndoom from being walled by the odd threat like Hariyama or Poliwrath. Can also do critical damage to Blaziken on the switch, if not OHKO with hazards.
  14. The Gardener

    The Gardener

    Oct 13, 2009
  15. Crashman


    May 29, 2009
    The average Rampardos runs 8 EVs in special attack and on average has only -8.4% special attack...fail (In the october statistics)
  16. Lemmiwinks MkII

    Lemmiwinks MkII

    Jun 14, 2007
    Not exactly, given that a not-so-dreadful special attack combined with great movepool is Rampardos' best niche over other Rock types. Ice Beam can be used on a Life Orb wallbreaker set to 1-2HKO Donphan and Torterra for example, or even Surf if you are more concerned about Rhyperior than Torterra.

    But looking at the detailed stats, it seems that it is either None or Max for special attack. This implies that those with investment are running a dead gimmicky Specs set, so yeah, complete and utter fail.
  17. Thund91


    May 28, 2009
    I think Bulky waters like Milotic and Blastoise are far more resposible for the high usage of HP Grass then Honchkrow, along with Mixken.
  18. Yuggles

    Yuggles hey that second guy isn't too bad

    Apr 7, 2009
    Since I'm not really one for browsing through a ton of stats, I'm mostly interested in a rather prominent change: how Stealth Rock has gone down in usage, especially with Moltres and Hochkrow being really popular. Perhaps since Rapid Spinners have became really useful, people don't bother to set up entry hazards anymore? Spikes have made a climb, though. Maybe people using Spike leads simply forget about setting up SR.

    Significant jumps in Taunt and Pursuit show just how annoying Froslass and Alakazam can be.
  19. Valantaro


    Jul 5, 2008
    Trick seems to have gone down quite a bit from September (3.24%) to October (2.57%). I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that this is due to the fact that this is partly because of the massive decrease in Rotom? Mismagius and Uxie both went up, and Alakazam has joined UU, so they obviously aren’t utilizing it. Any ideas?
  20. Heysup

    Heysup Monsters are dangerous and kings are dying like flies.
    is a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jun 28, 2008
    Guys, keep in mind statistics for October don't exactly depict the metagame. The new Pokemon were moved down a while after the start of the month.

    So if something looks weird, that's probably why.
  21. X-Act

    X-Act np: Biffy Clyro - Shock Shock
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Programmer Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus

    Feb 17, 2006
    This is a point which I feel the need to expand on.

    If there are, for instance, 55% of players running 0 EVs in SpA and 45% of players running max EVs in SpA, the average EV in SpA would be 0.55 x 0 + 0.45 x 252 = 112 EVs. This average EV, however, doesn't depict at all the EVs used by the players.

    This problem can be circumvented in the following way.

    The standard deviation can be calculated for each average EV, and displayed as a symbol next to it. For example, I could assign a '=' character next to an average to signify that most players use a number of EVs close to the average value displayed (i.e. the EVs have a low standard deviation). A '!' character might signify that a good percentage of players use EVs close to the value displayed, but a good percentage don't (i.e. have a medium standard deviation). A '?' character might signify that the majority of players actually DON'T use EVs close to the value displayed (i.e. have a high standard deviation). So, in the example above, the average EV of 112 would be displayed as '112?' to signify that most players don't actually use 112 EVs even though it is the average EV.

    This wouldn't involve a great deal of work from me, but maybe not all people would understand this notation, and that is why I don't do it. If people tell me that it would be useful, then I'll include it.

    By the way, the same thing can be done for the average nature boosts or reductions.
  22. Vrolok


    Oct 13, 2007
    I appreciate all your data X-Act! Standard deviation would largely help on all aspects, just to see how the averages truly work out. Is there any chance you can show item usage as well? We can infer many sets based on your info, but surprise items like berries or certain pokes like Moltres have information based by item sets.

    edit: Thank you for pointing out that sets with defensive moves such as roost would likely hold lefties and that sets with all attacks would have choice or LO items.

    I want to see this kind of information because I want to know how many are scarfed, how many are LO, how many are lefties/stall/roost. I want to know if all the scarfed ones are in lead position, if that's possible. But that's another point entirely.
  23. Stagnant


    May 24, 2008
    It is just a matter of knowing thier offesive or defensive sets. Moltres for example would only use Air Slash on a offensive set meaning it's hold item is LO or Choice Item. Otherwise, expect it to be carrying Leftovers with Flamethrower, Roost, and two other defensive/ support moves. True that is not the case for every pokemon but... ya.


    Apr 26, 2006
    I suspect doing that could be VERY complicated! It would be useful, but, if you have a basic knowledge of the metagame, you could probably make educated estimates for ourselves.
  25. mohaji


    May 23, 2009
    Really interested for me to see that Substitute is often used in UU metagame.

    Also Sucker Punch is often used in UU which tell me that Cacturne, Houndoom, Honchkrow and other Pokemon that use this move are often used in UU.

    Thanks alot for this X-Act!

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