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Now comes the point where we stop calling CAP 3 "CAP 3" and start trying to call it something else. Here we will develop names which will hopefully include some pretty awesome stuff. This process will end with my selecting a slate from the submissions. Keep in mind that this isn't total bedlam; just posting a name doesn't mean anything. You need to follow the rules as outlined below.

  • Names must be marked as "Final Submission" to have a chance to be slated for polling.
  • One final submission per person.
  • The length limit for a Pokemon's name is 10 characters.
  • Do not post just to say that you like a name. Substantiate your post or it will be deleted and you warned.
The following rules are not 'rules' as per the CAP process, but rules insofar as anything breaking them will be automatically disqualified for slate. That means you should follow them if you want a chance to make slate.

  • No name may contain profanity or be otherwise inappropriately suggestive.
  • No name may be too similar to the name of another Pokemon.
I reserve the right as TL to interpret those rules as I deem fit. This means that if I think your name is too close to something, it is, regardless of what anyone else thinks. If you think your name might break one of those rules, it is highly likely that it is.

Remember that as a flavor aspect of the CAP process, anyone, including the TL, may participate.

CAP 3 so far:

Name: Extreme Makeover: Typing Edition

General Description: The idea here is to create a Pokemon who's typing, while normally considered poor defensively and/or offensively, becomes a strong selling point of the Pokemon itself via help from an ability, stats, and/or movepool.

Justification: There are a lot of typings we scoff at on a daily basis because of their serious flaws, often forgetting about their strong points. For example, Poison is a really terrible offensive typing, but a decent defensive typing, while the Ice typing is good offensively, but awful defensively. Instead of just accepting that some typings will just ruin a Pokemon, this CAP concept aims to take that "terrible typing", and find ways to fix it (usually via ability, movepool, or stats) to the point where the formerly terrible typing becomes the CAP's strong point! The reason this CAP could benefit OU is because a Pokemon who makes a "bad typing" into a great one could find many unique offensive and/or defensive niches that aren't currently found!

Questions To Be Answered

-What does it take for a Pokemon to overcome its "bad typing" so much that its typing becomes good? Are the stats the biggest contributer, is the ability the thing that saves it, does movepool make it a force, or is it a combination of the above?

-How does the typing makeover effect the Pokemon's playstyle? Does the Pokemon become a unique wall that uses its makeover to overcome its typing's normally fatal flaws, does the make over make a terrible offensive typing into a fearsome sweeper, does the makeover make it into a formidible combination of deffense and offense to a typing that brings it neither, or does the makeover bring forth something none of us see coming from the typing?

-Which resistances and immunities are the most relevant to the metagame? Sure, this concept is aiming to have a "bad typing" become good, but part of that will require the bad typing to have some key resistances and/or immunties to certain typings to defend against or set up on, while still having a very unorthodox competitive typing. This works the other way around too, what are the typings most relevant to hit super effectively or at least neutral?

-How will the rest of the OU metagame react to this extreme type makeover? Will Pokemon start carrying moves they normally wouldn't carry to break through a new defensive threat, will some Pokemon take on new defensive roles due to resisting the unorthodox STABs CAP 3 may carry? Or will This Pokemon, despite being a very real threat, not have many "custom made sets" to beat it, being more of a Pokemon that is a reaction to the metagame than causing a metagame reaction?

-Finally, how will this effect the teams CAP3 is on? Will this be the kind of Pokemon who needs a lot of support to become a threat, will this Pokemon be more of key team member to execute another strategy, or will this be the kind of Pokemon that's part of the glue that holds the team together?
Typing: Fire / Poison
Base stats: 95 HP / 45 Atk / 83 Def / 131 SpA / 105 SpD / 76 Spe
Abilities: Dry Skin / ??? (No Competitive Ability) / (???)

Deck Knight

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Thou shalt follow the rules laideth down within this thread, or suffer great and terrible wrath.

Also, my opening entry for CAP 3:

I christen thee thread, Mr. Salty!

From Basalt, the kind of lava that forms when it flows over lava, also an allusion to foul-mouthed sailors, who one should always address as "Mr." or preferably, "Sir!" Considering it's based on a cone snail, which acid can kill you, I'd say it works. It's always the cute ones.
The idea I have is:


from Conical/Cone + Caldera. The 'cone' can refer to the cone snail, or the cone of a volcano. Caldera is the pit that forms after the collapse of a volcano, as well as being comparative to the word 'cauldron', something befitting that bubbly mixture inside the lamp.

Conedera is apparently a Spanish(?) name and is more likely to be mispronounced, so I figure I'll go with Condera.
Final Submission
I came up with:

I wanted to do something that combines all of its aesthetics; being its poisonous, a lava lamp, and a cone snail. Well poison is hazardous. Another name for a lava lamp(according to wikipedia) is Astro Lamp. Lastly, cone snails are in the family of Gastropods.


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This is a cute pokemon, so I'd love if we gave it a cute name. Deck Knight is already on that path with his name suggestion. I was thinking something like Molly as in "Molly the Mollusk".

I also like Mollux -- Mollusk + Lux (Latin for light). If people like this one, I'll refer Quanyails too, since we both came up with this independently and mentioned it on #cap at different times.
My idea for now is Abalamp, a combination of "abalone," a snail/mollusc like creature, and "lamp," which is what the little guy has on his back. I chose this name because of the phonetic similarity to "lava lamp," as well as the fact that it's kinda fun to say, fitting with the cute and fun look of the Pokemon. There is also Abalava, "abalone" + "lava," which could also work (and it's even more fun to say, lol).
I thought up a name that sounds good and is easy to understand.


