Be Unpopular Or Die! Prize Edition Sign-Ups

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Anticipation. Reverse psychology. Deception. All valid strategies in the game of Unpopular or Die. However, never has there been a place for The Truth. Nothing could be gained by simply telling the correct answer, but that has skewed the validity of the entire exercise.

Until now.

Every round there will be displayed four fabulous prizes! Each round contestants pick one prize to be added to their Gift Basket. But watch out, everyone who picks the most popular options will be eliminated and lose everything. Prizes start small but get more valuable in later rounds, however in no round are the prizes equal. Will you pick your prizes out of honest greed, or attempt for unpopular options to stay in the game?

For obvious reasons there will only be one winner, chosen by a run off of questions in the final round. Yes, I will ship a Gift Basket to the winner with everything you choose. I'm eccentric.

Sign-Ups will last for 48 hours.
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