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[Beginner] Brawl Mafia - Game over! Rejects and smashlloyd20 win!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by auramaster, May 14, 2011.

  1. Fire Blast

    Fire Blast

    Jul 11, 2010
    Best Playable Character: iiMKUltra, managed to lead the village successfully after being subbed in. Like Eep said, he managed to lead in a way that showed he could be trusted, and he did lynch a mafia.

    Best Reject: dukefan5, a great leader that really helped us greatly after Slim_Guldo died. We couldn't have won without him!

    Best Boss: rayquaza2233, managed to mole Snype and then gave all that info to us xD

    Best new player:
    WildEep, played really well on the bosses side, although him revealing smash's PM was annoying :s

    Best move:
    Us allying with smash. Smash was a huge advantage to our team, and gave us a significant advantage against the bosses. Tbh, I was against us revealing ourselves to smash, but it worked out well Tbh honest, smash was probably too loyal to us.

    Worst move: Village lynching Quagsires when they could have lynched obvious mafia, Slim_Guldo.

    Most entertaining move: Paint xD. i was loling so hard reading the posts Bob-Squob and others made, thinking they would die. i actually received the pain myself on the last night. My actios gets it's own sheet :D

    Best luck: N2/N3 we managed to figure out who all the Bosses were, through two of my inspects and one of Xqwais' Helped us a lot, and was just lucky. Also, extremly helpful, was an inspect on smash N0. Without him we couldn't of won, an having him on our side gave us a significant edge over the Bosses.

    Worst luck: Quagsires for getting lynched when he was obviously village :p Me being away while everything interesting happened :/

    MVP: dukefan5, leader of the winning team, and the person who really helped me through my first mafia game!!

    Btw, Snype, I'm interested in knowing how my fake would be figured out?
  2. Wild Eep

    Wild Eep pet pet pet
    is a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnus

    Aug 2, 2006
    I'm not Snype, but I had Ray inspect you because Ganondorf doesn't make a great question asker IMO. He's all about the brawn, not the brains. :P
  3. Slim Guldo

    Slim Guldo

    Jan 6, 2010
    man I'm still confused as to what Smashlloyd was doing, people are saying that he sided with the rejects early on but he killed me Night 3?

    also I definitely got timezonefucked in this game, all my teammates in -8 with me in GMT :/ At least I haven't been nominated for worst move with that fucking fake yet!
  4. Mithril

    is a Past WCoP Champion

    Aug 27, 2009
    Slim, for your clarification. I contacted and blackmailed Smash into joining the rejects at the end of Day 4. So while it was all that early, it did provide an extra kill for three nights, as well as some useful Hooks.
  5. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    smash's wc says no alliance is allowed to let him win.. how did that work out?
  6. Xaqwais


    Dec 25, 2008
    I believe it meant that no alliance could leave him alive/win the conventional wolf way.
  7. Mithril

    is a Past WCoP Champion

    Aug 27, 2009
    While I can't speak for the hosts, I don't think we let him win. It would have been much more difficult to manipulate to a win had we not had his abilities. Especially had he been using those abilities against us. I think it was more of a mutually beneficial alliance, instead of the Rejects simply allowing Smash to win.
  8. Athenodoros

    Athenodoros Official Smogon Know-It-All

    Mar 13, 2010
    The idea is that if a faction purposely delays winning just so that smash won, then he wouldn't win. As it was, they did not, he just allied with them and it was not worth it for them to kill him, so he gets the win.
  9. Captain Bagman

    Captain Bagman

    Oct 18, 2010
    Atheno gave me access to the sheet he made (which also had yours attached to it). This was right before you guys got lynched.
  10. auramaster


    Dec 17, 2008
    Atheno is right, smash's win condition could be shortened to "You win if the game has a close finish". The "No alliance can let you win" was to prevent a situation like, for example, smash allies with the village and dominates the game, then the villagers lynch off themselves until smash's win condition is fulfilled.
  11. Galladiator


    Sep 5, 2010
    Since I'm home now, I might as well post my votes.

    Best Playable Character: iiMKUltra. Subbed in and did a pretty great job of rallying the village. Too bad it wasn't enough.

    Best Reject: dukefan5. Last man standing. Also managed to step up as leader and bring it home for his mafia.

    Best Boss: undisputed. While likely not the best player, his Day 2 ranting was pretty funny, not to mention possibly helped the Rejects.

    Best new player: Fire Blast. Not a bad mafioso for a first-timer. I'll keep my eye on him in future games.

    Best move: rayquaza moling the village. Seriously, I don't know how he got access to Snype's sheet, but however he did it, it must have been awesome.

    Worst move: Lynching Quagsires even after his role had already been confirmed. This was one of those times when I really wished there wasn't a rule against deadtalking.

    Most entertaining move: undisputed's argument with Snype. I lol'ed.

    Best luck: smashlloyd20. In most of the games I've seen, wolves rarely, if ever, win. duke being the only one left was sheer luck.

    Worst luck: Me getting randkilled N1. As self-serving as it may seem, I think that if I had survived the first night we might have been able to make a bigger dent in the mafias.

    MVP: Xaqwais. He used the village to the Rejects' advantage, allowing them to lynch dmtc, putting them one step ahead of everyone else the rest of the way.

    In short, this game kind of went sour for us after about the fifth village death in a row. But it was fun, at least. Thanks lkk and aura for hosting this!
  12. Slim Guldo

    Slim Guldo

    Jan 6, 2010
    Galladiator you weren't randed, both mafias knew your role from very early on and killed you night 1 :P
  13. Rayquaza2233


    Oct 8, 2008
    Galladiator : it wasn't really all that awesome, I just used undisputed's fake with a few alterations.
  14. Mithril

    is a Past WCoP Champion

    Aug 27, 2009
    Best Playable Character: iiMKUltra - Really the only PC that didn't screw up all that badly. He actually led a lynch on a mafian before dying. Outside of that PC's didn't do very much.

    Best Reject: dukefan5 - Obviously some bias here, but after Slim went down I felt I basically led to Rejects to victory. Helped Xaq and Blast with actions, convinced Smash to ally with us, organized a lynch on iiMKUltra to give us control of the rest of the game, and came up with the plan that ended the game. Like I said...some bias obviously.

    Best Boss: Rayquaza2233 - He was effectively able to mole the village and get a lot of his mafia for his team, which led to my team receiving a lot of that information as well. He also had a pretty good fake that helped him stay hidden from the village extremely well. He was the last Boss for to find.

    Best new player: Close between Blast and Eep, but I'll go with my teammate here. Did a pretty good job staying alive, and helped clean Xaq, which gave us any information we didn't have yet to end the game.

    Best move: Getting Smash to ally with the rejects.

