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Deck Knight

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Alright, so I'll post up a 24 hr warning for this.

Finalize your submissions if you haven't, I'll be back tomorrow after work to sort this all out.
Well, now or never, I guess.

Does anyone else look at the prototype slate and think the names are kind of blah? Don't you want something more exciting? More explosive? More combustible? More... BOOM? (Okay, I guess Bomshelk kind of does this, but meh.) Let us put this name submission stage on TURBO with the following final submission:


I suppose the full meaning of "gastropod" is nullified by using just the "-pod" suffix, but the point is, CAP 3 presumably stores combustible fluid in its shell, which is the whole reason behind its typing and attacks and such (okay, we haven't decided on attacks, but still). I also think that the fluid could also serve as a sort of life fuel for CAP 3, and hence the name could be interpreted as describing "one who walks using volatile fuel".

I was originally enamored with using the "ign-" prefix somehow, but nothing came to mind for it. This name came up instead.


Disclaimer: This overly dramatic post may not completely accurately depict the author's opinions.

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Final Submission


Spire (another name for the cone or shell on a snail) + lamp

The one thing I worry is that the lamp part makes it sound too much like an Electric-type because of amp, but after brainstorming for quite a while this is the best I got that remains pretty cute.
Here to comment on my favourite names:

Mollux-DJD: I like this one and it's origination, but is the pronunciation Mol-lu or Mol-luxe??

Beacone-Mos: Beacon is really fitting to this design and that's the main reason I like it!

Cargoesce-Spork: Cargo Esce---Esce Cargo hahaha I love it!!! The -esce part is doubly useful!!!

Nitropod-Capefeather: I really like the use of Nitro in the name (when thinking of names I actually thought of Ignitropod so that's a cool coincidence!)

Also a note about my name
People are saying Escargot has been overdone in Pokemon. It's been done only twice! I'm sure there are many other instances where name inspirations have been more than once so Escarglow isn't that unrealistic!
Final Submission

Lampet (Limpet + Lamp)

(full credit to Mos-Quitoxe's concept and Wyverii's artwork)
I can't believe I'm the first one to post this.
It's a snail with a lamp. I can't think of a better way to describe it.
I might as well submit something, even if nobody seemed to care for it one way or the other...

Final Submission:
Astro Lamp+Gastropod
Astro Lamp is another name for a Lava Lamp, Gastropod is Gastropod.


nyoen wnt an popsicel
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Final Submission


--credit goes to erisia
Erm... yeah... what he said. o_O

Lavalusk is obviously a portmanteau of lava and mollusk, and it has the same phonetic structure as lavalamp. And it looks cleaner than Lavalusc, although that's fine too. Deck Knight can decide which is better if he slates this.


Final Submission:
Whoa, I actually kind of kind of like this one! I like it because it tackles the lava lamp angle in a way that nobody else has done, and it flows seamlessly into the snail reference. Sure, it kind of might be mistake for just being Gastropod without the G, but I still think it's clever and different enough to deserve slating.
Much too close to Lampent IMO.
I noticed that as well, but I liked the portmanteau too much not to try...

If that post marked the death knell for my idea, than I have to throw my support behind Astropod, Nitropod and Mollux for their fitting, pokemon-esque names, and Escarglow, which, though it doesn't flow as well, is so hilarious that it is my favorite by far.
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