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Paperblade was a VT too.

That quote of mine didn't imply VT-->unstable and inexperienced, it implied unstable and inexperienced-->VT. Not all VTs were that.


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because my life is completely wasted if i didn't get mafia mvp

Seriously, congrats VB and gj village for not being retarded.


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yay we win

thanks bt for hosting and to everyone else for playing

sorry red for forgetting to hammer that was actually an accident on my part!
The hammer not happening was probably a good thing, as we would've wasted time and probably mislynched the next day as I was stupid and didn't think of how scummy switching my vote to Walrein was.

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I'm shocked that I survived until endgame lol

Guess I have to thank itchni and the fact that the mafia thought I was immortal or something


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I'm not sure who's working on their games but I'm working on a Big game so you should look forward for that.
Sorry for necroing this, I silently left for over two weeks. Despite inclinations that I thoroughly hated this game, in hindsight it was a pretty cool game. I just don't want this to hang over Blue Tornado's head. However, I'm not sure I'm going to play mafia for a while. If people are going to develop legitimate grudges against me then I don't want to be a part of that.

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I didn't hold a grudge over you! I largely thought you were mafia because I felt as though bt had to make SOME believable village role mafia. But your last post was probably one of the most pro-town and honest posts in the thread, excluding the whole godkilling thing.
I meant Orcinus Duo more. Coming out of an IRC incident with tennisace, all those interactions culminating in that godkill were not something I could take lightly.