    Worst move: Lynch of Quagsires. Basically sealed the PC's doom, although only 3 villagers actually voted for him.

    Most entertaining move: The argument between Quags and Atheno was very entertaining to me

    Best luck: Smashlloyd20 Not sure how he stayed hidden as long as he did, then got forced into the alliance that won him the game.

    Worst luck: Probably Quagsires for somehow getting lynched by some pretty dumb logic.

    MVP: Still biased, but I'm going to say dukefan5. Reasoning above.
  15. smashlloyd20


    Aug 7, 2010
    Best Playable Character: Quagsires, led the village pretty well I guess until Atheno got retarded

    Best Reject: dukefan5, see MVP reasoning

    Best Boss: Didn't have any contact with them, so I dunno

    Best new player: Remind me who was new and what they did and I'll come back to this.

    Best move: The killings/hookings on the last night that basically won the game for the Rejects and me

    Worst move: Lynching Quag through some insanely retarded logic

    Most entertaining move: Argument between undisputed and Snype I guess

    Best luck: Me staying hidden until Quag got lynched. Once the PC fell apart I was in the clear.

    Worst luck: Quagsires for getting lynched by some insanely retarded logic

    MVP: dukefan5, basically controlled the latter half of the game and won easily
  16. auramaster


    Dec 17, 2008
    Brawl Mafia Postgame

    This game was made after a short conversation one night, when the hosts were talking about the lack of Beginner games and the new free time gained with school ending. 16 days later, signups were posted :) auramaster had been tossing around some ideas for a sequel to Mob Mafia, with more chaos and power in the Mafia’s hands, and loudkirbyking was happy to help make the game and add his own ideas into the design. The result included the most powerful Mafia ever seen in a Beginner game, and possibly the strongest village. The alliances balanced each other out, creating an exciting game that, due to the player’s moves, became a very interesting and exciting Beginner game.

    Playable Characters

    The Playable Characters were a pretty powerful village. They were made to give everyone an interesting role, and for the most part it succeeded. Everyone had a night action except the Mayor and KPV (Kill Proof Vest), and both could be cleaned during a lynch. Before the game, their powers were so intimidating that before looking at the Mafia roles, LightWolf thought the Playable Characters would be too powerful :) However, bad plays by some of the leading Playable Characters (coughSnypecough) caused them to be moled badly by the Mafia, especially the Rejects, and they lost all their power roles, leaving the Mafia in charge.

    Galladiator - 1-time Vigilante - Squashed Night 1

    Role: Standard Vigilante, made to help balance the Bosses’s Lynch Redirect. This is a simple role to use, so it was given to a random new player.

    Comments: Lesson learned, publicly claiming your role is bad unless you’re leading the village, and especially don’t public claim a power role. Galladiator isn’t the first and won’t be the last to make this mistake, but it’s a huge mistake to make that got both Mafia to target him Night 1.

    LKK’s comments: Well, when someone claims publicly when NOT leading, it ends how this did. Basic lesson for everyone out there. Unless you’re the leading man, don’t claim out in public. They make the PM box for that. Otherwise, Galladiator did all right, not TOO terrible, but not really good either. Poor guy didn’t even get to use his action.

    masterful - Bodyguard - Squished Night 2

    Role: Standard Bodyguard. Seems like a role very few beginners could mess up (Though auramaster did in his first game <_<), so it was given to a random new player.

    Comments: Followed orders until he died. Didn’t do anything spectacular, but he sent in his night actions every night, and didn’t mess anything up, so good job.

    LKK’s comments: Never really got to talk to masterful. All I saw was an action, to be honest. Silence is bliss...? Yay?

    Role: Standard Role Name Checker, except the flavor was the CODEC calls in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Darkamber was a random pick.

    Comments: Darkamber stayed out of the way and picked some important targets, but he was blocked by a Safeguard Night 0, Martyr’d to Deinosaur Night 1, and killed Night 2. However, his death wasn’t forgotten, since three users got his power for Night 3, all from different alliances O_o

    LKK’s comments: Luck isn’t good sometimes. Murphy’s law charged for poor amber here. And it looks like Murphy’s law won. Ah well, didn’t really say much to amber, so can’t say much beyond the luck of it all... wow.

    Steven Snype/Quagsires - KPV - Lynched Day 3

    Role: KPV, or Kill Proof Vest. This role could be used in two different ways; as a BPV to mess up the Mafia, or the user could let himself be lynched to have his role proven. Steven Snype requested to be on a Mafia team with undisputed, or a twin with undisputed, or a village leader role, and since undisputed requested Mafia and Snype would likely be inspected N0, he was given this role for leading.

    Comments: Steven Snype got a quick start on his goal of leading the village, but for some reason didn’t give his role, which made a lot of people question him. Overall, he did a poor job as leader, giving an unnessesarily large amount of people sheet access, including the Bosses member Rayquaza2233, and was too trusting of them. When Quagsires subbed in, he correctly realized the moling problem and removed almost everyone from the sheet, but left Rayquaza2233 as his most trusted villager, and assumed the mole was khz, despite his role being very similar to what Rayquaza2233 had claimed. Finally, Steven Snype’s refusal to give his role Night 0, combined with the Safeguard smashlloyd20 put on him Night 0, caused enough distrust that the village leadership fell apart and enough villagers tried to lynch him Day 3 that the Mafia could outnumber the villagers and barely lynch him. Of the nine votes for Quagsires Day 3, six of them were Mafia members.

    LKK’s comments: Geez, rule for the road: Never make Snype leader. He really could have been a bit better with his role, but he did make a few good moves. I’ll give him props for living on, but for doing good leading... nothing much beyond undisputed, to be honest. Really, Snype, learn to get better at that. I know you try to act pro, but sometimes being mafia too much is bad for your village rep. Quags, I didn’t really see a lot from him, because of Snype.

    Athenodoros - Limited Bodyguard/Safeguard/Inspector - Squished Night 3

    Role: This role was designed so that, if the Mafia got a quick kill on the village Bodyguard, Safeguard, or Inspectors, the village wouldn’t be in as bad of a position. Pokemon Trainer could do any of those every other night if necessary, or use all three powers before Resting to get the most out of the role. This role needed someone with Mafia experience, due to its more complex nature, and most of the more experienced players already had a role assigned, so Athenodoros was almost the only choice.

    Comments: Athenodoros used this role mostly to Inspect, which was a good use since most of the Mafia were unknown. He acted a bit paranoid about claiming his role name to Steven Snype, which caused Snype to mark him as suspicious. After Quagsires subbed in and undisputed revealed Athenodoros’s role, he stepped up to lead, and lynched Quagsires only to find that Steven Snype’s suspicious behavior didn’t make him Mafia. He was killed the following night.

