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Banned deucer.
I fully support the name Burnoulli

for one, the fact that it references the lava lamp without being stupid obvious like 90% of names, which include Lava or Lamp. Secondly, the name sounds cutemonny, with all the soft consonant transitions (and ending in an "ee" sound is allus a plus!) Third, i love the french feel. It seems as if, had the french evolved only slightly differently, that Burnoulli would be the name for what we know as escargot.

and if you're worried about it referencing a person, HitmonLEE and hitmonCHAN say hi
Cyclohm, too.

Also, yes, one of my draft names was Ignitropod but I felt it was too convoluted. Lord Jesseus's Astropod is catchy, too, but somehow I think people might get the wrong idea and think it doesn't fit.
I like Astropod a lot, but it sounds to "spacey" to me (as in outer space). Escarglow is a bit too cliche imo, but it still works. To be quiet honest, I can't pick a winner right now.
I'm not a fan of nitropod. Just doesn't sound right, almost to obvious or something, can't put my finger on it. For a similar reason I won't support Escarglow (though I really love that one), mollux is cute and burnoulli is a fantastic concept to work with/starting point though if it remains the way it is for the final submission I will be ok with it.
can your final submission contain more than one name?
Ygnisnail a corrupted form of ignis (latin for fire) + snail
Conchalea a mix of Concha (latin for conch) and Cochlea (latin for snail)
Lucernava lucerna (latin for lamp) + lava

my favorite out of my 3 is Lucernava, out of everybody elses, I really like Escarglow, Luminusk and Mollux
I don't really like any of the submissions with -lusk at the end. In these names, unlike with the word "Mollusk", the emphasis is put on the "usk" sound at the end. I think this sound really doesn't suit the personality of the pokemon, plus it makes me think of "Musk" which really has nothing to do with our snailmon. "Mollux" doesn't fall into this category, since the emphasis is on the "Moll" sound. Lux is also lighter sounding that Lusk.

Since my last post, I'm also really liking Nitropod. It's kind of cute but also a little bit badass. Perfect.

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since this thread closes soon, I'll put up my Final Submission

Lucernava lucerna is latin for lamp and the "ava" part comes from lava, making the name a complete reference to the major idea of mos' design: the Lava Lamp. The poison typing may not apear in the name but I doubt that it really needs to, rarely do double-type pokemon have both types referenced in the name.
Final Submission


Yeah. I know it's a bit similar to some that have been suggested, but I hold the claim to the original idea (check page 3 if you don't believe me).
Thanks, guys. I actually didn't think my submission would get this much support, lol. I think I get where Redjar's coming from, as I also thought there was some kind of awkwardness in the name before submitting it, but this is my best shot, so we'll see what happens.


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I'm leaning towards Burnoulli too. I can't help but think it would be better if it were cartoonified as Burnoolee/Burnooly/Burnooley. Yes it loses the elegance of the original man's name, but it seems more Pokemon-ish to me.
Final Submission:


Fairly obvious name origins. I showed my bro the CAP and he wanted "snailbert", but that was already a minor character in a different game.
Astropod is the absolute best name. I didn't realize lava lamps were called astro lamps but since they are it's incredibly memorable and flows well, which is something that good pokemon names should do but sometimes don't *cough* cofagrigus *cough*

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So I think I should begin forming a slate. The problem with these name threads is everyone pushes themselves to make a name but they don't discuss other names much. These are the ones I like and I think fit (that have been marked as FS):


I would ask the mod who is going to post up the thread to include the poster's etymology of the words, thank you.
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