Ca (lava) (cone)

I wanted a name that put all the aesthetics of the design into a single name that flowed well and this is what I came up with. I could add the a that is missing in lava but I think it sounds better without it.


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Name: Blublee
Pronounced Bluh + Blee

I am gonna toy around with some names today, but I like saying the name Blublee. It's a cute name for a cutemon! It's a play off of the word 'bubbly' primarily, which is in reference to the bubbles in the lava lamp. Try saying it aloud; it's kinda fun!

It is also similar the word 'lovely', but with the V replaced with a B. In that way, it kinda sounds like baby talk when said aloud (which is pretty adorable, haha). The word lovely comes in from a) the heart-shape of its mouth and b) the idea that cone snailmon looks pretty lovable and harmless.

Finally, I could imagine this Pokemon actually saying its name. Those puckered lips probably can't use hard consonants. Its lips also look like they would putter whenever it speaks, kind of like a deflating balloon. I can just imagine it squeeing out "b-b-b-bluh b-b-b-b-lee!" with some exaggerated lip trills on the B's. Any feedback is helpful!


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I don't want to be obvious, but Snailava? Suffers from obvious Quilava similarity. I'll come up with something better, I hope.


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A play on "luminous" and "mollusk". Poisonous imagery is incongruous with how cute this thing is for the most part, and I don't like the "Lava" angle. Suggestions welcome.
Until I find a name as awesome as SubwayJ's Escarglow or DougJustDoug's Mollux, I don't see a point in submitting. That's not a condemnation of all the other names that have been and will be in this thread, just a strong show of support for these names.

The name stage has always been one area where I've been not exactly successful, but something I've wanted to be successful in before considering a run for TL against a strong candidate slate. Perhaps that's why I used to beat my head against this wall before. But now I pretty much know not to do it unless I actually have a good name. As I had my own pre-evo project demonstrate, support for names (specific names, not categories of names) is extremely important for influencing the TL's slate.
So, been creeping around the CAP forums the past few weeks, and finally got computer access, so I'm gonna throw my name in for this!

I like Luglavam. Lava + slug + lamp(ish?)

Ever since I saw the design for this awesome critter, that name stuck in my head, so it'd be pretty cool if it had a chance as its real name!

I also feel like it's different than other names; Slugma, Escavalier, Magcargo.....some of the names being recommended reminded me so much of those three, and I think something as great as this guy should have a pretty original name.
DJD go with Mollux it is v. good.

As for myself, I was going to suggest Partulamp, derived from Partula, a genus of terrestrial snails (and thus has nothing to do with cone snails, but hey, he doesn't look much like one of those in the first place :v), and lamp.


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Btw, I am agreeing with cape that Escarglow especially, and Mollux somewhat, are clear leaders of the pack.

But now for my (most likely inferior) idea. I see lava lamp, I think GROOVY!

So how about either Groovee or Gruvee?

Both are corruptions of Groovy with additional subtle connotations. Groovee suggests grooves in the shell perhaps, while Gruvee hints at UV light.

Deck Knight

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On second thought, I think I'll go with a more serious entry that's still cute.

Final Submission:


"Bomb" + "Shell" + "Bombshell" + "Shelk"

Shelk is a kind of cone snail, while Bombs are obviously based on chemical explosions, many of which result in fire. And of course CAP3 has a Shell. The two terms merge to describe how awesome CAP3 is gonna be: a Bombshelk!



I really wanted to incorporate the word Mantle into this Pokemon's name for its dual meaning, referring both to (a) a mollusc's shell and (b) the geological layer from which molten materials (magma/lava) arrive to the earth's surface. So, the name is saying both (a) that the Pokemon's mantle is lamp and (b) that the lamp is like the mantle:

Mantl'lamp's mantle-lamp is a mantle-lamp. ^_^

As for the spelling, there are two major reasons that I spelled it the way that I did with the apostrophe.
(1) Without the apostrophe, the pronunciation becomes very unclear. As "Mantlamp", it looks like "MANT-lamp". As "Mantlelamp", it looks like "MANT-le-lamp". As "Mantl'lamp", however, the pronunciation is clearly "MAN-tl-lamp".
(2) The apostrophe is kind of a reference to Hawai'i, most of whose islands are correctly spelled with an apostrophe. It's minor, but I like the idea of this Pokemon coming from a place like Hawaii, with both the volcanic and tropical imagery.

As for other entries, my favorite right now is Escarglow, though I fear it might be a bit to similar to Magcargo, another fire-type snail. Mollux is cute too, plus it's simple and easy to pronounce and understand.


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Final Submission

Final Submission

No sense dragging it out, since I think this has a shot at getting slated and I won't come up with anything better.

"Mollusk" + "Lux" (Latin for "light")

It's short and sweet and covers both snail and lamp aspects of the design. If it wins, we'll almost certainly refer to it colloquially as "Molly", so I get a kind of two-for-one with this name submission. Also, a shoutout to Quanyails who mentioned this name on IRC too independently of me, but this in no way constrains her from making her own final name submission.

Of all the other names in this thread, Escarglow by Subway is pretty darn great!
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