    LKK’s comments: aura made this nice gimmick-ish role that I found cool. Atheno seemed to use it well, so I’ll give him props for that. As for leading, it might have been a better idea to find someone else. I see this as more power role, but you know.

    kingofkongs - Hooker - Burned Night 3

    Role: Standard village Hooker, with very true flavor, loudkirbyking is very good at messing up auramaster with Diddy’s banana peels. kingofkongs requested either Diddy or Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong wasn’t in the game, so he got Diddy.

    Comments: From the beginning of the game, kingofkongs tried to help discussion in the thread, and he had some good ideas and points sometime, especially his (Correct) claim that Rayquaza2233 was looking for a reason to lynch Quagsires. Sometimes his lack of experience showed, but overall he did a good job, and Hooked two Mafia while alive.

    LKK’s comments: He asked for a kong role, so we gave him a little monkey. This little ape did decent. As for the king himself, he showed some moments of newb, but overall made some good deductions. Got to give some props there.

    Bob_Squob - Priority Lower - Lynched Day 4

    Role: Priority Lower is a little strange for a village role. I imagined it as being used to make Mafia Hookers and Safeguards useless, and mess up Xaq’s Redirect. Bob_Squob was a random.

    Comments: Bob_Squob also worked hard to help the village in discussions, though his lack of Mafia experience prevented him from being a big help. From the start, he trusted Steven Snype with his role, so he didn’t object when Snype said he was a Hooker. This caused a major problem when three other people claimed Hooker, and Bob_Squob became one of the least trusted players until he was lynched.

    LKK’s comments: Woohoo, the person Snype decided to ruin. Apparently, it was confused to be a hooker, which caused one big old mess of madness. Overall, Squob did decent aiding in the thread. Lowering priorities mighta been a bit hard to work with, but Squob pulled it off... some.

    khz - Stage Chooser - Eliminated Night 4

    Role: Changed the stadium in the update. Pretty simple and useless, for flavor only, but could be kinda fun and a provable role. khz was a random.

    Comments: khz claimed pretty quickly, and was quickly given sheet access by Steven Snype. After undisputed leaked the sheet’s info, khz was immediately suspected as the mole, because everyone else with sheet access had a useful power except Rayquaza2233, who claimed backup Alliance Checker along with Weather Changer.

    LKK’s comments: I dunno, I didn’t really speak to khz much. I just saw him send in action, then go on. Almost like, well, a R.O.B. on auto-pilot. Maybe he just doesn’t like me...

    HSA - Twin/Chain Grabber - Sliced Night 4

    Role: loudkirbyking wanted a Twin role, and auramaster wanted something with a little more power, so we made this role. Potentially very useful, but useless if the village was moled by the Mafia, such as in this game. HSA was chosen as a random new player to be partnered with a more experienced player to learn from.

    Comments: HSA was very quiet through the game, though he faithfully sent in his night actions and followed orders from Captain Bagman. Claimed to Steven Snype early without asking Captain Bagman first, which could have crippled their Chain Grab if he was Mafia, and was later killed by the Rejects to permanently stop it.

    LKK’s comments: HSA never really said much either. He just agreed with whatever Bagman said and fired away. Either he really trusted that man in bag, or else he really didn’t feel like arguing. I’ll take the later.

    Tsuk/vanilla bear/Spiffy - Reverse Martyr - Trophied Night 5

    Role: Standard Reverse Martyr. Tsuk was a random choice.

    Comments: Wow <_< Tsuk Idled Night 0, then failed to send a night action in the next two nights, despite claims that he was active. So he was subbed out for vanilla bear, who Idled Night 3 and failed to send in an action the next night. He said he was too busy with irl stuff to play, so Spiffy subbed in and finally used his power. However, the lack of information about his role caused the Bosses to believe he was the wolf, leading to his death.

    LKK’s comments: SPIFFY TROLL LOL! Sorry, had to get that out. Anyway, idlers. It’s always terrible to sub people out, but what’ll you do? Anyway, failure on Tsuk and bear. Then again, Tsuk’s never really been active in games...

    Cereza - Mayor - Mentally Assaulted Night 5

    Role: Standard Mayor. Weaker then most village roles, but it could clean itself if a lynch was done correctly. Cereza was the only player known to not have IRC, and Mayor required no outside contact, so it was a perfect role for him.

    Comments: Didn’t do much, mainly just followed the leader, except for the crucial Day 3 lynch where he voted for smashlloyd20 for some strange reason; a vote for Slim Guldo would have lynched him instead of Quagsires. Was killed by the Rejects so the Mafia could take control of the lynch.

    LKK’s comments: Cereza... don’t think the mayor had access to irc, which made things interesting. Mostly just followed the leader. Makes you think our local dedede was playing Simon Says.

    Captain Bagman/iiMKUltra - Twin/Chain Grabber - Lynched Day 6

    Role: Same as HSA. Captain Bagman was chosen as an experienced player to help a new player learn about Mafia.

    Comments: Captain Bagman played a pretty good game, choosing to wait before claiming (Although HSA did it for him) and eventually became village leader. He used Steven Snype’s info to lynch Bob_Squob, then was subbed out for iiMKUltra who finally managed to lynch a Mafia with Xaqwais’s information. The Mafia took control of the lynch the next Day, and killed him to permanently end the village leadership.

    LKK’s comments: BAGMAN! dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun... Oh, not Batman? My bad! Anyway, Bagman did good. He seemed to be pretty confident in every action, or maybe it was just me. iiMK would’ve done good, if he’d lived long enough to do something. Have fun subbing to die.

    rickheg - Absorb dead Playable Character’s powers - Eliminated Night 7 (Simulated)

    Role: Thus continues the long tradition of powerful Kirby roles. Gets the power of the last dead Playable Character, which depending on who dies, could be very powerful. rickheg was a random.

    Comments: rickheg wasn’t the most active player, and his IRC computer broke late in the game. He mostly just followed orders with a variety of roles, which included: 1-time Vigilante (Day 2-Night 2), Role Name Checker (Day 3), used-up KPV (Night 3), Hooker (Day 4), Priority Lower (Night 4), Chain Grabber with iiMKUltra (Day 5-Night 5), Mayor (Day 6), and Chain Grabber with his partner dead (Night 6).

    LKK’s comments: My kirby friend didn’t do so good. Seemed kinda... intermediate activity. I dunno, never really talked to him. He seemed to do okay, another usual village follower person.

    Nightmare jigglypuff - Safeguard - Sliced Night 7 (Simulated)

    Role: Standard Safeguard. Nightmare jigglypuff was a random.

    Comments: Nightmare jigglypuff also wasn’t the most active, and failed to send in his night action three times (Once due to not recieving orders from Quagsires or Athenodoros while they fought over village leadership), with the last time being the final night when every surviving villager failed to send in their night action. Except for one Night 1 Safeguard to “prove” Xaqwais’s role, his power was never used for much.

