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We finished in 6 weeks, 3 days. Not too fast, not too slow.

Well, here it is folks. It’s definitely been a bumpy ride, but we got through it and made something pretty damn good. Before we start going into tears and whatnot I’m just going to summarize the events as to what happened during this project.

Concept: The concept of CAP 9 was “Stop the Secondary”, in which the CAP community was given the task to beat a variety of secondary threats in the metagame, including entry hazards, status, Trick, Encore, and Leech Seed to name a few. The two main approaches to this concept were to make an “immune wall”, which would be immune to a variety of the secondary as well as wall the users of it, or a sweeper that would discourage the secondary through punishing the opponent through either damage or benefitting from the secondary. As you can see, Colossoil represents the latter, and could possibly discourage the use of the secondary through its powers and cause metagame shifts that you should all be on the lookout for. Unlike an immune wall that does not punish the secondary as hard as an offensive approach; I have confidence that this CAP will be successful.

: Dark/Ground isn’t exactly a typing that would come to mind when stopping the secondary. However, there are main points to consider when addressing typing and relating it to the concept. Is it necessarily the best way to “stop the secondary”? The response to this was to sort priorities out, and to begin by stopping the secondary directly, so to speak. Rather than going straight into fighting against secondary moves, the main typing, Dark, allowed for the community to actually have an advantage against the common users of the secondary, namely Rotom and Celebi. Trick users in particular would have a tough time against Dark STAB, effectively scaring them off. As this was something that could not be accomplished in later polls as opposed to status which could be dealt with relatively easy, I am satisfied with the typing as it complements its abilities nicely. One of the main problems when doing CAP Projects is looking at one part, but neglecting the others. Obviously our process goes one by one, so it may be difficult to view a CAP from a pokemon perspective, but it is necessary to create a successful pokemon, rather than just a bunch of puzzle pieces that do not fit together.

Colossoil’s secondary typing, Ground, is a decent compliment to Dark, which was selected as a priority to beat Trick users and other various secondary pokemon. At this stage in the project, people were hoping for Guts, which is a perfectly viable ability for stopping the secondary via an offensive route. I was content that people were actually thinking about the “big picture”, to say the least. Of all the statuses Guts could abuse, Paralysis was hardly one of them. By slowing down Colossoil, Guts would become less useful because it would not have the speed to compensate for its power. In addition, a Ground typing also gave Colossoil a Stealth Rock resistance, which is one of the most common forms of secondary damage. STAB Earthquake alongside STAB Crunch was also one of Ground’s main selling points, and I look forward to testing these two STABs used together.

Ability: Auto Magic Coat, suggested by Beej, was a controversial ability because of a few reasons: There was no existing ability that would do such a task, and it might or might not have even been necessary to fulfill the concept. Even if we were to use a regular ability and find out that it was impossible to stop the secondary, we would learn that stopping the secondary is terribly hard and should be taken in a different direction. However, it had tremendous support, more so than Guts. While the ability was definitely interesting, the morals of CAP were brought into question many times. Although Auto-Magic Coat still became the ability, Colossoil still has the ability Guts as a secondary ability, and there is a little more fun to the project with the introduction of a new ability, so we can learn a little more as to what would happen if a nonexistent variable came into play in the OU metagame. Not only is the CAP Project designed to learn more about the metagame around us, but we’re having fun too, right? ^_^

For a secondary ability, Guts was a solid choice, as it gave us more of a controlled and regulated CAP that we could actually learn the impact from in OU. While Guts and AMC both deal with status, AMC punishes the opponent with their own medicine, while Guts lets status become beneficial to Colossoil, giving two different types of benefits for the user. Indeed, both strategies fall under the same category of Status, but let’s face the fact that status is definitely one of the most prevalent secondary effects of all time, and exploring it in two different areas would allow for a much more thorough understanding. Oh, and because we didn’t want a messup like Kitsunoh who had Frisk and Limber, the latter which is used wayyyyyyy more, it was either Guts or bust for the secondary poll. No way in hell am I using Sticky Hold when I got something like AMC. It’s either one functional ability or two functional abilities. Sorry, I’m not interested in dual abilities unless they bring something to the table.

Looking back in the ability polls, they were definitely the most “secondary stopping” out of the whole process, which I liked. Abilities in my opinion can make or break the pokemon in such a category. And I think, by looking at this from the director’s chair, that we have done a fine job.

