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Discussion CAP 5th Generation Revamp Main Thread

Discussion in 'Policy Center' started by Deck Knight, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. LouisCyphre

    LouisCyphre heralds disaster.

    May 10, 2010
    Voodoom already gets Thundershock, if I recall correctly.

    He also gets Thunder Wave, which he can self-target with.
  2. Son_of_Shadoo


    Apr 13, 2009
    Dear God in heaven, this. Surely Subway was kidding.

    Going back to Lou's point about giving Voodoom para support, why not Glare for Ground types? Though then again, with Force Palm/Body Slam it's starting to get redundant, but without Serene Grace, I wouldn't consider either of those moves worthwhile enough (Body Slam's lolcoverage/Force Palm outclassed by other Fighting moves).
  3. Leethoof


    Feb 23, 2011
    Hi. Although this may be crazy, a more useful, not electric-related DW ability may be in order for Voodoom. One of its main problems is that all it has, out of three abilities, is an electric immunity, basically. Some suggestions:

    Adaptability: There isn't really any specific flavor reasoning for this, since the mons that already get it have really no general flavor. It would help improve Voodoom's okay coverage, helping it lay on the hurt with its STABs.

    Infiltrator: Fits with its sneaky evilness, helps with its paralyzing job.

    Plus/Minus: Would be cool for double battles, create excellent synergy with the users of the other ability, seeing as how they ALL have discharge. Fits flavorwise with Voodoom's charged, electric-y nature.

    Shadow Tag: Sneaky, evil, more usefel than another electric immunity.


    Trace: Yay for more CAP tracers. But, I think it fits with Voodoom's sneaky evilness, and is a very good ability in general.

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