[Expert] Snack Food Supremacy - Game Over aska's full cheesies win


just who is the coon?
Welcome to Snack Food Supremacy!!!!!!
approved by mekkah and billymills

It was a normal morning in the pantry. Dark, room temperature, and no sign of ants. The snack foods were preparing for a fun day of being eaten, looking at each other slightly nervously, know that they could be sleeping with the stomach acid within seconds.

Suddenly, a tired, drowsy, figure, let’s call him askaninjask, lumbered into the pantry. He scratched away the tiredness from his eyes and looked around. He then began randomly grabbing for food to satisfy his hunger. He took a bag of pistachios and walked off.

The snack foods began to quiver in terror, knowing that their time could be near. However, they were soon distracted by a dashing, young twinkie, or should we say Altair , who stepped up on a discarded popcorn bag and began to speak.

“Well, it seems like we’re in a predicament here. However, I think there is a nice democratic solution to this. Every 5 minutes, when askaninjask comes back for more, we will vote for someone to be pushed up as a sacrifice to him. This can continue until his hunger is sat-”

The snacks watched in horror as Altair was picked up by aska, dragged over to the table, and eaten in one swift gulp. Only a note was left behind....

Dear Altair,
You are a Twnkie.

A tasty, spongy treat, and a favorite of cops everywhere, you are a staple snack food. With your cream filling and general deliciousness, you are sure to be eaten quickly :(

Every night, you may PM yourself and askaninjask “Night X - Kill <user1>, <user2>, <user3>, and <user4>”. You will kill those four individuals, and leave behind some creamy filling.

You are neutral in this conflict. You win if you survive Night 0.

In general, the snacks agreed that Altair’s proposal was the best way to go about this. Immediately, alliances sprang up, the six major ones being the Chips, Meat, Cookies, Pop Tarts (!), Cheesy Snacks, and Pretzels. You also notice others walking off alone.

Who will win the struggle for survival? Only time will tell.....

1.) Alive people can talk. Dead people can’t. The only exception to this rule is that if you are told in your role PM who your teammates are, you may speak with them, but only for strategic reasons. Information acquired after death can never be passed on to a living player. Additionally, people cannot come back from the dead, ever.

2.) Role PMs may be freely distributed except for Night 0. Screenshots are banned, obviously.

3.) IRC logs can be faked, including logs with the hosts. Impersonation, however, is banned.

4.) Every day, a lynch will take place. To place a vote, post in bold “<verb> User”. So long as its obvious that’s what you want to vote for, it will count as a vote. Days will have a deadline of 48 hours. In the case of an obvious majority, we may end the day early, but we will usually keep the day going for the whole 48 hours.

4.1) If there is a tie in the votes, no deaths will occur.

5.) Don’t stealth vote. If we feel that the vote was stealthed, we will revoke it.

6.) Send all night PMs to Altair and askaninjask. Deadlines for the nights are also 48 hours each, apart from Night 0, which will be 72 hours long to facilitate conversation. Don’t be late; you guys are supposed to be the experts.

7.) Priorities are secret and set in stone.

8.) This game is multifaction. Some factions start out knowing their teammates and some don’t.

9.) If Faction A needs Faction B dead, then Faction B necessarily needs Faction A dead. There is no faction that needs you dead that is not listed in the win condition of your role PM.

10.) You may find “moling” to be easier than usual in this game. That being said, we will not write any fake PMs for you.

11.) Inform us of the IRC channels and spreadsheets you make. We want to know what’s going on in our own game! Also our emails are nerds@gmail.com and askninjasks@gmail.com.

12.) Information from the hosts is entirely trustworthy.

13.) Don’t complain that your faction is “weaker” than other factions. Every faction has both strengths and weaknesses. Even if the balance is slightly shifted toward some faction, each faction has a decent chance at winning the game.

14.) This is a relatively closed theme mafia. Every role is food, and the roles of every faction follow the name of each faction.

15.) No items! Don’t false-claim thief or you will be laughed at.

16.) Some of the prose may sound unbelievable. We’re doing the best that we can... it’s difficult to explain how food items can do all of the things that we say they can do.

17.) You may not paste role PMs to anyone except people listed in your own role PM during Night 0.

Role PMs are going out now.


just who is the coon?

Altair - Host - Eaten Night 0
UncleSam -> Quagsires - Meat - BG - Fed to the ninjask Day 1
GTS --> theangryscientist - Cheesy Snacks - Triyor - Died a salty death Night 1
Veedrock - Cookies - Oreo - Inspector - Killed with some crumbs left behind Night 1
billymills - Cookies - Chocolate Chip - Backup man - Choked on something too tough to chew Night 2
Ditto - Cookies - Sugar - Kidnapper - Died a salty death Night 2

Da Letter El - Pretzels - Twist - One-time kill - Fed to the ninjask Day 3
Mekkah - Chips - Pringles - Switcher - Killed with orange residue left behind Night 3
Flamestrike - Meat - Hamburger - Lynch Guard and Two-cycle BPV - PRETZEL SWORD Night 3
Thorns - Pretzels - Soft Pretzel - Inspector - Fed to the ninjask Day 4
Blue_tornado - Cookies - Snickerdoodle - Hooker - Killed with some crumbs left behind Night 4
imperfectluck - Cheesy Snacks - Inspector - PRETZEL SWORD Night 4
Fatecrashers - Pretzels - Kill power-up - Killed with orange residue Night 4
Nachos - Chips - Redirect - Fed to the ninjask Day 5
Staraptor Call - Pop-Tarts - Inspector - Disgustingly killed Night 5
RBG / iiMKUltra - Pop-Tarts - Imitator - Choked on something too tough to chew Night 5

Crux - Chips - Tostitos - Inspector - Fed to the ninjask Day 6
LightWolf - Cheesy Snacks - Lynch redirect - Disgustingly killed Night 6
Midou - Meat - Safeguard - Chucked in the trash Day 7


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jiggly made that mistake too in NOC...

and she paid.

It seems you have already paid for this oversight Altair.


just who is the coon?
thank you ipl

edit: All PMs are out. Night 0 begins now, and will end in 72 hours. There are no kills obviously since who would have a Night 0 with kills that would be dumb.
Attention all those allied with the Meat:

I wish to unite our faction so we don't fall behind those who get to start united (lucky bastards). If any of you could come find me in #hostess or #fluodome we can trade role names and such until day comes and we can give out full role PMs. I'm not going to give our enemies free info but rest assured my role works well for uniting.

Also any factions that wish to work with us are free to contact me as well.

EDIT: Also I expect those aligned with us will be able to provide our team's win condition. No info for you otherwise.