CAP 16 CAP 5 - Sprite Submissions

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Just wanted to post a pre-warning; once movepool polls are complete, this thread will have a 24 hour warning to complete final submissions. Great work so far!
Final Submission

  • Didn't change much since my last update.
  • Yellow is female, red is male.
  • ˙sǝןıɟ uoıʇɐzıןɐɔoן ǝɥʇ pǝʇɐpdn

Sprites tests:
Background test:

Comparison test:

  • Scorpio: Please bear with me on what I'm pointing out, since we may be on short notice. (I'm terribly sorry if this is too much.) The sprite, as a whole, could have more contrast between the colors and lineart. I fall into the same folly of not providing enough shading, though I try and make my shading somewhat evident. A lighter brown on the main body should make it look less flat as a whole, as long as the contours are correct. An outline around the eyes--or even more contrasting shading, like in the shiny--will make them pop out more instead of the viewer being attracted to the black bead of the iris. As for the back sprite: The jaw on the back sprite is very large-looking (especially with the absence of shading), and the head as a whole still looks stretched back. The curves of the yellow bands near the tail do not fit the roundness of that area. The spikes look blunted, though I'm okay with that if it's not accidental.
  • GoldenBanana: The only thing I may critique are the lines on the head leaves. They're a detail that attracts the eyes that most likely shouldn't. Making them slightly softer should work to simplify the area. That left-most fang is a bit odd, since the perspective makes it appear as if it's dangling from Malaconda's mouth, but I suppose that's what it is--I've had trouble, too, making the fangs look thin yet normal. :) That's my criticism. The rest of the sprite is fine and a unique pose compared to the other sprites, in-game or otherwise, I see. I hope to see your back sprite as well!
  • noobiess: I do like your sprites, with the exception of that really vivid green apple for the female shiny. It really is quite bright compared to the colors you've otherwise used.
Ok, so I've made the underbelly more visible and detailed in the backsprite's main body (it's not really supposed to show on the frontsprite's body), added another fig leaf to the backsprite's head, fixed a few shading issues with both sprites, and added a third spike to the front when I realized that it would, in fact, be visible from that perspective. I also updated my shiny sprite, and I have female and shiny versions prepared for the front and back. The apple I didn't change mostly because it just looked weird and merged with the tail when I did a black outline. Also because I sorta feel it's supposed to look like it does to indicate 'unusualness', so to speak.

As always, feedback would be appreciated, especially with the deadline nearing. If there's nothing I need to change, I may make my final submission.
Final Submission

Male front/Male back/Male shiny front/Male shiny back
Female front/Female back/Female shiny front/Female shiny back

I decided to change the color of the apple of the female shiny dark red because it matches better with the non-shiny sprite.

Thanks to everyone who gave comments and helped me improve the sprite. I appreciate it :)
Also good luck to all the other participants, I think there are alot of amazing sprites out there.
Final Submission

Final Submission:

Just some final tweaks to the jaw on front and back.

Using gen 5 Pokémon sprites for comparison only. They are constructed a bit differently then previous generations.

Well I hope I can get some last minute feedback on these... narrowed it down to 2 shiny colours, did the backsprites as well. Top row male, bottom row female.

Oh wow, I guess I'm weird then, because I sort of prefer the green / black shiny sprite. The red / black looks a bit cooler I guess, but it looks a bit unnatural. However, that's how shinies work I suppose. But I still support the green / black one.

Also, Scorpio, the fold in the body at the right seems a bit strange, and I think you should push the back length of the body a little bit higher / lower. The current position looks a tad bit awkward. Also, the neck seems a bit thin. Good luck! :)


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man the female version of this sprite should have a bite taken out of the apple if this is supposed to be a garden of eden reference, cause of Eve!!

I was referencing the front sprite. Also, the back sprite seems a little bit bare, but I'm at school and your images won't load for some reason so I'll edit this post later.

Edit: @below, yeah! it looks a lot more natural this way! :) Don't forget to make the back sprite match the front sprite but yeah it looks good! The apple looks sort of 2-D ish though, but it's fine I suppose.
Final Submission

Final Submission

I apologize for the double post, but I sort of wanted to make sure I submitted right (didn't want to somehow mess up by editing the above post or something).


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I will never get over the quality of sprites and spriters in this community. This round of voting will be an agony for me, so before things get gnarly and competitive, I would like to praise and thank everyone (literally, everyone who has submitted a sprite this time around) for their top-shelf contributions to the most visible aspect of our CAP's design. Wyverii's submission has once again (but not surprisingly) completely won me over with its precision and elegance. I absolutely love the arrogant pose and snide grin of noobiess's sprite; I don't think anyone else could squeeze another drop of personality out of the art design compared to it. Quanyails's sprite does the best job of bringing out the stat spread, and the sprite's thick and formidable pose emphasizes Malaconda's grandeur very well. DougJustDoug's sprite is yet another indicator that he is willing to push the envelope with perspective and dynamics; his unique style provides the most animated final submission of the bunch, like the true predator Malaconda is. I hope to see more final subs before the thread closes, but as it stands this is going to be one of the toughest sprite polls I can remember since I showed up here 4 years and 9 projects ago.
I agree with you completely, korski, I personally like noobies use of apple color to distinguish the sprites but I can honestly say there isn't a single sprite I don't like. All of these are at least pretty good and most of these are awesome. There isn't really an outcome that I could be disappointed with when it comes to voting. Good luck to all.

Elecheso, I know this is a bit late to tell you this, but if you aren't already done then I would just like to say I personally like the red on black shiny sprite better than the green on black. It just looks overall more intimidating and in all honesty, a whole lot cooler.
Final submission

K black and red it is. Too bad, I liked the green one myself! Again, top row male, bottom female. Made some changes to the body/head so it's facing the proper direction. I hope people like a thick bodied Malaconda!
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