Fulgrate Art thread.

Bummer: Thanks. I hear you on that in regards to the number of characters. I should really just focus on a few and flesh those out.

Also, the jester in the quote is an illusionist power-wise, although I'm not sure if her illusions are internal{hallucinations} or external{mirage/light tricks.} Most likely the latter.


And now for something different. Was practicing line art by drawing a mecha.

I gave the main character a modification and removed the top part of his burgonet. I'm thinking he'll switch between wearing the helmet and not having the top part of it. Or I might break the helmet in the initial chapter during the height of the fight scene.

Also, there was a slot missing in the main roster which has now been filled. A reckless yet high spirited Monkey-ish character. He might be the lancer and his fighting style is different enough from the rest of the cast to add something to their fights.

So far, the roster is: Knight, Princess, Bee girl, Gunslinger, Ogre, and now Monkey dude.

Their all quite different from each other, while previous rosters had 2-3 characters with traits that were too similar.

Also, some more refreshing of my muscle memory, the really crappy parts where earlish, while those with more refined lines where done later. I had to keep trying to get the main character with no helmet right. He might done the helmet again for the more serious fights.
Marshall: Thanks, I hope to bring more color works to the table.

Lefties: Thank you. I better start making more shiny things.


Here's another mecha line art. I call this machine the Ignitris.

Here are some more roughdrafts, had to test if I could draw the main characters consistently or if they end up looking all wobbly every time I draw them. I need to be able to draw repeatedly without losing their basic layout and shape.

The following will just be links, because my lines were super "wobbly" as I drew it at a time when I was lacking full focus.

Bad clowns. I was attempting to draw a nimble yet menacing jester. Instead, I get a bunch of hooligan thugs. This villain has to be major and for a later story arc. So they have to have an atmosphere of refinement about them. I'll figure out tommorow though. That's the greatest thing about character designing, the challenge, and forcing your brain to come up with something original yet awesome. This is why designing is so great. I fail if I can't figure out the design on my own. More challenging than any game.

Some random villains. FAT RAT might be an anti-villain.

And here, I took the sword design I made and resized it several times, then I took an existing image of the knight and put him to a size relative to the swords. This was in order to compare what sword length would be most appropiate for him.

It be funny to use the Ultra GreatSword version found on the far right, but it doesn't really work with his fighting style. The original size is actually to his immediate right. Either on the left is the most preferred.
Now that I'm done with the design phase, I begin work on the expression phase for the mains.

Princess Pierra and Knight Gofiro expressions. Eventually, when I get the hang of that too, I'll make a proper character sheet for each.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to design a high-tier Jester villain. I got a ton of low to mid-tier jester designs.

The mask type jesters and the Jester with the glasses are promising, I might use them as early arc antagonists.

And in this page,

The jester on the far left will probably be a neutral character, while the Jester with the earrings might be the high tier villain. I was trying to make a design that was regal, yet villainish while keeping the Jester theme. I'll try to work from that design I guess and hopefully I'll eventually succeed at it.

Also, the glasses jester weapon to me looks to be juggling swords. He's suppose to be like a "sad clown" sort of jester. The mask jester is a throwback to an early jester villain I had years ago, who fought with a sword that had a flame shaped blade, and had the ability to manifest an opera theater around the opponent, with a fake puppet audience that laughs and jeers.

Another interesting jester weapon is a metal flute. Good for parrying other weapons, and good for attacking with sound.
I've been trying to practice coloring methods for characters, using the bee girl as the test subject.

This took about an hour and a half.

This method is the same that I used for the swords, and took about 3-4 hours. But for some reason, the previous method wears me out faster. o _0 While I didn't get worn out with this method until 3 hours in.
I feel that you've managed to execute the texture better with the second picture. They're both fantastic, and you're certainly improving; these now look top quality (and has been for most of your recent posts)!
Eagle4: Thanks. A lot of experimentation to find a coloring technique that's wield able.


Okay, no more chickening out, I'm gonna write the script for that project I was talking about for amazon studios a while back. However, the designs I've been working on are very manga-ish and I decided to make the movie a seperate project and the comic will be put on hold and later turned into a sequential art story.

