CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 10 - Art Poll 2

Whose art should be CAP 9's art?

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Take your pick. Vote for the art you want for CAP 9. This is a clicky poll, and you may only choose for one. Make sure you pick your favorite!

CAP atm:

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I had to narrow it down between aragornbird and DougJustDoug, but I went for aragornbird. I really liked this concept from the moment you posted a sketch, and I'm glad to see you submitted it. Mysteryiousfellow's concept was awwesome, as was the rest of them. These definitely were hard to pick from.

Actually, I'm sort of glad I didn't win, 'cus if I did our CAP would have been screwed. :P
It was a really tough decision, but I voted for aragornbird because I love the concept of a dust devil. Not only does it fit the typing perfectly, it also fits the stat spread, the abilities, and the likely attacks.

Of course, I'll be happy with any of the 10 submissions that we're down to, because they all fit what I just stated. ^_^ There isn't a single submission that I don't like up there. Good luck to all the artists and especially to the people who have to decide between them!
dammit, this tough. Well, all the designs are good, so it's not that bad.

Anyhoo, voting for CyzirVisheen's whale. It looks tough, represents both the ground and dark aspects of the Pokemon, has amazing colors, and, most importantly, it's a goddamn whale. God damn.
It's a shame Tortferngatr's design didn't make it in because I thought it was clever, inventive and fitting at the time, but in retrospect, it didn't look like a pokemon that would have the ability Guts. To be honest, aragornbird and Mysteriousfellow's designs don't really have the Guts vibe either since they're not creatures of flesh and blood. Cartoons' design looks rather sluggish to me and base 95 speed is not really what I'd call sluggish. As for Auto Magic Coat coming across in the design, it's hard to determine since we don't know what we're going to actually call said ability, but Caladbolg's armadillo seems to fit that bill best with Buffalo Wings' creature being second-best. We've decided that CAP9 will have an element of bulk to it but Atyroki's design is rather frail-looking like Infernape.

Those are just my views on how the designs match the attributes of CAP9. While it may seem I've been a bit harsh on some of them, I am in fact happy that one of these ten is going to be the final design because all of them are brilliant in their own ways. For now, I will abstain from voting, but when there are fewer choices, I may pick one out as a favourite.


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Really tough decision though man, but I've decided to go with aragorn's because it's just so darned badass. I like how it fits everything perfectly (abilities, typing, stats) in a kind of creative way, even though it dosn't have the stereotypical look of a high HP physical monster exactly. You know like huge bulking muscular and all that. I loved the explanations for the two chosen abilities too. Very cool concept.

Also woo my design made it through! - thanks to all who voted :)

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Agonizing poll is agonizing.

I decided on DougJustDoug. His art is a solid representation of what CAP9 "feels" like to me. All I am saying is give Doug a chance >_>
First off, I want to congratulate all the artists. Amazing work, you guys! I voted for 7 of these in the last poll, and picking my favorite has been really difficult.

After some deliberation, my vote's going to DougJustDoug. His design to me immediately captures the type and bulkiness of CAP9, feels like a pokémon design while being unique, and has the prerequisite "wow" factor.

But, in any event, we have a lot of great options to choose from, and I'll be happy if any of these advance.
sorry cartoons, I really admire your designs that are always more creative and off-the-wall than anyone else's, but with little chance of you winning this one I had to vote for buffalo wings. his fits the stat spread the best, in my opinion, and captures the dark feel more than any other design here.
I voted for aragornbird's Dust Devil. Ithink it fits the concept very well, but most of these concepts do as well. My original choice was Buffalo Wings' ManBearPig, but I really don't want this CAP to be heavy. I know that's a stupid reason and we'll decide that later, but I don't want this thing taking Base 120 SE Grass Knots and Low Kicks. The only CAPs that take SE from either of these attacks are Arghonaut and Stratagem, which take Grass Knot at 100 BP and 60 BP respectively.Grass Knot is the most common Grass move in the game,and one of this CAP's 5 weaknesses. Whether this CAP is completely destroyed by it is pretty important. Grr, Plus, see what happens when you forget to tell us not to poll jump?
I was stuck between Doug's and chomzloh's - the anubis concept was along the same lines of that that I'd come up with in the first place, but the buffalo has its own personal history, too, and is just incredibly well-made. In the end I just cjecked the poll results so far and saw that Cyzir's narwhal (which, no offense meant, I really do not like) was in the lead, narrowly ahead of Doug, so I voted for DougJustDoug, in interest of keeping the poll close....I realize that there's likely to be later polls narrowing it down after this, but still....

Just sad that Galactic Grunt's star-nosed mole didn't make it - that had to be, if I had to pick, my favorite out of the whole bunch....
Oddly enough, Chomzloh has 0 points, Why is that?
He was my second choice to CyzirVisheen.

Actually my favorite design was Aroyoki but the color scheme changed my vote
Voted for MysteriousFellow

The pokemon is physically orientated, and the dust cloud with the sort of monster appearance fits perfectly. It has base 95 speed, which is reasonably speedy, which is aided by the tornado-esque style, and it Looks bulky enough to take hits, as it's defences would suggest. Not to mention it looks like it can come in on status, while using the sand to absorb it, and hit it back with its heads / claws.
I voted for aragornbird. I feel like it fits the typing perfectly, it suggests the movepool I envision and I loved his reasoning for guts, "It can also suck up objects and integrate them into its body, making it even stronger (Guts)." I just love the idea of CAP9 becoming a burning or toxic whirlwind. XD
Voted for aragornbird here. I really liked the dust devil concept, and after reading his supporting material, that was all I needed, seeing as both the stats and abilities seem to fit well with the image.
I'm sticking with Mysteriousfellow here, but I'm really surprised KoA's didn't make it. I was expecting it to win by a landslide. My second still goes to Caladbog's but no matter who wins, this pokemon's sprite will be awesome. Incredible amount of quality art. Wish I knew how to draw.
Good God, as if the choices weren't hard enough the first time...