Stat Spread: Stat Spreads were definitely a pain in the ass, as it seemed like everyone and their mothers submitted stat spreads. Aside from that, there were definitely some gems that I liked during these threads. A somewhat offensive route seemed like a good choice because while emphasizing full force does threaten greater than one that does not, a somewhat offensive approach still can threaten greatly. Taking Metagross, Tyranitar, and Gyarados as examples of hard hitters yet still staying in the somewhat offensive ball park. Being able to take a hit was something many people wanted, and while I do not think that being able to take a hit is everything, I believe that not being able to take a hit is significant. Our stat spread in the end seems like a good mix between not being able to take a hit, and being able to take a hit. Deck Knight describes this spread like Hariyama’s in the sense of defense.

Offensively, we decided to go full physical, in order to maximize power and efficiency while still leaving holes in the CAP in the form of Gliscor, Hippowdon, and Skarmory. These holes would eventually be dealt with through various means by Colossoil through moves such as Fire Blast, Taunt, Rapid Spin, and Ice Shard. Needless to say, Colossoil can only run four moves, which tennisace and I have been preaching for the past month or so =). Am I concerned about these threats? No. Am I concerned about Colossoil being broken? Not really. I just want to play, and I hope you know that. ;) Should it become broken, you can bitch to me all you want, and I’ll take it like a man.

In the end, Deck Knight’s prevailed over Admiral Korski’s in a last minute comeback. I must say that Deck Knight sure has a pretty, pretty name…

Movepool: Movepools and selecting attacking/non-attacking moves was by far the most challenging. This was challenging in the fact that people were either too reluctant to give Colossoil a move that goes against its concept, or people were too lenient with their choices and didn’t care whatsoever. Regarding the “going against the concepts” arguments, I’ve always gone straight to CAP 7, Kitsunoh, where the biggest example of this has occurred. No offense to Mag whatsoever because he did not have anything to do with this, but I’ll tell you right now what I learned from CAP 7 – what we are making in CAP is not a concept, but a pokemon. A concept does not fight in a battle, but a pokemon does. Likewise, moves included to aid the pokemon in OU are perfectly fine, and the concept simply leads the direction as to how it is played. Is Transform a competitive move to consider when discussing the Ultimate Scout? Fucking hell no. What about Dig? Suck my balls.

Not really.

Controversial moves included moves such as Fangs, perhaps being the most discussed and controversial out of all the moves discussed. Should this pokemon be able to hit Forretress, Scizor and Skarm for good damage? What about Gyarados for Thunder Fang, or Ice Fang for Dragons and Gliscor? While many included them and many did not, it turns out that the Fangs from the remaining two sets were excluded not because they were deemed broken, but because they were unnecessary and mainly hype. It is ironic that moves discussed vigorously throughout the process do not even make it to the final poll. It just goes to show that everyone gets a little too nervous and afraid of giving a pokemon a bit of oomph sometimes. I’m sure everybody would freak out, including probably me, if we made Salamence in CAP. Aside from its great attacking prowess, movepool, and ability, it remains OU. In spite of all this, Salamence is still a great pokemon in OU, and is not sitting amongst Ubers at the moment. Sometimes we just need the balls to take risks here, because this is what CAP is here for, because taking risks will allow one to learn.

Now that my SHORT speech is over, I now present to you the final product:

moi said:
Name: Stop the Secondary
Description: A Pokémon that through means of ability, moves, and typing, can stop a variety of the non damaging affect of moves and moves of non damaging origin.

Justification: While the immediate threat of damaging moves is large and present, the affect of moves such as status, Trick, Leech Seed, Taunt, Stealth Rock, Spikes have arguably had a greater affect to the metagame than anything has ever had, something that this would greatly look in to.

