CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 3 - Secondary Type Poll 1

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just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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This is our Pokémon:
Concept said:
Name: Decentralizer
Description: A Pokemon can check a majority of the current top 5 Pokemon.
Type: Water / ???

For the record, the current top 10 on the CAP server are:
  1. Stratagem
  2. Revenankh
  3. Fidgit
  4. Tyranitar
  5. Zapdos
  6. Syclant
  7. Blissey
  8. Heatran
  9. Scizor
  10. Pyroak

This is the VOTING thread. Please refrain from making non-voting posts in this thread (they will be deleted). You can (and definitely should!) make those posts in the discussion thread.

Bold vote for one (1) type. No secondary type is now an option.

For the record, the results of the main type poll:
Water - 60
Ground - 26
Fighting - 14
Electric - 5
Dark - 1
Ghost - 1
Steel - 1
Fire - 1
Poison - 1
Total votes: 108

Water won since it overwhelmingly had over the 50% of the votes necessary to win.
Not open for further replies.