CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 9 - (Name Poll 1)

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It's time to pick a name! This will be an Instant Runoff Vote, meaning you may vote for as many options as you like, in your order of preference.

The options in this poll are:

Final Submission

Some other people have mentioned they like this one, and I do too. So, I might as well finalize it.


Rooted in "Tomahawk" (a fighting weapon) and "Mohawk" (a tribe). The name also ties into "Tomcat", and just having "Hawk" in there brings in the whole flying concept. The design has a very tribal feel, and this name has a tribal feel too.
Final Submission:
Final Submission.


(fooled * lynx)
Final Submission


Gryphon + Typhoon

I did a quick search on the thread with the search tool and Gryphoon wasn't posted so I guess this is safe.

I realize it's another one of those "Grif/Gryph" names that's floating around, but I do like its simplicity. I also wanted to emphasize on the Flying-primary portion of the CAPmon, and typhoon fits in just perfectly. Simple and no toungetwisting required :).

Etymology: Griffin + Faux

Just a simple name, because I'm uninspired. Griffin refers to its Griffin like appearance, & Faux makes reference to the fact that it isn't really a Griffin. That's about it for me.

Here is our Pokemon so far:

Concept: Momentum
General Description: This will be a Pokemon that can be utilized to gain or regain momentum for a player's team at any point in the match as its primary function.
Justification: Gen. 5 is a very powerful metagame. As such, most battles are won by the smarter strategist who can best maneuver around his/her opponent's onslaught to gain even a single turn's advantage, potentially clinching them the match. This process of gaining and regaining momentum is most often the defining element that makes a winner and a loser out of a single Pokemon battle. Any top player in this metagame should agree that momentum is the most crucial element in any given match; however, "momentum" itself is a rather vaguely defined term that is never really explored in concrete terms. Is it keeping opposing teams on the defensive? Forcing switches? Good prediction? Spamming U-turn? These have all been approaches to achieving momentum, but they are also player-side and largely synonymous with "strategy," as opposed to Pokemon-side and regarding a Pokemon's role on the team. Certainly there are threats like Ferrothorn/Gliscor (defensive) and Scizor/Latios/Voltlos, etc., etc. (offensive) that can achieve momentum as we know it, but there is no current niche for a "momentum Pokemon" because the concept has been purely delegated to players and not to Pokemon.
Questions to be Answered:
-How do we define momentum in terms of competitive Pokemon? What factors make current Pokemon able to achieve momentum and how can we incorporate that information into a successful CAP?
-How do different styles of play (Weather-based offense, stall, bulky offense, etc.) use momentum to achieve their goals and how can our CAP play to those strategies in an effort to take their momentum away?
-What type of traditional role (sweeper, tank, wall, support) would a Pokemon like this most resemble? Would it have to be able to fit more than one of these roles to fit in a variety of teams?
-How will the different playstyles be affected by the addition of a Pokemon that can regain offensive/defensive momentum at any given point? Will offensive teams play more conservatively? Will defensive teams play more recklessly? Will everything simply adapt to a new threat and move on normally?
Typing: Flying/Fighting

Base Stats: 105 HP/60 Atk/90 Def/115 SpA/80 SpD/85 Spe

Abilities: Intimidate/Prankster

This poll will remain open for exactly 24 hours. Choose wisely!

I really dislike Tomohawk because it's just too similar to the actual word. I know there's a precedent for that in Pokémon (Seel, Sawk, Throh etc.) but those are the names that people complain about and dislike typically. I don't see why we shouldn't go with a more creative name.

Disappointed that I didn't make the slate and names with irritating characteristics did, but whatever, this CAP was just really, really hard to name.
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