Questions to be Answered:
~ How easily would a Pokémon with such large of a niche be able to fit into a competitive team?
~ How large of an impact would the reducation of non damaging affects and moves have on the metagame?
- What, if any, would happen to the types of teams being used?
- How would this affect the usage of these types of moves?
~ How much of an affect does typing have on the ability for ANY Pokémon to perform this duty?
Typing: Dark/Ground
Ability: Auto-Magic Coat
Ability: Guts
Stat Spread: 133/122/72/71/72/95
Name: Colossoil
---Horn Attack
6 Slam
11 Bite
17 Rapid Spin
22 Magic Coat
29 Pursuit
35 Drill Peck
42 Magnitude
48 Stockpile
48 Swallow
48 Spit Up
48 Moonlight
55 Crunch
63 Megahorn

TM01 - Focus Punch
TM05 - Roar
TM06 - Toxic
TM10 - Hidden Power
TM11 - Sunny Day
TM12 - Taunt
TM15 - Hyper Beam
TM17 - Protect
TM18 - Rain Dance
TM21 - Frustration
TM23 - Iron Tail
TM26 - Earthquake
TM27 - Return
TM28 - Dig
TM31 - Brick Break
TM32 - Double Team
TM34 - Shock Wave
TM37 - Sandstorm
TM38 - Fire Blast
TM39 - Rock Tomb
TM40 - Aerial Ace
TM42 - Facade
TM43 - Secret Power
TM44 - Rest
TM45 - Attract
TM49 - Snatch
TM54 - False Swipe
TM55 - Brine
TM58 - Endure
TM63 - Embargo
TM65 - Shadow Claw
TM66 - Payback
TM68 - Giga Impact
TM71 - Stone Edge
TM72 - Avalanche
TM74 - Gyro Ball
TM77 - Psych Up
TM78 - Captivate
TM79 - Dark Pulse
TM80 - Rock Slide
TM82 - Sleep Talk
TM83 - Natural Gift
TM87 - Swagger
TM89 - U-turn
TM90 - Substitute
HM03 - Strength
HM05 - Whirlpool
HM06 - Rock Smash
HM08 - Rock Climb

Egg Group: Ground / Water 2

Ice Shard (Dewgong, Mamoswine, Cloyster, Smeargle)
Rock Blast (Rhyperior, Cloyster, Smeargle)
Sucker Punch (Nidoking, Houndoom, Mightyena, Slaking, Sharpedo, Kecleon, Absol, Raticate, Dugtrio, Shiftry, Skuntank, Purugly, Smeargle)
Fissure (Donphan, Mamoswine, Wailord, Camerupt, Torkoal, Sandslash, Donphan, Rhyperior, Dugtrio, Smeargle)
Selfdestruct (Shiftry, Wailord, Camerupt, Cloyster, Smeargle)
Fake Out (Raichu, Persian, Ambipom, Smeargle, Shiftry, Infernape, Lopunny, Purugly, Weavile)
Muddy Water (Relicanth, Smeargle, Quagsire)
Future Sight (Whiscash, Smeargle, Grumpig, Espeon, Golduck)
Screech (Ambipom, Cloyster, Dugtrio, Persian, Smeargle)

Move Tutor

Knock Off
Aqua Tail
Earth Power
Mean Look
Zen Headbutt
Heal Bell
Perish Song


Weight: 1,507.0 lbs

[16:08] <%Dracoyoshi8> 78.57% 84.76% 92.86%

[16:09] <%Dracoyoshi8> is 120
[16:09] <%Dracoyoshi8> base power grass knot
01[16:09] <@plus-> hmm
01[16:10] <@plus-> calc 100 for me
01[16:10] <@plus-> my slave
[16:10] <%Dracoyoshi8> 65.71% 71.43% 77.62%

Colossoil shouldn't even be taking a GK, so I don't have a problem with going with flavor and using a colossal weight for 120 BP GK.

Height: 8'8" (including the drill)

Auto-Magic Coat name: Rebound

The miscellaneous stuff will probably the stay the same, but you are still free to suggest changes to this. Direct your simple questions to the SQSA thread in the CAP forum.
It's a shame that we didn't get the name the AMC (I like Stare-Down as a name) but I'm very pleased with how this CAP came out. Good job everyone!
Great job to everyone who was involved! This CAP was fiercely fought for :chaos:

I was with aragorn all the way, glad to see him name it :pimp:
Will there be any pre-evos with this guy? Judging how big he is, I'd say he should have one or maybe 2.

