Fulgrate Art thread.

Cool to see some apparel getting posted :)

I enjoy them conceptually

But, are you producing these/submitting them for production? If so, they look crazy expensive with all those colors... maybe I'm missing something?

Yeah, I'm submitting them but as fan art to a t-shirt website. I wasn't really thinking about cost when I made these. : P I was just letting my creatively flow unabated. It was I who was missing something. D:


Heres some newish artwork I forgot to post:

And another kinda newish work:

Here are some videos of the more recentish artworks. This way, you can see the exact method I use while drawing with a tablet as well as how I have my layers. The method is sort of rough.

Knight segments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCnTjw7MU48

The art file for the recent Princess work showing whats in each layer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-qiTBdTCsk

Villain file showing whats contained in the layers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qae8UMmO2FM
The style of the last one is a bit different, especially since the Princess and the bee are sort of off model.

Anyways, I've began practicing action shots since I think I got the hang of static shots already and thats pretty much what I'm always doing before. As if I'm scared to do anything else!
If this were a game, who would you choose from this roster?

It appears to be some kind of height chart! Without the grid!

Well, the grid was on another layer, but I turned it off before saving. Also, I finally got the
character on the far left right. She is suppose to be very tall, slender, and stylized. Her facial features are suppose to be sharp, unlike previous images showing her with a more rounded face.
A 45 page thumbnail storyboard that I'm working on for Shonen Jump's Global competition. I did it for fun, and since it didn't fit the 45 page limit, I'll have to rework some things and change the plot around as well as trying to add some characterization to the main character such as giving him a stronger goal.


I made a re-design of the characters for use in the one-shot:

And ironically enough, I ended up using these designs, guess the other designs will be for the webcomic version when that starts up?

Stuff I'm lacking are set-ups and the like. For example, I could have hinted earlier in the story that the bee girl hates space roaches and vermin. Either way, the entire could be a story in and of itself and wouldn't fit into a one-shot. So if anything, I would have to reduce the number of important characters down to 1-2 to use what little pages I have to focus on them. I wasn't sure how much space 45 pages was for a self-contained story, so this thumbnail exercise was too find out just how much can be shown while utilizing various story-telling sequential techniques. Yeah, I've been studying a little, kind of ashamed I hadn't done it sooner or wasn't more experienced already so that I'd be able to handle this better. Gone are the days of randomly drawing pages and hoping it will make sense. Time to plan stuff out page by page and not just "in the grand scheme of things." If there is no rhythm or rhyme to it, people will get confused, kind of like what happened with any previous comic I ever made.

EDIT: Anybody excited about the new type? Exactly what I thought "Sacred" would be, with the power to slay dragons. I'm guessing they'll make a steel/fairy pokemon that resists dragon attacks and hits back for super effective damage, essentially making them dragon slayers.
Hi there!
I really do like your style and your characters are really expressive too. The variety you put in each of them is great too and I think you got the anatomy down too.
I would really love to see them colored though, while just having the lineart is fine coloring them would give them more character and make them more complete. I'm not sure if the comic is still in the works (I'll assume it is) but I find the text a bit hard to read as of now. Are you doing this by hand? If not, you can always type the text for more clarity. Also, I would recommend different text styles as well (i.e. if the character is yelling, big bold text; their voice getting quieter, gradual big to small text, etc.) Just some suggestions.
Other than that, great stuff!
bluehoundoom: Hi and thanks, I do put a lot of effort into making them diverse. As for coloring, reason I don't color that much is because I have a lot of trouble "getting" colors. I might make something good once in a while, but I usually fail to make good things in color. I'll try to see what I can do in the future regarding that though. Meanwhile, black and white I can have 100% success rate with.

As for the comic, are you referring to the webcomic where everybody is really cartoony and short? I kind of stopped working on it when I realized that I needed to stop and improve on my skills instead of re-enforcing what could be inferior methods of drawing.

Nah, I didn't do any of the text in hand, for the webcomic, I used Myriad Pro. If your referring to the recent 2 pages of two characters in an acting scene, yeah, the font was bad in the first versions, somebody later recommended some font, but I don't know if I posted that version up. The different text styles is interesting and would be imaginative. I'll try to give it a try. I'm sometimes wary of how some fonts have vague restrictions on them and how they can be used.


So, heres my progress so far on that SJ entry. After spending another weekend studying storytelling and the elements that make it up, I've finally started inking. It was also after going through many re-writes of the manuscript and re-draws of the storyboard. This is how far I got after an hour of inking. Notice how I enlarged the thumbnail from the storyboard to fit the page and drew over it. I changed the second panel since I thought a side view from a distance was ineffective. I plan to change some panels as I go along.


Here is the storyboard I chose. I thought it was the best one for a 45 pager. I blurred the last set of pages because of major spoilers.


Since I didn't pick this one, I didn't blur anything. This is what the above is based off of. Except I erased about 20 pages and made the Gunslinger the main villain. In this version, the Dragon Lord is the villain and the Gunslinger a powerful rival. This made things very cluttered and the divided screentime led to a lessened impact from either antagonist. In this one, theres also a backstory about the female protagonist being a Princess from a fallen kingdom which has been removed in the Gunslinger version since it was only relevant if the Dragon Lord was the villain. Also, they end completely different, as in this one, its a "powerup and have a fighting chance" usual kind of ending, while the ending for the Gunslinger story is actually very interesting since theres no way for them to close the power gap and have to find another way.