    LKK’s comments: Pit failed. Jiggly didn’t really shine out to me(Though no Jigglypuff role probably made this Nightmare angry), and truly, the lack of orders confused me. Makes me wonder why he didn’t safeguard himself(Can he do that? I forgot).

    Deinosaur/Hydrattler - Martyr - Mentally assaulted Night 8 (Simulated)

    Role: Standard Martyr. Deinosaur was a random.

    Comments: Deinosaur entered the game determined to lead the village, but once again his inexperience caused him to misunderstand his role. Throughout the game, Deinosaur thought his power would redirect anyone from <user> to him, causing him to distract the player he was trying to protect several times, most notably redirecting Martyr’ing Athenodoros’s Bodyguard to himself on the night Athenodoros died. Although Athenodoros would have died anyway due to Xaqwais redirecting his Bodyguard away, it could have been disastrous. Deinosaur was eventually subbed out for Hydrattler, who like the other unorganized villagers in the final night, failed to send in a night action.

    LKK’s comments: Our local Deino tried to be a bit Hasty there. It raised his speed, but that defense lower left him wide open for some slapping. Trout slapping. Large trout slapping. A bit of misunderstanding and hastiness led him to not be so good in that area... and Snype not liking him leading.

    Lady Salamence - Watcher - Mentally assaulted Night 9 (Simulated)

    Role: Standard Watcher or Tracker, we aren’t sure which is the correct name for this role. Either way, it could catch the Mafia easily, since they usually targeted 2 different players, while the fake village claim gave them only 1 action. Lady Salamence was a random.

    Comments: Lady Salamence didn’t do much of importance; his role was only used to target villagers, and most of his posts were short, pointless posts. The only thing of significance he did was vote for Quagsires, helping the Mafia work together to lynch him instead of Slim Guldo.

    LKK’s comments: GUESS WHAT? Salamence seemed slightly Spam-ish to me, but whatever. Interesting role, but that little 2-inch Hocotate... erm... whatever Olimar is didn’t really shine like his Pikmin do in the game. Now, if only he could go through the fire with them...


    The Rejects were designed by auramaster as an extremely powerful Mafia group that would be more then a match for the village. With such power roles as a Redirector and Sylar, they were very dangerous with the right information, and they had two Inspectors to help them get the info. The Rejects played well, and all of them except Slim Guldo were assumed village, with Xaqwais getting sheet access and becoming the backup leader until he was outed by danmantincan.

    Slim Guldo - Kidnapper/Sylar - Eliminated Night 3

    Role: One of the Rejects two power roles. The Sylar power (Named after the wolf from Mafia Mafia and Chaos Mafia, who had a similar power) could become very powerful lategame, as more and more abilities could be chosen as more people were killed. It could absorb anything but Galladiator and smashlloyd20’s kill, and Wild Eep’s lynch redirect. The kidnap was just a Silence, but much more intimidating to the villagers :) With Steven Snype given a village leading role, Slim Guldo was assigned to the Rejects to balance out the alliances, in terms of experience.

    Comments: Slim Guldo had several things going against him from the start. While the other Rejects got online about midnight GMT, Slim usually got on IRC around noon GMT, alienating him from his teammates. He was also the unfortunate victim of several host mistakes, such as forgetting to mention in his Role PM what his kidnap did (Silence for the day) and the punishment if it was broken (Godkill, after a 12 hour grace period for those who forgot they were kidnapped). The worst was forgetting to respond to his question about the wording of the village win condition, so when he (Unlike the other Mafia) assumed the example PM was a typo, he was quickly known by all as a Mafia. He avoided being lynched by one vote on Day 3, but when smashlloyd20 wanted to kill a Mafia to balance the game out, Slim Guldo was an easy target.

    LKK’s comments: Poor Guldo. So much potential for good, but so much against him. Nah, I’m just playin’. He did okay, but Murphy’s law loves to poke everyone a bit. Guy gets on in that time that I’m not up. Which isn’t a big time area.

    Fire Blast - Inspector/Painter - Lynched Day 7 (Simulated)

    Role: Standard Mafia Inspector, plus a little trolling fun for the hosts :) Although there was never a total panic over the “strange red marks”, it was fun watching people worry about the Gooey Bombs stuck to them. Also fun for a couple of people who would gain and lose paint marks multiple times in one Night :) Fire Blast was chosen over other new players because unlike most of them, he was on IRC in the main channel before the game started.

    Comments: Fire Blast did well for his first game. He was always in the Rejects channel asking dukefan5 for advise, and used it to get through the game without becoming a major suspect. As the village Question Asker, he also “cleaned” Xaqwais, helping him get sheet access, which made his power useless.

    LKK’s comments: Fire Blast took my role in beginner games as ‘that guy who asks a lot of questions to his partners’. Ah, I’m kidding. The little Blast had perfect accuracy this time, and he did pretty good. Trust me, that paint was fun to laugh at the reactions.

    Xaqwais - Non-kill Redirector/Ability Checker - Lynched Day 8 (Simulated)

    Role: When deciding the main theme of the game, basing it on Super Smash Bros. Brawl and including Geno on a team of Rejects were both mentioned in the first sentence. This was the first role designed, and showed how strong the Mafia was going to be. After both Mafia Inspectors were killed early in Mob Mafia, the Ability Checker was added to give the Rejects a backup Inspector. Xaqwais was chosen as a less experienced player to join the Rejects.

    Comments: Xaqwais played well in this game. He made a good fake claim as the Ability Checker and backed it up, making himself clean and eventually gaining sheet access. He also helped with planning the Rejects moves, and although he wasn’t as helpful as dukefan5, he had some great suggestions and was a valuable Reject.

    LKK’s comments: How many strange letters can go in one username? Er, anyway, Xaq did good blending into it. He was like a ninja, but not quite as cool looking. Like, you know, sneaking on trains, slicing from behind... that kinda stuff. STEALTHY THINGS!

    dukefan5 - Hooker/Safeguard - Survived (Simulated)

    Role: Standard Hooker and Safeguard, combined into one Reject. Although he couldn’t protect form kills like the Bosses’s Omniguard, the Safeguard could block Bodyguards from their kill target, making it a more powerful offensive tool. dukefan5 was chosen as an experienced Mafia player for the Rejects.

    Comments: dukefan5 played excellently as leader of the Rejects. Since Slim Guldo was never online with Xaqwais and Fire Blast, he guided them in making fake claims and blending in as villagers. Once Slim Guldo died, dukefan5 took over the reins and was always helping his teammates, keeping them trustworthy in the villagers eyes and making great decisions on their targets. He also did all the discussions with smashlloyd20, and created their final plan that guaranteed the game win for the Rejects.