Other than that I agree with most of the miscellaneous info. I love the name Rebound for Auto-Magic Coat. Overall I think this will be a very successful CAP.
Congratulations everyone! Another CAP has been born! I personally can't wait for playtesting to begin, since i can think of AT LEAST 5 different ways to use Colossoil (of course, some might be considered gimmicks, but that is just how i play). This was my first CAP i was involved in, and I can say that it was a ton of fun to make. And, of course, a big round of applause for Plus, for being a solid Topic Leader, and an even bigger one for everyone who contributed!


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man i remember when syclant was finished, and now we already have NINE caps. to everybody who worked on it, good job, congrats, etc.


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Ah right, misc. is also stuff for prevos. If you want to discuss prevos go ahead. I'll include them in the OP when I see something nice.
One awesome idea someone (I can't remember who) had was of a Water-Dark Type Baby Whale as a prevo, with a more water based movepool. Could be good if we want to give this CAP more moves later on.
Aha, done at last :).
Of course I've only been on board part-time for this wonderful first CAP I've been involved onbut it's been a wholly enjoyable journey from my view. I look forward to working with everyone, hopefully to a bit more effect, next CAP, but until then...

Go Colossoil!
For the typing of the prevos I was thinking a Ground to Ground to Dark/Ground, but the water is an interesting idea. So like as a baby it is in water then travels to land at some point in its lifetime? A very interesting idea indeed.

So if that were true, what would the typing be all the way through? Water/Ground to Ground to Dark/Ground possibly?
TBH, I could only imagine 1 prevo to this.
Yeah I was deciding between one or two. in which case it'd be a little harder for the prevo to be water type, because then it'd take a great leap to Dark/Ground immediately and it'd be all weird. We'll see how many prevos we can come up with.


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Okay guys I really dont want to fucking post rules here but could you please take this conversation to PM or something seeing as how you are talking to each other rather than cluttering the thread, this is already getting out of hand.
I'm glad to see this finished. This was the first CAP I've taken part in and I'm glad to have done it. :)

As for pre-evos, I can see Colossoil being a Pseudo-Legendary, which all have two pre-evos. Yeah it's not a dragon and it doesn't have any 4x weaknesses but the same goes for Metagross.
And really, it's fitting. There are people who think the Narwhal is a mythical creature, but it's a real animal.


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Have to start the floodtide of prevos somewhere, I suppose.

(image removed by request)

Give it a nice name... I don't know... Plorpoise? Squidgy?
It's been quite a ride. Considering that the process was dramatically changed and that in jumping into this CAP project, we didn't necessarily know what to expect, I really have to fucking hand it to Plus on doing a phenomenal job as TL. You made a lot of big decisions, sometimes unpopular, but I think your hands-on approach was fantastic in preserving the quality of this CAP and making sure it stays true to the concept while still creating something viable and metagame-oriented. The thought of implementing Colossoil on the server has probably excited me more than any other CAP has so far.

So again, kudos to Plus on an excellently-run project, and I can't wait for Colossoil!
Great job to Plus for leading a great CAP project! And congratulation to all of us involved! Only major disapointment for me right now is that AMCs new name... Rebound is a fine name alright, but Blubber would be so much cooler. But no need to whine, now its time to find a good EV spread for my Colossoil set I'm dying to test.

Deck Knight

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I do not like you.

You are a big meanie.

CAP9 has failed me.

It is too broken.


Excellent job on this Plus. You really exemplified the way TL's should impact the process. Amazing work. Major props.

The summary is just icing on the cake.
Wow, Colossoil is enormous. Even heavier than Dialga, haha.

It's great to see that everything has come together at last. I can't wait to playtest Colossoil, it'll be interesting to see what kind of metagame develops given that entry hazards and certain Pokemon (notably Rotom) will become far less viable. Also, we finally get to see if the Guts sweeper is as broken as some people are making it out to be! X)

My predictions of how Colossoil will impact/be used in the metagame:

- Rotom usage will certainly fall, and a higher percentage of Rotom will be washing machines.
- Leftovers will be Colossoil's prefered item.
- We will still see a healthy number of Stealth Rock leads, but less Spikers and Toxic Spikers.
- An increase in Gyarados usage. It's a great counter to Colossoil, and on the same team Gyarados and Colossoil will be best buddies.
-Due to stall becoming a lot less viable, the metagame will become faster and more offensive.

Big thanks to Plus the topic leader, DougJustDoug who (I think) has the task of writing the code for Colossoil into the server, and everyone else who was a part of this. :toast:
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