And now here's a story that diverges from the other two in that it started with an interesting early part and was more joke oriented, but I gave up on it since it was a storyline more suited to serialization. It starts off with the Ogre dude trying to fight the Knight.


Here's the first storyboard I had that reached 45 pages. It was a test to see how the flow of things would go and it turned out that by the time I got to the climax, I had reached the page limit for the contest.

Well, I'm glad that I'm in the inking phase now. I estimate that it will take around 135 hours to draw 45 pages. At the minimum. At the most, I expect it to be over 300 hours.

Which is actually not bad even at that extreme since a few years ago, when I only had traditional mediums to work with, just 20 pages alone would take a total of 300 hours.{About 8 hours a page just to get the quality I can get in 2 hours now.}

So at the least, with this increased speed with improved quality, I'm eager to see what I can do.

I gotta redraw that second panel, and the main character as well. V , v
I was a bit vague there, sorry. xD I meant this comic.
As for color, maybe this could help you a bit more for understanding color relationships? Maybe you can play around with it and if you do struggle with it then the lineart is just fine.
Another thing I could suggest is using some sort of grey in your characters as your tone. Since you prefer black and white, I think adding some grey would add a bit more variety in your black and white pieces. You can have black as your shade and white as your highlights.
Also, I wish you luck with that web comic and I hope SJ likes it! :)
bluehoundoom: Ah, that comic, it was a storyboard for a possible story, although the beggining was too long for a 45 page, self-contained story. If the competition limit was 60 pages, it would be able to fit. Yeah, I sometimes struggle with colors, even with the wheel, I somtimes make bad combos, lol. Ah, I see what you mean by greys. Since I'm inexperienced with tones, I'll have to reasearch them later.

Thank you!


My page 1 is starting to look like a manga now.
The last pic I showed before looked awful. I had to stop and recollect myself. For example, had to find the best settings for inking the manga digitally since I had erased my old settings experimenting a while back. So I drew under many different settings to get the right one before going back to work on page 1.
DracoX360: I see what you mean about the Jester, lol. I googled searched Man-Ray and I saw that parts of the upper costume do resemble Man-Rays.

Amygirl: Thank you!


So I've got a lot of work done on the intro scene, with text and everything. Let me know if its entertaining. Pages 3 and 4 still need more work and page 2 I have to redraw.

Page 1.

Page 2.

Page 3.

Page 4.

Is it entertaining? Interesting? I could have extended the sequence by using decompression to show the gunslinger's facepalming and other stuff while he talks, but I would have to sacrifice the cover page {5} or shorten a different scene.
I've redone the cover page of the comic, still w.i.p., {as well as the majority of the comic, the version in the other link is a different story now.}

How does it compare to the old cover?{This is also incomplete, but at least shows the placements of the characters.}

Although, I might change the facial expression of the MC to that of the old cover.

If they were pokemon types, on the new cover it would be from top right counter-clockwise: Dark, Fighting, Ice, Fairy, and Steel.
Anyways, this is a very different version of what was posted a while ago, so the story goes in another direction and finale ended up turning into something else entirely. A ton of stuff was redrawn, entire pages removed, and a character gone to make room for plot related elements. And most comedy is gone as well to make room for story.

Page 3.

Page 5.

The story will most likely be named Grydfar or Grydfer.

I don't know why, but I just strongly feel like just keeping everything a surprise until its done, instead of posting all the pages in various forms of incomplete like last time. : P

I actually have 43 pages inked, 2 pages still in sketch form which are the last pages: 44 and 45.
How do my tones look? Do the pages look better as just lineart?

Pages 1,2, and 3:

Pages 4, 5, and 6:

I'm up to page 43 inked, and all the pages look far more complete than what I posted before that only went up to page 38, but with the new one, I really want to wait until its fully done, with tones and all, before posting it.

I've seen tones used in many ways, so I am not sure how my tones look. I'm also experimenting with effects and stuff, like on this page: http://i.imgur.com/H58oK6n.jpg
Acklow: Thanks. I did cover some ground in terms of skill I guess.


Here's all 45 pages of the story I was talking about. It's titled Grydpher, still w.i.p., I put the dialogue on it so people can judge the story as well.


EDIT: Fixed the link which was missing over 10 random pages. Hope nobody read it before now.
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I illustrated a diagram showing how "Form, Spirit, and Mind" interact to give birth to any kind of super power you would see in a manga/anime.

It also happens to be for the game I'm designing. I'm making a balanced competitive game after having studied various other games over the years.
I'm trying to bring that game design I mentioned in my last post to fruition. I animated a mock-up of what the game's mechanics would look like:

I'm trying to gather a team to help make this game happen. The game is meant to be in 3D though, but can 2D although it would need a mini-map and split screens to compensate for lack of forward sight.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, here's that 45 page comic I did 2 months ago. I didn't make it to the finalists for the SJ international competition. I struggle a lot with weaving story telling elements.

Use the arrow keys to navigate the pages:

I think the comic is okay, I changed the story too many times while drawing it and that's probably why it's flawed.
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