    LKK’s comments: Smart duke. Er, yeah, duke was a good planner, and put up with Fire Blast’s questions like he put up with mine. With epic skills. His blending in skills were great, and persuading smash. Kudos.


    The Bosses were the other Mafia, mostly designed by loudkirbyking. Their abilities were overall weaker then the Rejects, but they had the very dangerous Stun Grab, and they had a higher priority for Hooks, kills, and the Omniguard. They didn’t blend into the village as well, due to some unusual fake claims made by undisputed, although it didn’t stop Rayquaza2233 from gaining sheet access and allowing them to cripple the village. They played decently, but were never in control of the game like the Rejects were.

    undisputed - Post Restrictor/Hooker - Lynched Day 2

    Role: Two standard roles thrown together, the post restriction could be used as a Persuation, and/or to trick other players as iiMKUltra tried in Mob Mafia. undisputed requested Mafia, so we gave it to him.

    Comments: undisputed had an unusual fake claim, instead of using the safe claim, joined the other Bosses in making a more powerful claim, assuming the village and Mafia would be just as strong. Ultimately, being Omniguarded gave him away as Mafia to Snype, who gathered enough support to activate the Lynch Redirect and prove him as Mafia to everyone. Various tl;dr posts weren’t enough to save him.

    LKK’s comments: Wow... undisputed gets my award of biggest creator of madness. That guy pretty much made me want to eat my chair. With my braces. Through the wood. Yeah, that sort of madness. I have no clue how his mind worked through that, but apparently it was good to cause the village disorder.

    danmantincan - Stun Grabber - Lynched Day 5

    Role: Based on the X-Man character Rogue, this was the only Mafia member with one power, but it was one of the best in the game. It could Hook and Ability Check someone, then steal their power, and it could steal everything but Galladiator’s and smashlloyd20’s kill, and undisputed’s lynch redirect. danmantincan was chosen as an experienced player to help the Bosses.

    Comments: danmantincan was the only Boss who completely relied on a safe claim (Rogue), and while undisputed and Wild Eep were early suspects, danmantincan wasn’t suspected until Xaqwais Inspected him and told Captain Bagman. He made good use of his power, absorbing several power roles like kingofkong’s Hook and Darkamber8828’s Role Name Check, though it would have been more exciting if he had Sky Dropped smashlloyd20 :) After undisputed died, he led the Bosses until his death.

    LKK’s comments: The tin can of danman. That madness portion of revealing everyone... MY WORD! Anyway, I loved his role, though I wish I’d given a better attack then Sky Drop. Maybe, like, Extremespeed to swipe their role and blow them away? I dunno. Anyway, the role itself was great, used to a good potential, etc.

    Wild Eep - Omniguard/1-time Lynch Redirect - Eliminated Night 6

    Role: Two pretty standard roles combined into Duos (And yes, it’s supposed to be Duon, we can’t spell <_<) who has two sides. Omniguard gave them a defensive move against the many village Hooks and redirects, and was more useful then dukefan5’s Safeguard for a Mafia fight. Wild Eep was chosen over the other new players because he was on IRC before the game started, along with Fire Blast.

    Comments: For a new player, Wild Eep played very well. He clearly knew more about Mafia then the other new players, and was able to help the Bosses plan their moves throughout the game. Despite using undisputed’s claim of odd night Safeguard and one-time Mayor <_< The villagers lynching each other distracted them enough that they never targeted Wild Eep, until smashlloyd20 killed him as part of the plan to win with the Rejects. Wild Eep was also the main point of The Incident; auramaster misread a PM and said the Rejects killed Wild Eep Night 5, when he actually killed HSA. The PM was quickly edited out, but was seen by every Mafia member except danmantincan, plus Captain Bagman, Deinosaur, and HSA. HSA was dead, and the Mafia all knew Wild Eep’s alliance and powers, but Captain Bagman and Deinosaur had to be subbed out due to good activity :( Sorry!

    LKK’s comments: EEP! Oh, wait, what? No Cleffa? Never mind! Anyway, our local dual-sided Game and Watch creation worked good-ishly. I shoulda read the PM better too, so that incident is partially my fault. Though I’m thinking a bunch of people loved my panic reaction to it because of that moment.

    Rayquaza2233 - Inspector/Weather Changer - Mentally assaulted Night 6

    Role: Standard Mafia Inspector to help them gain information. Weather Changer was added as a pseudo-mole, to make him appear village, thus making him less likely to be Inspected by a villager. Rayquaza2233 was chosen as another experienced player to balance out the Mafia.

    Comments: The main mole of the early game :) His Weather Changer claim got him sheet access, along with about 5 other people. This information was quickly passed to the Bosses, who had a pretty good idea of everyone’s alliance by the end of Night 1. When undisputed revealed all his info, Quagsires tried to get rid of the mole by removing everyone from the village spreadsheet, except Ray XD It became useless when Quagsires died and Athenodoros made his own spreadsheet without giving Rayquaza2233 access, but the damage was done. Ray also discovered the Rejects Role PMs Nights 1-3, and although much of his success was just luck, he did give the Bosses almost a full sheet by Day 4, so good job.

    LKK’s comments: LUCKYYYY! He must’ve flipped a coin and got 5 heads in a row for this game. Nah, it was good name targetting, props for that. Good moling skills, good luck, he has potential!


    smashlloyd20 - Announcer/Inspector/Two of: Kill/Hook/Safeguard/Bodyguard

    Role: Is that the longest win condition ever? It can be shortened to “You win if the game has a close finish”, which made this neutral more interesting to play and watch. If it helped the Mafia destroy the village, the Mafia would be too strong, and it would have to kill the Mafia. The game was made to be balanced without the Announcer, so this was an emergency balancing act, and a not-impossible role to play and win with. smashlloyd20 was chosen after Steven Snype gave me a list of who he thought was the top 5 players in the game; smashlloyd20 had played in some Standard games already, but wasn’t a big enough name to attract Snype’s attention, perfect for a neutral role.

    Comments: smashlloyd20 got the game to an exciting start by Safeguarding Steven Snype Night 0, but he also Inspected and Bodyguarded Snype on the same night <_< smash made several unusual moves such as blocking himself on accident, and claiming as the Announcer instead of his safe claim. He mostly tried to mess up the village by Hooking them while Safeguarding himself, which prevented him from killing everyone until he decided the Mafia was getting too strong Night 3, and killed Slim Guldo. He struggled with a lack of information for most of the game, until he let the Rejects control his actions in exchange for information, and later allied with them to win the game. The Rejects Inspected him Night 0, but amazingly, no one else figured out he was the Neutral until Rayquaza2233 Inspected him Night 5, but by then it was too late to stop him and the Rejects from winning.

