CAP 16 CAP 5 - Part 10 - Non-Attacking Moves Poll

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Disallow Glare
Allow Spikes
Allow Stun Spore
Disallow Thunder Wave

If Malaconda wants to risk a turn possibly missing just so it can outspeed something on the second turn, I'm fine with that. Most of its counters hate burn more, anyway.

Spikes is fair game considering every other weather has a real, devoted hazard inducer except sun (Tentacruel, Hippowdon, Froslass). Also considering that Spikes is not going to be in every movepool, it seems more fair to give option of Spikes to those that do want it.
Disallow Stun Spore
Allow Glare
Disallow Thunder Wave
Allow Spikes

Of the three paralysis moves, Thunderwave is too accurate to be balanced, especially because it will remove its speed weakness. Glare on the other hand, is the more balanced choice, because it is not 100% accurate but still allows it to be used reliably. Stun spore, whilst there is no reason not to use it, it is fairly redundant with Glare also being used.
Glare is also the signature move of snakes, not using it would be a crime!


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That's time!

84 disallowthunderwave
70 allowglare 
65 allowstunspore 
60 allowspikes 
47 disallowspikes 
41 disallowstunspore 
38 disallowglare 
23 allowthunderwave
Glare, Stun Spore, and Spikes are all allowed. Thunder Wave is not.

I am trapped in class haha. If another mod wants to put up movepool submissions, have at it. Otherwise I can in an hour or two.
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