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CAP 14 CAP 3 - Part 13 - Movepool Submissions

Discussion in 'CAP Process Archive' started by capefeather, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. LouisCyphre

    LouisCyphre heralds disaster.

    May 10, 2010
    Heh, knew I was out for not having Stealth Rock. Maybe I should try and squeeze it in somewhere...? Toxic Spikes just ain't what they used to be.

    EDIT: Dropped Sleep Talk for Stealth Rock, I guess. It's illegal with Hurricane but I doubt a Recover + Rapid Spin + Stealth Rock set would use Hurricane over Lava Plume.
  2. DTC

    DTC I'll be your 1-Up girl
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    May 8, 2011
    I'm a lazy motherfucker so one of the egg groups in my movepool submission is Field (plus Torkoal gets it!). Smeargle is part of the field egg group, so there are no Egg Move combination illegalties.

    Otherwise, great job.
  3. zyrefredric


    Jun 24, 2008
    My submission is also already final. I haven't had the time to explain the competitive and flavor of it, but if you could look it over, you would notice that it is unique enough to have worth. Looking at the spreadsheet Malkyrian made, there are many moves that are not even found in any of the slated submissions. I hope this uniqueness is enough for the submission to be considered.
  4. jas61292

    jas61292 used substitute
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a CAP Contributoris a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 30, 2010
    Oh man, I have been really busy these past few days, so, just like last CAP, I will not have time to finish up a movepool of my own, though I would still like to give my opinions.

    Personally, I do not like Hurricane for Mollux. I think it is inferior to Thunder in most ways when they are separate, and just adds bad flavor in addition to restricting Thunder itself by making it not a TM move, and thus having illegalities. Outside of this though I think most sets have every offensive move I care about, and there is nothing other than Hurricane that I really have a problem with in this department.

    Next, I think Mollux really needs Recover, and should be allowed to have it on any set. There are a few other main moves I want, and while I don't care if everything can be used together, I think Mollux should have the option of using Recover with any other given moves. This means I only really like movepools that have Recover as a level up move, or as an Egg Move but with no illegalities with key competitive moves. Due to the commonly chosen egg groups though, the former is much more common.

    The other moves that I really want for Mollux are Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin. While I don't think it is a big deal whether or not two to be available together, I do think it would be ideal if they were. These, along with Recover are key to giving it a nice supportive role, and not just forcing it to power along offensively.

    Overall, I think competitively my favorite movepool is Korski's. It has TM Thunder, Level Up Recover, Rapid Spin and Recover legal together as egg moves via Kabutops, and plenty of other cool moves, along side the necessary offensive coverage. Now, I will admit, I am not much of a fan of Korski's flavor. Endure, Wish and Confuse Ray in Level up don't really make sense to me, and I am no fan of some of the egg moves, but eh, nobody's perfect.
  5. Korski

    Korski Distilled, 80 proof
    is a CAP Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Mar 29, 2009
    Thanks for the support, jas. I hope your concerns are the same as Deck's were when he trimmed me off the slate, as I've switched some things around in a last-ditch effort based on your flavor criticisms in your post. I moved Wish to Egg moves (illegal with Aromatherapy, Rapid Spin, and Toxic Spikes it turns out) and took out Metronome, as it didn't really fit after all. I moved some things around in the LU pool to compensate, adding Bide in the process. I then just replaced Confuse Ray with Encore, as Encore has better (but still middling) competitive use and more flavor for its connection to Shuckle, Shelmet, etc. Ideally this fixes up my submission to its best possible form.
  6. Deck Knight

    Deck Knight RIP DryPass Vaporeon
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    CAP Head Mod

    May 27, 2005
    Finalized Slate:

    Looked at the last few posts, and noticed DTC's didn't have SR, which I think is valuable.

    I'm replacing it with LousCyphre's updated slate, since that gives two movepool options with Split Thunder/Hurricane.

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