    LKK’s comments: Holy... One long win condition. aura made this role to keep this game close and stop one faction from dominating everything. Like, a back-up balance. I think it went well, and kinda figured if smash went on to 4th night, he would have the win in the bag. Yup, hunch was right.


    Best Playable Character: kingofkongs
    Player vote: iiMKUltra

    Best Reject: dukefan5
    Player vote: dukefan5

    Best Boss: danmantincan
    Player vote: Rayquaza2233

    Best new player: Wild Eep
    Player vote: Fire Blast

    Best move: smashlloyd20 Safeguarding Steven Snype Night 0
    Player vote: Rejects allying with smashlloyd20

    Worst move: Steven Snype giving so many people sheet access
    Player vote: Villagers lynching Quagsires

    Most entertaining move: The Paint spreading, and people's reactions to it
    Player vote: undisputed and Steven Snype’s tl;dr fight

    Best luck: smashlloyd20
    Player vote: smashlloyd20

    Worst luck: Deinosaur/Captain Bagman
    Player vote: Quagsires

    MVP: dukefan5
    Player vote: dukefan5

    Hilarious quotes

    What would Mafia on IRC be without them?

    * auramaster has changed the topic to: It's quiet...too quiet...
    <iiMKUltra> MK WILL BE LOUD

    <dukefan5> my first name is not dukefan either. i know you guys are shocked at that
    <iiMKUltra> well duh
    <auramaster> Really duke O_o
    <iiMKUltra> then your last name would be 5
    <dukefan5> lol
    <Quagsires> I'M NOT QUAGSIRE

    * FireBlast (~Blast@synIRC-DDE6737E.tukw.qwest.net) has joined #clover
    <&Xaqwais> well I at least put what captain bagman did
    <FireBlast> SMASH IS WOLF
    <~loudkirbyking> Nice entry, Fire Blast

    <auramaster> kingofkongs may or may not be lying, the punishment may or may not be a godkill, the punishment may or may not take place immediately, there may or may not be a warning system in place, the punishment may or may not care about spelling errors, there may or may not be any punishment, and lkk may or may not be writing the punishment as we speak.
    <auramaster> Does this answer all the questions?
    <loudkirbyking> And aura may or may not be telling the truth on all of this

    <Deinosaur> okay so
    <Deinosaur> today I had the humbling experience
    <Deinosaur> of being collectively beat up by girls
    <Deinosaur> accidentally

    <loudkirbyking> We cannot confirm or deny anything. It's just what we do.
    <auramaster> It's a host thing
    <loudkirbyking> It's like a host's secret rule
    * Afkenodoros has quit (Ping timeout)
    <loudkirbyking> I cannot confirm or deny Afkenodoros' leaving

    <Captain_Bagman> and then there is some sort of wolf or something
    <Captain_Bagman> tossing sticky bombs around
    <Captain_Bagman> no idea how this helps us really
    <smashlloyd20> stupid wolf

    <smashlloyd20> i sent my in right
    <auramaster> I can neither confirm or deny the assumption that you have a night action, therefore I cannot answer your question
    <ginganinja> omg so boss
    <loudkirbyking> I cannot confirm or deny aura's ability to confirm or deny that.
    <StevenSnype> I can confirm that loudkirbyking is a wanker.
    <ginganinja> ugh now kirby just looks like a tryhard
    <ginganinja> lol

    (After Bagman targeted Slim Guldo Night 4)
    <auramaster> Huh...Bagman...who are you going to target?
    <Captain_Bagman> wait derp he's dead
    <auramaster> Lol

    May 30 13:46:37 <auramaster> Who's writing the update tonight?
    May 30 13:48:19 <loudkirbyking> So, how are you? (I dunno)
    May 30 13:50:55 <auramaster> I'm good (I did the last two, you want this one?)
    May 30 13:52:06 <loudkirbyking> Same here (Yeah, sure)
    May 30 13:52:40 <loudkirbyking> You up for a game? (You up for a game?)
    May 30 20:00:26 <auramaster> No thanks (I didn't notice your last two responses, and watching a movie)
    May 30 20:01:41 <loudkirbyking> Too bad, then (All right. I'm going to attempt reffing)
    May 30 20:04:34 <auramaster> Alright, don't forget to write the update (Made my orders for our battle)
    May 30 20:04:55 <loudkirbyking> I won't, going to look at the spreadsheet now (Got it, I'll look in a sec)
    May 30 20:05:33 <loudkirbyking> Aren't multiple conversations fun? (Aren't multiple conversations fun?)
    May 30 20:05:45 <auramaster> Might want to wait until smash sends in his orders (WHY HASN'T SMASH SENT IN HIS ORDERS???)
    May 30 20:06:09 <loudkirbyking> I know. I'm not going to write it yet, but see things (You want me to pester him?)
    May 30 20:06:39 <auramaster> Alright, you want me to list all the results? (He went off IRC when I tried earlier)
    May 30 20:07:02 <loudkirbyking> Once deadline is ready, yeah (I'll poke him when he returns)
    May 30 20:09:41 <auramaster> Ok, right now only Eep is gonna die (smash's offline, both IRC and Smogon)
    May 30 20:10:14 <loudkirbyking> All right. I'll type it up in about half an hour. Need to go through my PM's (Yeah... Pester later)
    May 30 20:11:43 <auramaster> Ok (Ok)

    May 30 20:14:39 <auramaster> Either way, Top's gonna faint in the first action (BIG DADDY AURA'S COMIN FOR REVENGE!)
    May 30 20:15:44 <loudkirbyking> Yeah... I know. (Meep...)
    May 30 20:16:35 <auramaster> Also, got Xaq
    May 30 20:16:52 <auramaster> *Also, got Xaq's actions, will add to the sheet soon (Oops)
    May 30 20:17:23 <loudkirbyking> Enter button, what'll you do? (That's probably the PM I recieved)
    May 30 20:18:28 <auramaster> It is the second-biggest button, kinda hard to ignore (Every inspector will be targeting Cereza XD)
    May 30 20:18:47 <loudkirbyking> That it is, and sometimes annoying (Nice lol.)
    May 30 20:20:36 <auramaster> But also VERY helpful (Should we include this conversation in postgame?)
    May 30 20:21:03 <loudkirbyking> That it is, that it is (For funny things?)
    May 30 20:21:29 <auramaster> I wish the Backspace was where Caps Lock is (Duh)
    May 30 20:21:50 <loudkirbyking> That would be helpful (Up to you, pal)
    May 30 20:22:27 <auramaster> Linux can let you change it :P (I think we should)

