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I heard someone mention this, so I decided to test:
Hitmontop can't learn Mach Punch because it's incompatible with another move
It's a Technician Hitmontop with Fake Out/Mach Punch/Hi Jump Kick/Sucker Punch
I thought this was legal in HG/SS, which means it should also be legal in B/W2
Breed Mach Punch onto a Tyrogue -> Evolve into Hitmonlee and let it learn HJK, breed Mach Punch and HJK from Hitmonlee onto another Tyrogue->Tyrogue gets Fake Out as a starting move->Teach Sucker Punch through HG/SS tutor->Trade to B/W2
Maybe I've missed something, but I'm think that's correct. Normally Male-only pokemon can't pass down level up moves, but HJK/Mach Punch are counted as Egg Moves for Tyrogue iirc :x
Same sort of issue I'm getting with Wide Guard + Mach Punch (presumably) Conkeldurr. Bmelts was telling me it has something to do with the way the program handles egg moves, they're bred to Tyrogue but it's a baby (so it can't breed itself) and the way it evolves into Hitmons and I dunno, whatever. Confused the hell out of me. Conk can get both moves from Lee/Top, which get Mach Punch from Chan of course, but it doesn't recognize the legality.

I hope it gets fixed soon, I want to play VGC with my first team I made. :(
Turn 20
Deoxys-Attack used Superpower!
The foe's Cubone lost 44% of its health!
Deoxys-Attack's Attack fell!
Deoxys-Attack's Defense fell!
Deoxys-Attack lost some of its HP!
The foe's Cubone used Double-Edge!
Deoxys-Attack lost 90% of its health!
Deoxys-Attack fainted!
The foe's Cubone was hurt by its burn!
Celeborn sent out Drapion!

Turn 21
Drapion used Pursuit!
A critical hit! The foe's Cubone lost 28% of its health!
The foe's Cubone used Double-Edge!
Drapion lost 26% of its health!
The foe's Cubone was hurt by its burn!
The foe's Cubone fainted!
Kenny1109 sent out Bulbasaur!

The bug here is that Cubone took no recoil damage from double edge.


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The foe's Rotom-Wash used Hydro Pump!
The foe's Rotom-Wash's attack missed!

that shouldn't be able to happen when storm drain is on the field


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The foe's Suicune used Ice Beam!
Garchomp ate its Yache Berry!
It's super effective! Garchomp's substitute faded!

The Yache should not activate if Garchomp has a substitute.
Conkeldurr is unable to run Mach Punch and Wide Guard at the same time. PS claims that the moves are incompatible, despite that through some chain breeding, you can get a parent with both moves to pass them on to timburr.
A minor thing, but Shaymin-S is supposed to revert to it's Land forme when frozen. This is rare considering it's 4x weakness, but game-changing when it does manage to happen since you lose all its Speed, power, and Flying STAB. Not sure what happens when it is unfrozen though.
Sorry if this has already been brought up.

Turn 12

Cowmooh called Golbat back!
Cowmooh sent out Yamask!
Miltank used Dizzy Punch!
The foe's Yamask lost 66% of its health!
Miltank's Ability became Mummy!
The foe's team's tailwind petered out!
Turn 13

Miltank used Block!
The foe's Yamask used Frustration!
The substitute took damage for Miltank!
Turn 14

Miltank used Dizzy Punch!
The foe's Yamask lost 34% of its health!
The foe's Yamask fainted!
Cowmooh sent out Monferno!

Miltank clearly lost Scrappy from the switch in but I still took out Yamask with dizzy punch.


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Currently Intimidate is happening before the opposing side is finished switching if both sides switch simultaneously. Intimidate is supposed to activate once all switches for the turn have been completed.

The ability pressure didn't effect the opponents protect when it should have:

Pressure doesn't affect Protect. It only affects moves that target the Pressure user.

Me and my friend tried the new game mode today for Pokemon Showdown it was going good and normal until he switched out his wigglytuff and put in a Minun with his Plusle already out this caused the game to crash and mess up and be unplayable for me that is while he could target my pokemon i saw two wigglytuff's and could not attack him at all after i ko'd one here is the replay happens on turn 14 http://www.pokemonshowdown.com/replay/seasonalvalentineventure9328087 and here is the line of data is spat out after it messed up

ArcticGaminq called Wigglytuff back!
Error parsing: switch|p2b: Minun|Minun, L86, F| (100/100)
@http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/js/battle.js?v0.8.0:1782 @http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/js/battle.js?v0.8.0:4342
Pointed stones dug into the foe's Wigglytuff!