Although every single one of these is an outstanding piece of artwork, I do believe some of the entries fit what's expected of CAP9 better than others. It's extremely picky, but due to all art here being of equally high calibre there's no other way to choose a winner. Here's my thought process if you're bored enough to read it.

I first ruled out Caladbolg's and Atyroki's entries mainly because of the health stat, they just don't really strike me as Pokemon with a base 133 HP. Considering that base 95 speed, I ruled out pkmn-taicho321's and CyzirVisheen's entries (Cartoons showed in his concept art that the Sandworm can be pretty quick so that I kept).

For abilities, AMC could apply to pretty much anyone as it has yet to recieve a final name, so no eliminations there. Guts looks out of place on MysteriousFellow's and Aragornbird's as they don't have solid bodies to speak of, so those were out.

At this point I'm left with Cartoons, Chomzloh, DougJustDoug and Buffalo Wings. All four represent the stats, typing, and abilities of CAP9 extremely well. I get extremely choosey from here on out, sorry guys!

Chomzloh's design is Egyptian based, and what with us already having Revenankh the mummy I reluctantly removed it from my list (although mummies occur in many civilisations, Revenankh's name implies it's Egyptian).

This is going to sound kind of lame, but I can't imagine Cartoons's entry being able to have a choice between AMC and Guts. For AMC, I imagine it uses its thick skin to bounce status and other effects back at the opponent. On the other hand, said thick skin makes me feel that this guy would be immune to status completely and not allowing for Guts... I dunno man, guess I had to have some sort of "reason". :(

So now I'm left with Doug and BWings. It's a choice between a badass tribal Buffalo and a mother fucking bearded pig behemoth. Nnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no mere mortal should be trusted with such a decision. To be honest, I want both of them to win... so in an attempt to balance out the votes between the two I'm going to go with Buffalo Wings. Good luck to the both of you though.

(Yeah, that was a pretty long but I really felt the need to properly justify my vote, these are all amazing)
Voted Caladbolg~, with DougJustDoug's as my second favorite of the options. Caladbolg's art seems to fit the typing, stat spreads, and abilities best IMO: It is a creature of flesh, and therefore bravery through Guts can be easily seen, it has a shell that AMC works off of. It is an Armadillo: could it get more Ground, and then has Dark color schemes. It looks fast, I can definitely see 95 Base Speed, it looks powerful: 122 Base Attack, and with that armor, it most certainly looks bulky. It is a perfect representation of everything.

The other art is of course, all incredible, we are going to have a snazzy looking CAP.


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Went with Mysteriousfellow, but would definitely be happy with current leader CyzirVisheen. Obviously this won't be the last poll though so it'll be interesting to see the later poll results.
I voted for DougJustDoug

It was a tough decision so i had to resort to my sister to pick. And she chose Doug's, To be honest I really liked Doug's too, but it was a tough pick so I had to take my sisters decision. Besides Doug's looks a lot like a Pokemon would look like.
I absolutely love Buffalo Wings' submission. There's some kind of beaten-down composure I see in it that's sort of hard to explain but that I find extremely appealing. It's as if it fights not because it wants to but because it must, and that I think adds to its dark typing. I think it's something about the eyes (or maybe I'm just seeing things). I like Cyzir's but it looks too needlessly mean in my opinion. I'm not too fond of Aragornbird's submission (no offense!)... I just feel like it's not that interesting. Doug's would be my second choice, as it has some of what I was trying to describe about Buffalo Wings' submission.
Went with Mysteriousfellow, but would definitely be happy with current leader CyzirVisheen. Obviously this won't be the last poll though so it'll be interesting to see the later poll results.
Obviously? Is there a set # of polls or is it just up to Plus' discretion? Just curious either way.
Tricky indeed. My favourite remains unchanged, but everytime I look at all these guys it becomes harder to maintain that opinion. Most of these guys even fit the stat-spread!

The thing is though, that one just fits it best. This time it is not just 'he entered so many times he deserves to win', this time it is 'he made such an awesome design, he deserves to win'. This guy's bulk is obvious, as is his physical prowess. But the best thing about the bulk is here... Think Hariyama. Big HP, low defences. Just a whole lot of fat and a whole little of armour/shell/thick skin/etc. It fits the HP to defence ratio perfectly. Pkmn taicho's and cyzir's do this also, especially taicho's. However, what DougJustDoug's buffalo has what taicho's doesn't is the speed factor. Taicho's represents the ground-type better, however, but unfortunately this is of a lesser factor to me. Regardless, an excellent entry.

Then we have the current leader, cyzirvisheen. Being the only one having won two polls in the past has to prove something about the artistic ability cyzir has. And yes, this narwhal is awesome. The design is clever, fits the stat-spread, has this playful similarity to diglett and is clearly a mean and cunning bastard. What not to like?

Nothing really, I simply prefer the buffalo's art and think it suits AMC better. Possibly guts, as it can easily be very gutsy. It loses out on the personality part, however. But once again, it is not the bigger factor.
I was sad to see Wyverii's design hadn't made it through, it was by far my favourite. Oh well.

It came down to pkmn-taicho321, CyzirVisheen and Atyroki for me, and I went for pkmn-taicho321.

Good luck to everyone.
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