    <smashlloyd20> i am too fat to eat

    Interesting and funny reactions to The Incident (open)
    May 30 22:15:21 * loudkirbyking has changed the topic to: Post 'I' if you saw the update before editting!
    May 30 22:15:49 <loudkirbyking> Not in the thread, though
    May 30 22:15:58 <dukefan5> i
    May 30 22:16:31 <ginganinja> I
    May 30 22:16:32 <WildEep> I
    May 30 22:16:38 * loudkirbyking dies a lot on the inside
    May 30 22:16:41 <loudkirbyking> Any others
    May 30 22:16:45 <WildEep> HSA saw it
    May 30 22:16:55 <loudkirbyking> MEEEEEEEEP

    May 30 22:17:19 <loudkirbyking> DON'T SAY A THING!
    May 30 22:17:22 <Xaqwais> wait what
    May 30 22:17:28 <loudkirbyking> OR SO HELP ME I'LL EAT YOU

    May 30 22:11:50 <dukefan5> wtf. how did eep die
    May 30 22:12:24 <dukefan5> that doesnt make any sense
    May 30 22:12:28 <auramaster> Xaq killed him with Geno Whirl
    May 30 22:12:35 <auramaster> lkk wrote the update, not me
    May 30 22:12:40 <dukefan5> my pm says kill hsa
    May 30 22:12:42 <dukefan5> not eep
    May 30 22:12:48 <dukefan5> so...
    May 30 22:13:46 <dukefan5> ?
    May 30 22:16:12 <dukefan5> now i knew his role anyway
    May 30 22:16:12 <dukefan5> lol
    May 30 22:16:14 <dukefan5> but
    May 30 22:16:46 <Xaqwais> did he f up
    May 30 22:16:52 <dukefan5> yup
    May 30 22:16:57 <dukefan5> hes trying to do damage control
    May 30 22:17:02 <dukefan5> already deleted eeps pm from the update
    May 30 22:17:04 <dukefan5> asking who saw it
    May 30 22:17:05 <dukefan5> etc
    May 30 22:17:09 <auramaster> Maybe
    May 30 22:17:29 <auramaster> I may or may not agree with lkk's reaction to the update
    May 30 22:17:34 <dukefan5> lol
    May 30 22:17:34 <dukefan5> k
    May 30 22:17:59 <Xaqwais> HAHAHAHAHA
    May 30 22:18:29 <dukefan5> :)

    May 30 22:58:40 <Xaqwais> s-so we're supposed to ignore whatever happened? feel free to answer me after sending.
    May 30 22:58:45 <auramaster> Yes
    May 30 22:58:56 <auramaster> Shouldn't be hard for you since you already know his Role PM
    May 30 23:01:38 <Xaqwais> we technically knew his role only, but close enough. I guess I have to prove eep is bosses the old fasioned way to mk, right?
    May 30 23:02:21 <auramaster> Yeah
    May 30 23:02:46 <auramaster> You figured out everything but pointless flavor, so close enough
    May 30 23:04:25 <Xaqwais> d-doesn't it say something if only 2 people were subbed out while ray, eep, me, and duke were all present?
    May 30 23:04:33 <Xaqwais> ah well hope no one catches on about that
    May 30 23:05:02 <auramaster> All potential problems have been thought of and taken care of
    May 30 23:05:34 <Xaqwais> :<
    May 30 23:06:02 <auramaster> Including the potential problem you have thought of
    May 30 23:06:13 <Xaqwais> including hsa's post?
    May 30 23:07:51 <auramaster> Yes
    May 30 23:08:50 <Xaqwais> you guys are good :>
    May 30 23:09:20 <auramaster> If we were good, we wouldn't have made a mistake :(

    May 30 22:19:35 <WildEep> ok yeah I need to be dead
    May 30 22:20:00 <danmantincan> Either they sub everybody who saw the update
    May 30 22:20:15 <WildEep> that would suck
    May 30 22:20:22 <danmantincan> or they might as well kill you off now
    May 30 22:21:40 * WildEep panic
    May 30 22:23:39 <WildEep> if I live and the village lives
    May 30 22:23:42 <WildEep> er
    May 30 22:23:48 <WildEep> if the village tries to lynch me
    May 30 22:24:03 <WildEep> do I out a reject and try to convince them to go on a reject hunting spree
    May 30 22:24:29 * WildEep panic
    May 30 22:24:31 * WildEep panic
    May 30 22:24:33 * WildEep panic
    May 30 22:24:52 <Rayquaza2233> If there was a mistake, I honestly think we should win by default.
    May 30 22:25:02 <danmantincan> ^I wouldn't complain
    May 30 22:25:05 <WildEep> that would be nice but lol