So, the designs have to be completely different yet, the roles still the same. So I designed a knight and princess that don't look anything like the others, so that there be no confusion or quips about them looking alike.
This Knight and Princess are meant for 3D. I'll have to name them later. Whatever set of characters I give to this story, can probably never had their designs used in my other projects.

You can see that this new princess will be having the personality of the webcomic princess, but her desire to "help" the world will be very apparent.

Here was the previous attempt last night, but the designs were to similar despite the very different style.

And just before that, I was trying to make really good looking lineart of my comic project.
Bee girl lineart and Princess Pierra rough.

Now I must used what I learned on tvtropes and elsewhere to make a most interesting and entertaining story. It shall be epic. I hope. D: No! I'll use all my brain powers to make it happen. It will BE epic.
I haven't posted in a while because around Jan. 5th, I officially became a freelance artist and took on a bunch of clients at once. Stayed up nights and work in the free time I had from school to finish their projects. I applied to a ton of gigs not really thinking anything except that it was so competitive with all the other freelancers out there. I was surprised that a handful hired me within 2 days. I guess my portfolio looks far more impressive than in previous years.

Before a week had passed, I had made far more money than a full week of work at a retail store or supermarket. I made more money on the internet than I ever did in real life. D: Thanks to the power in my right hand. :P

Oh yeah, this was the last self-interest drawing I did before the jobs hit me out of nowhere.

I don't know if I can post the stuff I worked on for the jobs, I would have to ask, but I'm still working on the last project of the week at the moment and the deadline is tommorow.{I also managed to finish another job that had only 2 days till the deadline when I got hired. Which is why I stayed up an entire night to finish it. :P}
ThatsMyLatios: Thanks. I can't believe its been a month already. I got permission from an earlier gig to post the artwork publicly, so long as its with a watermark. I'll post that later in the week. Other gigs I haven't asked yet, or the contract said I couldn't show artwork publicly.


Meanwhile, in my "free time" when not doing school or freelance work, I've been working on my story stuff.

The hardest character to design was the Snow Lady. It was really tough, as I could see her in my head yet when I put the pen down, something else appeared. Which is why I ended up just drawing the face over and over again.

Funny thing was when I got all the main characters into the same picture, it just fit perfectly, lol. I gave it a quick color for future references. The Princess and Knight aren't suppose to be that short, in fact, the princess should be slightly taller than the bee, but somehow, this looks great.

These are the main characters.

Also, I decided the initial arc would revolve around the monopolists or I guess I should call them the Entrepreneurs. The guy with the big nose and lady with little eyes in one of the pics in this post are "temporary secretaries" after the main secretary is defeated, prompting the Vice President and CEO to make an appointment for the place responsible, which is what starts the entire storyline.
My designs for characters is nearly finished. Not that anything was wrong with the previous versions of the knight and princess, but I feel like I might end up making two different versions of the story for two different medias. So in any case, these designs are meant for sequential art mediums like webcomics.

Need to make a better pic later.

, but she totally came out awful looking due to the tablet not having been calibrated at the time, the pic where she's with the others is 200% more accurate.

I'm really liking the way the line art is looking now.


Oh yeah, almost forgot, here is a piece of work from freelancing. They are thumbnail size, in total, I had to do 15 of them, but I'm only allowed tos show 5 publicly, with a watermark.
How did this turn out?

picture hosting

The poses where completely coincidental. The dragon was suppose to be standing behind them flexing his arm. I'm trying to learn to shade in this style, but its really hard. I'm use to shading "in reverse" like the pic in my avatar, which results in a style that isn't good for toon characters.
Energy effects practice or
energy array frenzy!!

I tried to improve the line art of the pic with

the Princess and Bee girl.

And now

here it is with flats.

And finally, I began the process of trying to use that

digital painting method that always looks great with this kind of art. Although the bee girl is in cel shading for comparison.

You know that method, the one thats like all paintish, but anything done in toon style is always colored with it. And its NOT cel-shading.

I might go with the bee girl's multi-colored version of her costume instead of just pure orange-yellow.