    May 30 22:13:18 <auramaster> Edit his PM out
    May 30 22:13:22 <auramaster> Completely out
    May 30 22:13:30 <auramaster> We have a MAJOR problem
    May 30 22:13:45 <loudkirbyking> What, what?!
    May 30 22:13:56 <auramaster> Do it
    May 30 22:14:00 <loudkirbyking> It's gone
    May 30 22:14:23 <auramaster> dukefan5's PM said to kill HSA, not Wild Eep
    May 30 22:14:35 <loudkirbyking> Wut?
    May 30 22:14:41 <auramaster> Why must this game have so many host mistakes :( :( :(
    May 30 22:14:46 <auramaster> Check your inbox
    May 30 22:14:48 <loudkirbyking> NOOOOOOOOOO
    May 30 22:14:55 <auramaster> I don't know HOW we could mess that up
    May 30 22:15:01 * loudkirbyking dies
    May 30 22:15:07 <auramaster> UGH!!!
    May 30 22:15:40 <loudkirbyking> I... *dies*
    May 30 22:15:43 <auramaster> Dude, that may not help...
    May 30 22:15:48 <auramaster> They'll know why
    May 30 22:15:55 <loudkirbyking> ...Meep
    May 30 22:16:11 <auramaster> Before panicing, check the user list
    May 30 22:16:17 <auramaster> Most of them already know Eep's PM
    May 30 22:16:20 <loudkirbyking> MEEEEEEEEP
    May 30 22:16:47 <auramaster> Only ones that don't already know it are smashlloyd20 and Captain Bagman
    May 30 22:17:01 <loudkirbyking> MEEEEEEEP
    May 30 22:19:12 <auramaster> Don't panic
    May 30 22:19:23 <auramaster> Only smash and Bagman
    May 30 22:19:25 <loudkirbyking> I am, just how do we fix it
    May 30 22:19:36 <auramaster> And HSA
    May 30 22:19:50 <auramaster> HSA has to die, and Eep has to live
    May 30 22:19:52 <auramaster> That's fair
    May 30 22:19:59 <loudkirbyking> Yes.
    May 30 22:20:01 <auramaster> Problem is, Eep's Role PM was seen
    May 30 22:20:05 <auramaster> By smash and Bagman
    May 30 22:20:10 <loudkirbyking> smash knew it
    May 30 22:20:15 <loudkirbyking> I think
    May 30 22:20:43 <auramaster> Maybe
    May 30 22:20:44 <loudkirbyking> Bagman, sub
    May 30 22:20:48 <auramaster> Hang on a sec
    May 30 22:20:51 <auramaster> One more problem
    May 30 22:21:09 <auramaster> If the others AREN'T subbed out, it will look VERY weird
    May 30 22:21:26 <loudkirbyking> Well
    May 30 22:21:39 <loudkirbyking> I dunno
    May 30 22:21:48 <auramaster> Every Mafia except Blast is online
    May 30 22:21:56 <auramaster> Rejects know the Bosses
    May 30 22:21:59 <loudkirbyking> ...Yeah
    May 30 22:22:00 <auramaster> Bosses know duke
    May 30 22:22:09 <auramaster> Bosses know everyone
    May 30 22:23:17 <auramaster> Add Deino to the list...hmm...
    May 30 22:23:23 <loudkirbyking> All right
    May 30 22:23:34 <auramaster> Hang on a sec
    May 30 22:24:05 <loudkirbyking> ...I'm not sure anymore...
    May 30 22:25:40 <auramaster> Best case scenario, sub out Bagman for MK, apologize 20 times, and move on
    May 30 22:25:52 <auramaster> ...Deino knows...
    May 30 22:25:54 <loudkirbyking> Worst case: Sub out all alive on the chat...
    May 30 22:26:07 <auramaster> NO
    May 30 22:26:15 <auramaster> Bagman and Deino at most
    May 30 22:26:20 <loudkirbyking> ...Yeah...
    May 30 22:26:21 <auramaster> And I'm working on a solution
    May 30 22:27:20 <loudkirbyking> Go on and edit with HSA dead?
    May 30 22:27:22 <auramaster> Uh oh, HSA posted...
    May 30 22:27:36 <loudkirbyking> Yeah
    May 30 22:27:53 <loudkirbyking> MEEEEEEP! That's why I editted again
    May 30 22:28:59 <auramaster> Ok, Deino knows Eep's alliance, and Bagman knows everything
    May 30 22:29:14 <auramaster> Eep is suspicious, but otherwise not confirmed Mafia
    May 30 22:29:21 <auramaster> Sub Deino and Bagman out?
    May 30 22:29:21 <loudkirbyking> Yeah...
    May 30 22:29:29 <loudkirbyking> I guess... What about HSA
    May 30 22:29:31 <auramaster> But I would hate to do that...
    May 30 22:29:35 <auramaster> He's dying anyway
    May 30 22:30:22 <loudkirbyking> True
    May 30 22:30:32 <loudkirbyking> We need to make him edit, though
    May 30 22:30:54 <auramaster> Prefeably, yes, though since it's hard to tell what he meant, it's not a top priority
    May 30 22:31:06 <loudkirbyking> Want me to go on and edit with HSA dead?
    May 30 22:31:37 <auramaster> We can't sub in ginga
    May 30 22:31:42 <auramaster> Even if he doesn't remember
    May 30 22:31:51 <auramaster> He knows who was in the chat
    May 30 22:31:53 <loudkirbyking> I know
    May 30 22:32:01 <auramaster> And that they wouldn't be subbed out
    May 30 22:32:06 <loudkirbyking> Do you want me to go on and put it before HSA starts PMing people
    May 30 22:32:07 <auramaster> Edit out Eep's name at least
    May 30 22:32:15 <loudkirbyking> I made it so he was okay
    May 30 22:32:18 <auramaster> I'll PM HSA
    May 30 22:32:37 <auramaster> Completely edit out Eep
    May 30 22:33:19 <auramaster> Edit in HSA, then sub out Bagman and Deino for MK and Hydrattler?
    May 30 22:33:31 <loudkirbyking> Yeah...
    May 30 22:33:47 <auramaster> Alright, you fix the update, I'll explain the host mistake
    May 30 22:33:49 <auramaster> But wait
    May 30 22:33:53 <auramaster> Triple check the PMs
    May 30 22:34:18 <loudkirbyking> I'm not posting anything yet.
    May 30 22:34:53 <auramaster> Where's the Bosses kill?
    May 30 22:34:58 <auramaster> Never mind
    May 30 22:35:10 <loudkirbyking> Yeah
    May 30 22:35:22 <auramaster> Triple wait!
    May 30 22:35:28 <loudkirbyking> I have done nothing
    May 30 22:35:48 <auramaster> Never mind, Eep is Hooked, so he can't kill LS
    May 30 22:35:49 <auramaster> Right?
    May 30 22:35:58 <loudkirbyking> Right-ish... I think
    May 30 22:37:14 * loudkirbyking has quit (Broken pipe)
    May 30 22:38:03 <auramaster> Ok, I think everything has been corrected in theory
    May 30 22:38:15 <loudkirbyking> Okay
    May 30 22:38:16 <auramaster> Time to edit the update and I'll explain the mistake, and sub people out
    May 30 22:38:38 <loudkirbyking> Okay. I'll edit now.
    May 30 22:41:43 <loudkirbyking> Meeeeeep, ready to put it up.
    May 30 22:43:29 <auramaster> Ok, go ahead, with HSA dead
    May 30 22:44:29 <loudkirbyking> Snip about bagman, right?
    May 30 22:45:22 <auramaster> Yes
    May 30 22:45:47 <loudkirbyking> In
    May 30 22:47:00 <auramaster> Ugh
    May 30 22:47:11 <loudkirbyking> I know... I'm sorry :(
    May 30 22:47:17 * loudkirbyking cries a bit on the inside
    May 30 22:47:38 <auramaster> It's my fault :(
    May 30 22:47:44 <loudkirbyking> Mine too :(
  17. kingofmars

    kingofmars Its 2015 somewhere
    is a Past SPL Championwon the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournament

    Jul 22, 2010
    Wait, what the fuck? Yeah, I mean, I did do that Quagsire lynch inspection thing, but that was really my only good move of the game that I did by myself really. Well that and trying to get Quagsires to ally with Athenodoros by telling him of Athenodoros' shared suspiscoun about dukefan. Auramaster, are you rigging this thing just because I'm doing nicely in the SPL? Because if so, thanks :)

    For the most part, I was rather disconnected from anyone else during the game, mostly due to the fact that I was defending Undisputed, who turned out to be mafia. Due to this, I mostly kept to myself, except for trying to unite Athenodoros and Quagsires. Personally, I blame myself for not realizing that it wasn't a full inspection, allowing ray to lynch more easily, but w/e.
  18. Cereza

    Cereza Tastes Like Candy

    Jan 17, 2011
    I could have done better... I always get the mayor when playing mafia games so I know how it works...but being sick during the game didnt help, that I the fact I dont access to IRC *frown face*

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